From April 2021 to October 2021, things are mixed, you will see positive vibes in domestic harmony, you will enjoy quality time with the spouse. Bonding with the spouse will be good. You will plan to buy some new property or vehicle, it is advised to scan documents carefully, read terms and conditions carefully.

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  1. October 5 2021 Astrology Horoscope
  2. October 5 2021 Astrology Calendar
  • Pigs' Month 7 Horoscope (Aug. 6, 2021) Pig people need to be more vigilant with their health this month seven, especially those who often socialize outside. In terms of diet, pay special attention to avoid alcohol and greasy food this month. Pigs' Month 8 Horoscope (Sep.
  • Discover what 2021 has in store for you with our 2021 horoscopes today! And transiting direct on October 18 and leaving shadow on November 2. This will be a more relationship-based cycle influenced by the Venusian planet of love.

Horoscope for October 2021 shows, that according to the stars, this period will be very stable. After the previous months, which were not easy, you will finally feel relief again.

For Libras and Aquarians, this month will be full of joy and social events. They are full of energy, and they also need much social interaction. However, they should also note how others feel and especially their partners, who could interpret this desire for the company a bit differently.Under the Sun's influence, Scorpios, who didn’t feel very well at the beginning of autumn, had also got some new energy. You come to terms with the regained roles in work and family, and thanks to the stereotype, everything will go smoothly, so you can start addressing the issues you have been postponing.

A new stability that will be brought to people by the month of October, can be used especially in the field of personal development, but also when dealing with financial issues. Once again you will have plenty of time to think about everything in peace. You still won’t admit it is autumn already and therefore you will be in a good mood. Interpersonal relationships can develop in peace. This can be used both in career and personal life.

October 5 2021 Astrology
The Sun in Libra
Sep 22.21:07 - Oct 23.06:37
Sep 22.
The Sun in Scorpio
Oct 23.07:37 - Nov 22.03:20
Oct 23.

October 5 2021 Astrology Horoscope

This span will be rather serious for you. Both about your deeds and behaviour you will think a lot, in some cases you might even look indecisive or too slow. However, you will definitely appreciate art and any kind of spiritual experience. Moreover, a walk in nature could enrich you. If you want to self-realize you should be alone. As it is the only way to organize your thoughts and to feel secure and satisfied.

Due to your fighting spirit, you might be thoughtless or even obsessed. Be careful when dealing with other people as you might harm the ones you care about. On the other hand, you could reach great things thanks to your stamina and self-confidence. You might also feel a volatile change of your mood and reverse feelings. Others may perceive you as a humanitarian but if a situation changes you might want to be vengeful.

Venus in Scorpio
Sep 10.22:25 - Oct 7.13:06
Sep 10.
Venus in Sagittarius
Oct 7.14:06 - Nov 5.11:31
Oct 7.

These days, you will look for individuals with a complex and mysterious mind. You can’t resist the temptation of everything forbidden which makes you more open to taboos. Even though your feelings are more intense than ever, you do your best to hide them and keep a poker face.

An intimate relationship can be developed through education, during this time. You really like learning about new stuff so there’s no wonder you are attracted to people with the same intention. However, you won’t let those love affairs go to your head because your personal freedom is more important to you. You are definitely certain about that.

Mercury in Libra
Aug 30.06:57 - Nov 5.23:22
Aug 30.

October 5 2021 Astrology Calendar

If you get near two people having an argument in this period, it will be very demanding for you to agree with only one of them. Your decision making will be slower as you will need more time to consider everything. If you have to convey your opinion, your expression will be rather ponderous. Furthermore, you would not like to make enemies, you would prefer to be friends with everyone.

Mars in Libra
Sep 15.01:45 - Oct 30.15:53
Sep 15.
Mars in Scorpio
Oct 30.16:53 - Dec 13.10:26
Oct 30.

During this time, you can expect being rational and cold. There won’t be any anger, passion or excitement inside you. The only thing that you could be unsettled by is sense of injustice - in this case, you will be willing to fight for the right thing with no hesitation. Your objective and thorough attitude is certainly useful when it comes to career.

You will certainly feel a lot of energy whether it’s physical or mental, during this time. If you know what your goal is, you are willing to go for it under all conditions. You certainly don’t lack motivation. However, watch out for extreme jealousy and possessive behavior towards your partner. It could lead to bigger problems in the future.

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