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Astrology can be defined as the science that studies the effects of planetary movements in one’s lives, related to a past life or the next life. It consists of the roles of astrologers and astronomy, reading the appropriate positions of stars and planets in the celestial system.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) is a traditional Hindu System and belief of astrology. Even though it is known as Vedic Astrology now but earlier it used to known as Hindu Astrology. It not only explains the position of planets in one’s life but also where they are placed (well or ill-placed) in one’s zodiac.


AstroVed has designed this unique 48-day Karmic Astrology Program with our AstroVed Astrologer Vijayalakshmi Krishnan. During her rich 20 years of experience in Vedic astrology, she has helped many people gain clarity about their lives and also helped them course-correct to achieve their professional, personal, and spiritual goals. Jul 11, 2014 Saturn represents reputation, ambition on a large scale, fear, responsibility, delay, restriction, illness, capacity for hard work, stress and isolation. Saturn is the planet of karma. It judges someone's life by judging their karma and gives new life based on their past’s life karma.

Through Vedic Astrology, one can very easily get a horoscope prediction done for a better life analysis in terms of relationships, love, career, business, economy, etc. it reads the past life karmic actions as well as future life predictions. Jyotish is Vedic Astrology in Sanskrit, it is based on the old Hindu Vedas - age-old Hindu texts created hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Your past and present life karma creates and changes the configuration of the planets. Where these planets reside in your Vedic Astrology birth chart initiates how your life journey unfolds. Success, wealth, pain, hardship, loss, relationship, and health issues are identified through the planetary configuration and scanning of past life layers. Through Vedic Astrology, one can very easily get a horoscope prediction done for a better life analysis in terms of relationships, love, career, business, economy, etc. It reads the past life karmic actions as well as future life predictions. Dec 21, 2019 Vedic astrology correlates various aspects of our Horoscope with each other’s past birth and karma accumulated in it. The deeds of previous births form our horoscope and the horoscope is a very clear and definite reflection of our past birth deeds good or bad. We enjoy the benefits of positively placed planets in the horoscope.

Process of Vedic Astrology in Life Reading

In Vedic Astrology, the predictions, reading, and analysis are done with outmost dedication and with a lot of time. It is a process that takes days or weeks to complete because it requires a detailed reading of one’s birth chart. The birth chart is a descriptive image and text of a person’s birth date, planetary positions and the presence of planets in various houses. The zodiac is divided into twelve separate sections just like the twelve zodiac signs, knowns as houses ruled by various zodiac signs.

After the right placements of the planets and signs are known it can help create a natal/birth chart of a particular person with the representation of those planetary points. Now, with the help of this chart, the astrologer or Jyotish will study the chart and make a deep analysis and conclusiveness about the person’s life.

Vedic Astrology is used to understand one’s karma for his/her past life as well as the next life. Karma can be related to the mind or body, it is not related to the movements per se instead of the decisions and choices made. The blame game is fair in this case, as each and every person is responsible for their choices and behavior. Today cancer horoscope 2021. The karma can be related to the past, present or next life.

Past Life Karma In Vedic Astrology

In the Past Life, Vedic Astrology runs on a belief of past life debts that are paid off in the current life of a person. Now, this entity can be anything and anyone, from a family member to a friend to your enemy. Nobody comes or goes into/from your life without any reason, everybody has their own journey and purpose in one’s life.

The readings of a past life can be done using the Vedic Astrology by learning about the doshas and dashas through reading the birth chart horoscope. The reading tells the Jyotish about how the person’s past life actions have been like and how it will affect the present and future by looking at the date, time and place of birth along with how the birth sign is placed in alignment with the planets and their placements (good or bad).


For the Future Life prediction and reading, Vedic Astrology can help in reading the future life by the past and present life’s actions, decisions as well as the positions of planetary bodies especially the evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, the Moon, Saturn, Mars, the position of the planets in the houses most importantly the fifth house and the fifth house lord effects and impacts the life happenings that will take place in the future life.

