.It is better to avoid this direction totally. If it is necessary to travel then use the remedies to reduce the ill effect. Although there is no remedy which completely mitigates the ill effects of traveling in the shulai direction, it is widely believed that taking the below steps could reduce the damages to some extend if the journey cannot be avoided in any way: Avoid the peak Shula hours. The 5th house in Vedic astrology is about pleasure, what makes you feel good. Pleasure is often the output of creative acts you indulge in. So fifth house in Vedic astrology essentially relates to self-expression that pleases you. It signifies your mental intelligence, the capability to create and innovate, bring novel ideas to old concepts.

Pariharam For Laziness In Vedic Astrology 2020

Dosha Samyam due to papa graha – or balancing of malefic content for horoscope compatibility is as important as taking care of Manglik Dosha during horoscope or birth chart matching prior to marriage. It takes tremendous teamwork between husband and wife to make the marriage work. While matching the horoscope, we should look at all 12 houses and try to balance weakness of a bhava in a horoscope with the strength of same bhava in the other horoscope. While Mars is aggressive and the violent approach in a kundali goes against the emotional requirement of marriage, it is important to understand the other factors that can break marriages. We need to look at these planets – Sun, Rahu/Ketu and Saturn in a kundali. To judge how harmful they can be, we should also look at their house ownership. E.g. for Pisces lagna, Sun is lord of 6th house and can denote litigation (divorce) as well.

Sun represents ego and arrogance in a kundali. Under Sun’s influence, one of the spouses will have a dominating nature. A strong Sun’s location in 7th house can predict lack of emotions. This may not indicate lack of marriage by “burning away” of the marriage factor strictly, but can indicate a rift between husband and wife with one not respecting other’s point of view. A weak Sun in 7th house is good for marriage – as it indicates that the person will be receptive, perceptive and open to ideas.

Influence of Rahu/Ketu on 7th house, its lord and Venus/Jupiter in a kundali can indicate unconventional marriage. Rahu is unusual and indicates lack of harmony. Rahu’s influence in the horoscope may lead to infidelity and is a malefic factor that must be balanced. Please note that Rahu’s influence does not deny marriage and on the other hand it will indeed help in marriage during its vimshottari dasha/bhukti and transits. However, the real nature of Rahu comes into play later. Rahu’s influence on Moon must be considered as it clouds judgement. I have seen charts where Rahu/Chandra combination breaks marriage due to mental illness of one individual.

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In Vedic astrology, Saturn is a general malefic planet in the horoscope that can cause lack or or delay in marriage. Saturn can indicate general suffering in marriage. Saturn is anyway a karaka for detachment and delays and its influence on 7th house in a kundali can only be on consider adverse. Saturn causes a lot of discomfort in the marriage, but may not be responsible for the litigation and divorce part of it on its own. This problem will be exacerbated if Saturn is the lord of 6th house in a horoscope or if 6th lord itself come into the equation through drishti on 7th house or other parameters.

Marriage is predicted based on beneficial aspect on 7th house, lord etc. in a kundali. The aspect/effect of these sthree planets must be judged carefully as it indicates problems post marriage, predicts lack of compatibility in a relationship between husband and wife and eventually may lead to separation and divorce.

It is better to balance these factors out just exactly as manglik dosha is balanced. Again, to remind you, these specific houses in a kundali that are important for family, emotions and marriage are 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th. These are the same houses that cause manglik dosha and the treatment for balancing the dosha remains the same.

In such a treatment, Manglik Dosha should be considered separately. We should never try to balance dosha caused by Mars by looking at other planets, e.g. Saturn. There are a lot of queries about this particular point on the site and I would like to specifically clarify it. Saturn’s influence in a prospective bride’s horoscope will not balance out Mars’ influence in a groom’s kundali. It is very logical – Saturn indicates detachment and Mars indicates aggression. Mars located in 2nd, 7th and 8th house in a kundali will clearly predict harshness in speech because of of the drishti on 2nd house in a kundali. In a relationship, aggression by one individual will only be made worse by detachment by another. Therefore, Saturn cannot be considered for nullifying manglik dosha. In the same horoscope though, Saturn should be strengthened if it acts like a benefic, especially to develop a sense of focus, discipline and a lifestyle of strict control and lack of excesses.

