Birthday Horoscope Personality of People Born In October (In Pictures) October 1st Horoscope: Libra Zodiac Sign: October 4th Horoscope: Libra Zodiac Sign. The sign of Libra is an Air sign, set between Gemini and Aquarius, giving these individuals constant mental stimuli, strong intellect and a keen mind. They will be inspired by good books, insurmountable discussions and people who have a lot to say. Oct 02, 2020 October Zodiac Sign - The Balanced Libra Friday, October 2, 2020 Those born in the month of October majorly share the Libra as their sun sign. Ruled by the planet Venus, this zodiac sign belongs to the element of air.

October 23 – October 31
October 16th astrology signSign

Astrology Signs October 16

See what is the zodiac sign for each day of OctoberWhat is october astrology sign
October 1 (1st)Libra
October 2 (2nd)Libra
October 3 (3rd)Libra
October 4 (4th)Libra
October 5 (5th)Libra
October 6 (6th)Libra
October 7 (7th)Libra
October 8 (8th)Libra
October 9 (9th)Libra
October 10 (10th)Libra
October 11 (11th)Libra
October 12 (12th)Libra
October 13 (13th)Libra
October 14 (14th)Libra
October 15 (15th)Libra
October 16 (16th)Libra
October 17 (17th)Libra
October 18 (18th)Libra
October 19 (19th)Libra
October 20 (20th)Libra
October 21 (21st)Libra
October 22 (22nd)Libra
October 23 (23rd)Scorpio
October 24 (24th)Scorpio
October 25 (25th)Scorpio
October 26 (26th)Scorpio
October 27 (27th)Scorpio
October 28 (28th)Scorpio
October 29 (29th)Scorpio
October 30 (30th)Scorpio
October 31 (31st)Scorpio

Libra Sept’ 23-October 22

Libras are active people who love sports, being on the road and being out in the open. They also have a great liking for the arts and entertainment. Libras may act silly sometimes and often waste time daydreaming or making believe as they have quite an imagination. However, they are also capable of committing to serious work. Those bearing the Libra sign are staunch advocates of human rights, justice and equal opportunities for everyone. They also believe that all men are brothers. Admirable though that may be, Libras are hopeless at putting their beliefs into action and are more often than not, mere fence-sitters.
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Scorpio Oct’ 23-Nov’ 21


October 21 Astrology Sign

Some of the most powerful men and women are born under the Scorpio zodiac. Psychic intuition vedic astrology. Influential and self-motivated, Scorpios are strong leaders who can bring forth success in all their enterprises. Compelling and unwavering in all they do, these formidable personalities do not take failure as an answer. For the dynamic Scorpio, success isn’t just an occasion but a way of life.
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