The Jyotish is related and connected to the karma of a person, whether good or bad, it inflicts both negative as well ass positive effects on both the past and future life.

Although, Vedic Astrology can read and make predictions they are mere presumptions and not in any way imply that things will happen a certain way they are predicted in, no matter what. It tells us about future possibilities and shows a pathway to be followed in order to reach your goal and make the predictions come true. It also varies from person to person and their decisions in life, nothing is fixed.

Past Life Karma In Vedic Astrology Chart

Conclusion: Vedic Astrology is connected to the karma and karmic actions of a person, good or bad both are equally punished and rewarded. It requires the placements and positions of the planets, signs in the twelve houses and alignment in the same and through this process of reading, analyzing and concluding the past, future as well as present life and event predictions.

Past Life Karma In Vedic Astrology 2020

If so, do you know that you can learn a lot about your most relevant (for the present incarnation) past life from your Moon house and sign! When people were regressed, then consistently spoke about experiences from past incarnation(s) which fit their Moon sign and the South node of the Moon(Ketu)You can check the meaning of both sign and house for your Moon. For Ketu just check the house position.
ARIES or First House(Ketu/Moon):
Past lives in which your soul was a loner-warrior, soldier, knight, viking, herdsman, hunter, someone who spent most of the time acquiring strength, courage, physical prowess, initiative, directness, impulsiveness.
All these qualities you bring as gifts in this life.
The life was full ofvery tough conditions-mountain side living, exploring new territories, starting new settlements, etc. Bare minimum comforts fit for basic survival maximum struggle.
You had a lot of time alone and a powerful self focus, which was necessary to develop your survival skills and fearless spirit. Often such people saw themselves in incarnations as pioneers in harsh conditions in new lands-like in the America's in the 16th,17th Century, or as fighters for something they believed-holy wars, country, rights of some sort!Having Ketu in 1st myself, I remembered 3 lives in which I was a single man or a woman focused on self exploration, hence my tendency to try and do everything alone.
If Ketu or the Moon are afflicted, the soul had a very tortuous and Spartan life often full of strife, war or harsh conditions. That is why they are so tough now!
TAURUS or 2nd House (Ketu or Moon).
Past lives in which you were strongly connected to the earth or pastoral style of living. Many people remember being farmers, land owners, builders, stable and quite or relatively prosperous pillars of society who had a settled and predictable life. Security was their mantra and they managed to have a relative peaceful and traditional lives with focus on the simple pleasures of life and acquisition of material comforts.
But if the Moon or Ketu are afflicted(by Saturn's aspects for example or other difficult planets) then the past life was all about just trying to put food on the able
and often starvation or poverty was the involved, this can lead to food addiction problems in this life
GEMIN or 3rdHouse (Ketu or Moon).
Past lives in which you were developing your skills and mind. Regressed clients often see themselves as traders, merchants, artisans of some sort(pottery,
weaving, sewing, painting,etc) calligraphers, scribes, writers, orators,apprentices, story tellers.
They were usually city dwellers or gravitated towards populated places where they can communicate and exchange ideas and skills with others.
Others would see lives of itinerant craftsmen or merchants or even nomads, moving from place to place. This perfectly explains the current life restlessness of the Gemini /3rd house Moon or Ketu people.
CANCER or 4thHouse (Ketu or Moon).
Past lives in which you were living in traditional tribes, clans or small communities bonded by blood relations.
You were developing nestling, family raising and nurturing side. Often the person would see themselves in some matriarchal role-as a mother, head of big family, protector of the land and country. There would always be a strong connection to the land and traditions of their folks.
Careers associated with this position would be: inn keeping, hospitality, cooking, land-owning, farming.The life was often parochial, but safe and full of meaningful familial relationships.
If the Moon or Ketu are severely afflicted, there was a past life history of difficult family karma, mental illness or depression.
LEO or 5th House (Ketu or Moon)
Quite glamorous past life. People regressed would see themselves as nobles, royals, courtiers, rich bourgeois, high rollers.