Pariharam for laziness in vedic astrology pdf

Any analysis for horoscope matching is incomplete without taking these factors into account. It will be a mistake to consider only guna matching and manglik dosha matching and not look at influence of Saturn, Rahu and Sun on the 7th house.

Apart from balancing the dosha, there is no straightforward solution to such problems in horoscope of prospective husband and wife. This will need to be judged on case to case basis.

Remedies for balancing the malefic content
Time, awareness, realization of our follies and a willingness to respond to the partner/spouse is the biggest remedy for Manglik Dosha. Manglik dosha reduces over time – as the aggression of Mars tempers when the person matures. To channelize the energy of Mars, we need to find within ourselves a way to be disciplined in a spiritual way. Mars’s deity as per Vedic Astrology is Skanda, or Subramanya who is son of Shiva and Parvati. He should be worshipped. According to Lal Kitab, Mars is ruled by Lord Hanuman. Therefore regularly chanting Hanuman Chalisa will help.

There are some remedies, totaka, that are associated with balancing the malefic content. I am aware of couple of techniques – one of them is getting the prospective groom marry a banana tree and later uproot it. I have not suggested this remedy to anyone, but have seen one of the astrologers (for whom I had great respect, sad he is no more) get it done for someone. It was a proper marriage ceremony (sans the hullabaloo, of course) at the end of which the the tree was uprooted. In a similar way, a bride would be married to a pipal tree or an idol of Lord Vishnu.


While an attempt is made to provide some of the remedies here, it should be understood by one and all that these must come from an astrologer. Please do not try to do self medication in this respect of Vedic Astrology.

Pariharam For Laziness In Vedic Astrology Meaning

Pariharam for laziness in vedic astrology pdf

According to Vara shula, journeying in particular directions on specific days will bring us bad fortune, loss of assets and much more, and hence it is important to determine such directions before-hand to avoid them.

Derived from the direction that Lord Shiva’s trident (trishul) takes when laid down on the ground, it is recommended not to travel in that direction on that particular day of the week. Though unheeded for our routine travels, the Vara shula is but a must-to-be-followed guidance when getting out for auspices like marriage, job interview, business meetings etc.

Pariharam For Laziness In Vedic Astrology Pdf

Pariharam For Laziness In Vedic Astrology
Week Day :Wednesday
Sunrise Time :05:52 AM
Shoolam Direction :North
Shoolam Duration :6 Hours and 24 Minutes *
Remedy :Travel After : 12:16 PM *
Remedy :Milk *
Place : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India [13° 5' N, 80 ° 16' E]Date: April 28Ayanamsa : LahiriTime Zone : IST (+05:30)

*It is better to avoid this direction totally. If it is necessary to travel then use the remedies to reduce the ill effect.

Although there is no remedy which completely mitigates the ill effects of traveling in the shulai direction, it is widely believed that taking the below steps could reduce the damages to some extend if the journey cannot be avoided in any way: Avoid the peak Shula hours at all cost, and start your journey after it passes, maybe a certain duration after sunrise. Performing poojas, chanting remedial mantras and offering donations

Pariharam For Laziness In Vedic Astrology

Pariharam For Laziness In Vedic Astrology

Taking certain food items such as jaggary, curd, milk or oil, that too on stipulated days can mitigate the effects of shula. Another mitigation exercise is for you to “start” the journey in the direction opposite to the shula direction, maybe for 4 or 5 km. Take a short halt then for like having something to drink or purchase something, before diverting your journey back in the shoola direction.

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