Unfolding Of Mind Through Vedic Astrology - It is astrology to note that no two human beings are alike (even the twins behave differently). Everybody is curious to know the factors which are. It makes people indulge in illicit activities and causes perversion of character and morality. It is also behind the tortures and misfortunes in life. Rahu professions: Rahu is a legendary master of deception who signifies cheaters, pleasure seekers, operators in foreign lands, drug dealers, poison dealers, insincere& immoral acts,etc. Order an astrology report and find out now! [email protected] Mars/Venus square or opposite Jupiter in the natal chart Mars and Venus are sexual planets, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Astrology articles and videos by Pandit S.P.Tata. It is an accepted fact that Rishi Bhrigu was the first compiler of predictive Astrology. His famous compilation, Bhrigu Samhita, which contains the predictions for thousands of combinations, is popular even today. There is a very interesting story behind Rishi Bhrigu’s involvement with astrology. In Western Astrology Rahu is seen as a sort of Uranus and Neptune combined. It is supposed to carry the ilusionary, imaginative, hallucinogenic, dissolving, and disintegrating influence of Neptune as it is the planet representing Maya (illusory quality of nature).

Neptune is another extra Saturnine planet in Astrology, In vedic Astrology Neptune is named as Varun specially in Naadi leaf Astrology. Though it is far away from our Earth still they have effect on our life for good or bad happenings. Unlike most of the Astrologers I support what Max Heindel says that Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury which works as an inspirational influence in our mind.


Neptune is the co-ruler of the sign Pisces and its mode of working is mainly related to natural 12th house in horoscope. The higher vibration of Neptune can’t be observed in most of the people in this materialistic age. Mode of functioning of Neptune is always psychic, spiritual, confusing, elusive, moist, emotional in nature. Its a fantastic planet to help those fantasy writers.

Neptune own Sign is Pisces
Neptune gets Exalted in Cancer.
Neptune gets Debilitated in Virgo

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As Neptune is twice slower than Uranus who takes more than 14years to complete one sign transit, so we should only consider the aspect of Neptune when it is posited in Rising degree (Ascendant) or in exact trine to Ascendant, on a sensitive point like Fortuna or when it has very tight conjunction with many other planets which we call Stellium. But formation of Trine with Ascendant or benefic planets can expand the psychic and intuitive power, spiritual foresight. With such conjunction people can easily tune them with occult and esoteric secrets of nature. Affliction by Neptune can cause doubt, chaos, fear, fraud and deception. If Neptune himself is afflicted then it gives tendency for weird sex, over sexual desire, addicted to over use of drugs, alcohol and narcotics.

Neptune represents dreams and imagination, illusion, inspiration. Neptune does well in watery signs which may bring the strong imaginary mind for creativity or psychic power to connect with the core nature or healing purpose. Very few people can respond to the higher vibration of this planet.

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Neptune is retrograde for 5 months of every year. Whenever Neptune goes Retrograde keep yourself away from drugs, chemicals and stimulants .

Signification of Neptune : Drowning, drug, enemies, dishonesty, illusion, asylum, deception, doubt, tears, telepathy, intuition, ocean, poison, kidnapping, secret society, sudden & mysterious death, odour, dream, aquarium, rain, ice etc.

Profession/Trading related to Neptune – Swimmer, Fishermen, Actors, magician, Cloud seeding, drug dealer, fortune teller, shoe maker, anesthesiologist, psychologist, pharmacists, Head of asylum etc.

Wherever Neptune sits it creates some foggy, mysterious, uncertain outlook from that house of horoscope. When Venus has very close conjunction with Neptune in 12th house, person gets temptations for sex, deceit, seduction, which leads to perversion and immorality.

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Neptune rules over : Pineal gland, mind & nervous system. Hence the sickness caused is mainly of depressive. Mostly treatment of Neptune caused diseases should be psychic coupled with spiritual monitoring or hypnotic. It affects the eye and eye sight too.

One Sign Transit : 14 years.
12 Sign Transit : 165 years
Body Parts : Feet, Pineal Gland.
Color : Purple.
Metal : Silver
Gem : Aquamarine
Deity : Varun

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One may have the question in mind why in vedic astrology we don’t consider the dasha tenure or Neptune/Varun? As its dasha once will start may cover up the entire life of a person which is more than 100years.

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One morning, God looked at His twelve children and asked Himself what else they might lack. Suddenly, the idea to endow them with human will lightened His face. The sons stepped forward one by one in order to receive the divine gift.

“I give you, Aries, my first seed that you can honorably sow. For each seed that you sow you will get other one million seeds.
You will not even have time to see any seed growing because all that you sow will abundantly fruit. You will be the first one that will sow My Idea in the human mind.
But it is not your duty to feed the Idea. Your life is action and your only goal is to make the man aware of My Creation. The one who fulfills his duty will receive the virtue of self respect.”

The Aries stepped back to his place in silence. The Aries was invested with the energy of the beginning.

He has flashing ideas – sometimes genius ones – and wants to do more things in the same time. But usually he doesn’t accomplish them. The Aries is the first star sign that is self conscious (he feels that he exists).

“You, Taurus, will be endowed with the power of turning the seed into substance. Your work is glorious and it requires patience.
You must accomplish everything that was begun otherwise the seeds spread in the wind. You will never doubt your power, you will not change your mind at half the way and you will not depend on others in order to accomplish your work. I offer you the strength, use it wisely!”

And the Taurus returned to his place. The Taurus was offered the energy of stability, a big working power, trust and patience that is why he can complete any action.

“You, Gemini, are given the unanswerable questions in order to show the others what a man feels and sees around himself. In your search for the world’s deep meanings you will discover my gift: the knowledge.”