The life was usually full of recognition either inherited or gained through personal achievement and shining personality.
They might have a sense of entitlement in this life or a feeling if being special, even without having achieved much. If the current life is more ordinary, they find it hard to get used to the crassness of it.Many see themselves as performers, actors or entertainers of some sort. One client in particular remembered being a troubadour-a minstrel of courtly love! How appropriate! They carry this ability to capture the attention and hearts of the crowd in this life too.
Having my self a Moon in Leo, when I was a child I had a spontaneous regression during which a whole life rolled in front of my eyes-18th century France-big dresses, lots of Champagne and tomfoolery in the courts of some palace! Been trying hard to recreate it, ever since. lol
VIRGO or 6thhouse (Ketu or Moon)
These were the hard workers of the past! My clients with this position would often remember lives as servants, maids, serf villagers, slaves, blue and white colour employees for someone else. The life would have been pretty humble and practical, bordering on tough, with a lot of focus on service, routine and developing a good working ethic, which they carry into this life that serve them really well!
They carry from past lives the skill to overcome problems rationally and cleverly.
Nurses, doctors and healers were another often remembered role.
Nuns, monks and priests who had given a vow of chastity/poverty, are a very common past incarnation. I remember one client of mine, with Ketu in the 6th house and the Moon Virgo, who saw a past life in Rome as a vestal virgin!
If the Moon or Ketu in the horoscope are afflicted, poverty, debt, illness, disability of some sort or slavery might have been the norm.
LIBRA or 7thhouse Moon or Ketu
Past lives dedicated to art, culture, music, fashion, architecture and beauty.
Many Libra 7th house Moon or Ketu people lived in luxury and were part of high society where they could indulge in gentle repartee and the arts.
Often the person remember many lives in which they were married or in a long partnership, co-operating on a mutual goal together.
They come in this life with the gift of compromise, understanding, patience towards others, charming others, diplomacy, but they can find it hard to take initiatives on their own or without the support of a spouse, so they often try to entice an accomplice. Being single can feel like a torture to them.
Many were merchants of some sort-exchanging goods on the market place(give and take careers)They usually lived in cities or bigger towns where they could enjoy the refinements of culture or the marketplace of ideas, goods, etc.
A client remembered being a judge in his local town and a peacemaker between warring sides! How appropriate!
If the Moon or Ketu in the 7th or Libra are afflicted badly, then one had a difficult marriage karma or suffered on account of unfulfilled promises/contracts
SCORPIO or 8thhouse Moon or Ketu
These people tend to have harder past lives than others. Life was full of turbulent events like death, war, power struggles trauma, cataclysms or persecutions. Due to this, they developed emotional strength, which they bring with them in this life. Nothing can scare them or shock them now, but they might live with an unsettling feeling that some major disaster is around the corner.
On the positive side, people regressed in past lives, which were still turbulent and hard but because of their vocation: they were either soldiers, surgeons, shamans, healers, executioners or undertakers.
A few clients remembered dabbling with occult sciences-alchemy, astrology, divination, Tantra, investigation and manipulation into invisible energies for good or bad. (if Ketu or the Moon are afflicted-for personal power, if not for healing and helping others). Because of such activities they might have been pursued and had to live a very secretive life, hence in this life they are very protective of themselves and their true motives, having difficulty trusting others.
Often, these Scorpio/8th house people, were betrayed by someone close, therefore the are very private and vigilant now.
There is common theme of having lived on the fringes of society and even being involved with criminal or taboo activities-stealing, prostitution, slave running, etc
The person developed powerful sexual energy which he/sh used to get what she/he wanted from others. They can easily use this energy in this life time too, but should be be careful about repercussions.
They come with a talent of psychologists.
SAGITTARIUS or 9thhouse Moon or Ketu