The Gemini left thoughtfully. The Gemini was given the power of reason, the spontaneous understanding of things and beings.
Being very curious, he studies, looks for new information and acquires the knowledge that he wants to share with the others so that they can benefit from this knowledge, too.

“You, Cancer, will have the duty to teach people about feelings. You will make them laugh or cry. Thus, everything that they see and think will give them dissatisfaction or inner joy.
For this, you are given the gift of the family that you can increase.”

And the Cancer withdrew shyly. The Cancer was offered the energy of sensibility. He makes people conscious of their states and thoughts.
He is very attracted by the family and group life because of his need of balance and emotional security.

“You, Leo, have the duty to show my bright creation to the whole world. But beware of your pride and don’t ever forget that you are My creation and that the Creator is only one.
People will despise you if you forget this. You will do everything with passion and anything that you do will be beneficial for the others.
For this, you need the nobility with which I endow you now.”

The Leo imposingly returned to his place. The Leo – a bright sign generated by the Sun – was invested with the energy of the noble, royal force.
Endowed with vitality, firm will and authority, he accomplishes all his actions and is always rewarded for his merits.

“You, Virgo, are meant to study everything that man has created in the world that I had offered him. You will deeply watch his ways and you will warn him when he makes mistakes.
Thus, creation can be completed thanks to you. For this, you will receive the purity of mind.”

The Virgo left watching carefully around. The Virgo was given the energy of reason and discrimination. Using his ingenuity, the Virgo has a practical efficiency in everything that he does. His tendency to meticulosity and exaggeration of the detail derives from his wish to make all things perfect.

“You, Libra, have the mission to help man become conscious of his duties for the others.
Thus, he can live the feeling of fraternity and he can become used to finding out the hidden aspect of his actions.
I will send you wherever there is strife and for your endless effort to reestablish the order and calmness I will offer you the love.”

And the Libra humbly returned to his place. Libra is the symbol of the balance between mind and heart. He was offered the gift of the energy of love.
Thus, being endowed with an affectionate temperament and delicacy he instinctively tries to bring harmony wherever he is.

'You, Scorpio, are given a very difficult task. You will have the skill to penetrate people’s minds but you are not allowed to talk about your discoveries.
You will often be disappointed because of what you discover. But this will bring you closer to Me and you will never forget that it is not Me who is there but the perversion of My Idea.
You will see so many people living like animals and you will fight so much with their instincts that you sometimes walk beside the Way. Anyway, sooner or later you return to Me and that is why you receive the supreme gift of determination.”

The Scorpio firmly returned to his place. The Scorpio is a sign that has strong connections with the subconscious.
He can approach both the divine and the brute aspects of the subconscious world, that is why he permanently oscillates between peaks and abysses.
He is endowed with mental abilities and the power to think rightly, so that, sooner or later he definitely reunites with God through a supreme act of will.

“You, Sagittarius, have the mission to make people laugh as they become frowning, dullish and stubborn when they wrongly understand my Idea. Your sense of humor will make them hope again and thus, they will look for Me again.
You will be often tested and you will be restless in all your lives. I offer you the gift of endless abundance that you will spread everywhere, irradiating light.”

The Sagittarius joyfully stepped back. The Sagittarius has a huge power of spiritual transformation.
He is endowed with all the qualities that facilitate the human communication: popularity, eloquence and benevolence.
He leads his and the other ones’ life to an utmost opening to the Universe.

'You, Capricorn, are asked to give Me efforts and sweat because you must teach people to work. Your mission is not easy because you will bear all people’s labour on your shoulders.
But, for your burden I will give you man’s entire responsibility.”

And the Capricorn devotedly returned to his place. The Capricorn conquers high social positions and makes his love relations stable through an inflexible discipline, a will based on the fulfillment of his duties and an extraordinary sense of responsibility.
He inspires respect and consideration, being an example thanks to his precisely planned work.

“You, Aquarius, will be the visionary of the mankind. Your eyes can see all the glorious possibilities. But you will live the pain of loneliness as this vision doesn’t let you personify My Love.
Receive the gift of freedom so that you can show the people the new chances and you can serve the mankind whenever it is needed.”


The Aquarius trustfully stepped back to his place. The Aquarius is very inventive and original and that is why he represents the future.
His wish of progress makes him try to improve the other ones’ material and spiritual life. He acts independently and with a free spirit and he does not follow any method established by his work mates or by his boss.
This often causes him bitter disillusions that make him consider that life is too full of injustices and the effort to react is not worth.

“You, Pisces, have the most difficult mission. I ask you to take on your shoulders all man’s sufferance. Your tears will be My tears. This pain is the consequence of the wrong understanding of My Ode, but you exist in order to give man compassion.
That is why I offer you the most precious gift. You are the only one among my children who can understand me. The power of divine comprehension is for you the way in which you will approach people and will spread the faith.”

And the thrilled Pisces returned to his place. The Pisces live under the sign of infinite, faith and mysticism. He is full of love and abnegation, always trying to relieve the sufferance of people. His characteristic verb is “I believe”.

God said: “Each of you has a spark of Me inside him. But you must not take the part for the wholeness, neglect it or identify it with the Creator. All the twelve of you are One. But the Creator is much more than this.”
The twelve children set about to fulfill their mission. As each one thought that the other one’s gift is more attractive than his, they returned to God.
He told them: “Each one considered the other one’s gifts more precious than his. That is why I allow you to change them.'
Every one got enthusiast imagining all the possibilities of his new mission.
But God smiled and said: “You will often return to Me to ask Me to set you free from your mission and each time I will fulfill your wish. You will live many lives until you get to fulfill your initial mission. For this I offer you measureless time but you can be with Me only after you successfully complete your mission.'

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