These were the travellers and nomads of the past ages. Either their culture was such-like the horse breeding Scythians or they had to travel because of work(itinerant teachers, story tellers, seamen, pirates, merchants, etc) or for higher knowledge.People remember spending long periods away from kin and loved ones, exploring foreign lands, gaining knowledge and then spreading it to the other ends of the world. Therefor in this life, they can feel quite at home abroad and communicating with foreigners. They often have “itchy feet” and dream of far away places and adventures.
Other Sagittarius/9th house Moon/Ketu people remember lives pursuing higher knowledge in Universities, Mystery Schools, and religious institutions like monasteries which we places of knowledge back then. They were living to find the right teacher or wisdom, and since internet was not available then, they were often wandering in search around the world. Their life was dedicated to higher goals and ideals, to the great good and understanding the moral, spiritual and scientific principles of life -philosophers, teachers, professors, freedom writers, orators or fighters, priests, bishops, explorers, scientists, inspirers of new ideologies,
CAPRICORN or 10thhouse Moon or Ketu
These people had or achieved higher levels of social status and authority in past lives. They were looking for prestige, respect and control and they usually got it with hard work or other means.
They were governors, leaders, rulers of some sort, deputies, executives, judges, or overseers, even if the authority position was at a local level. They bring this ambitious predisposition and sense of superiority to this life, which can be a great drive for achieving success, but it can harm their relationships, because of this attitude of being above others, demanding respect before having earned it or trying to control things/people around them.
Their public authority positions often demanded detached and serious treatment of towards others, which now gives them a more reserved and aloof nature, finding it hard to express feelings. But others naturally feel deference towards them.
AQUARIUS or 11thhouse Moon or Ketu
Past lives as part of the common people, in communal societies, who lived together, worked together, raised children together, etc. Often seen as part of a serfdom system. There was a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship between the people, each of whom had their special role to play in the society organism.
Some people remember having lives as members or ideological groups/parties joined by mutual ideas and goals—like communists, hippies, theosophists, liberals, or other such progressive or rebellious for their time movements or fractions.Heavy involvement with political and current scientific or socio-cultural affairs is noticed when clients are regressed.
These are the social reformers and ideologists of the past.
They bring such lofty aspirations and ideals in this life too, but they should start to manifest for the common good and for selfish reasons, otherwise all their ingenuous ideas accumulated over centuries will stay just dreams.
It is very important for them to learn to manifest creatively rather than just stay as detached observers in a typical Aquarius fashion. They can achieve this best by using their talent, gained from past lives, to network and benefit from friendships/webs with like-minded people.
Past lives as : scientists, political figures, rebels, reformers, intellectuals.
PISCES or 12thhouse Moon or Ketu
These people remember lives in some sort of isolation from society and the ordinary world-the most common one is living in a monastery, a lonely outpost, hospital, prison, far away country, etc, where they cannot have the same physical freedom as others.A client remembered being banished to an island for life, away from everything loved and familiar. Another client saw a very recent life as scientists who was always in the lab and was researching something medical
If this life involved a voluntary retreat from normal life-for example in an ashram, then the soul had a very fast spiritual development,: he might have had mystical experiences, higher states of consciousness, revelations, etc. and in tis life time they come with much inner wisdom and unconditional love.
An unafflicted Moon or Ketu in the 12th house or Pisces indicates such voluntary sacrifices of normal life: healers, physicians, monks, devotees, priestesses.
If afflicted then the sacrifice was big, the banishment painful, the losses big and usually as a retribution for past mistakes (karma). Despite of that, the soul has surely matured a lot through such an ordeal and comes meeker and wiser in this incarnation.
TO FIND the HOUSE position of your Moon and Ketu signs, go the birth chart calculator and enter your details(time of birth needed). Then look at one of the 2 big tables(they shows the same thing in different ways) and find MO and KE, what number sits in the same sector as them? This is their house.
For the SIGN of the Moon, go the PLANETARY DETAIL TABLE and check its sign.

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