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In October, the planetary transit of Venus in Scorpio on the 2nd and Venus in Sagittarius on the 30th will auger well for you. Owning a new home is on the cards! As the year closes, your personal life will be smooth as silk and you will enjoy mental peace, which promotes good health. Your financial status may need a little tweaking. October 4th Zodiac As a Libra born on October 4th, your considerate and self-less nature are amongst your most well-known qualities. You are a social creature and greatly enjoy the company of others. When you see someone experiencing a problem, it seems you. October 4: Who was born on October 4 is perceptive, harmonious - they show comparative, tactical and diplomatic skills. October 4 Birthday Horoscope They are a very check your free online horoscope. Daily, weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs. IF YOU ARE BORN ON October 4th, get your birthday horoscope and birthday personality predictions for October 4th. Zodiac Sign Is LibraRead the full article a.

October 4 Zodiac Personality

People born on October 4 belong to the Libra zodiac sign group. As an October 4 zodiac personality, you are cheerful and very playful and you possess the usual Libra need to be loved and the need for companionship. The celestial planet for this day is the Sun. Its powers direct As a Libra born on October 4, you are deemed self-sufficient.


As you were born on this beautiful day, October 4, you are eloquent and very creative. You are proud, practical, ambitious, and a tad of an idealist. Your drive is based on your desire for luxury and comfort. You have high expectations and you will overcome any obstacle that comes your way. People admire you for your energetic nature and pleasant attitude. An October 4 zodiac will never let small obstacles stop them.


If you are celebrating your date of birth on October 4, there are very high chances that you desire to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In your dreams, you imagine walking down the red carpet and of expensive champagne toasts with the wealthy. You are also known to be a very kind and generous Libra. For your information Libra, this generosity will take you far and it will definitely attract great rewards to your life.

Romantic Relationships

As matters of the heart can be a bit sensitive, a person born on October 4 is very playful when in love. At the same time, you will have a hard time finding love. It’s common to find love in another Libra, as you possess the same love requirements. You prefer a life partner who is a mirror image of you making things easier for both of you.

On the opposite side, however, you can be arrogant and tactless as a person. Your partner needs to be beautiful and attractive and it might come as a surprise to you but beauty is only skin deep.

Platonic Relationships

Many of your friends are very similar to you. Libras take pride in their hard work. It’s easy for others to admire this trait.

October 4 characteristics suggest that you are gifted with the ability to make those around you feel special. By doing this, your loved ones hence are inclined to return the favor. As a leader, however, you can be authoritative and dominant with the typical Libra temper which is sometimes explosive. Try to keep calm in such situations, or alternatively, you can walk away from a bad situation to avoid bad confrontations.


As a Libra mother born on October 4, you are lenient but at the same time practical. When in love, you can at times seem quite selfish and conventional. However, you can be sensitive, passive, inspiring and affectionate. You are known to give in to peer pressure with ease and get influenced by others.


For October 4 babies, any health problems come from the negative relationship they have with their bodies caused by their likeliness to deny or indulge their appetite depending on the mood they are in. The results of this make you prone to exercising, dieting obsessively, and even eating disorders in order to get into shape.

It is important for you to get a sense of balance and perspective, and always keep in mind that until you are happy on the inside, no amount of dieting or exercise will make any difference. It is beneficial to do moderate exercises and to resist your sweet tooth and this combination should improve your overall vitality.

Confide more in others about your fears as it could be detrimental to their mental health and help get rid of stress. Because an individual born on October 4 tends to have a good sense of humor, you are unlikely to have the same problems with diet and weight other Libras sometimes have. Involve yourself in a serious exercise program. This will be quite beneficial to your overall health. Try an evening jog, a swim or even a group sport. This way, you socialize and keep fit.

October 4 Zodiac Personality Traits

As an October 4 individual, you are observant and cheerful and you possess a lot of determination. This is part of the reason why you are successful. These qualities are a perfect blend with your understanding of compassion, truthfulness, and flexibility, allowing you to get along with everyone.

For a person born on October 4, your noticeable personality weaknesses are mainly based on your know-it-all attitude and nosy side. The pursuit of happiness is one of your important goals in life, as it is essential in maintaining your positivity. Most of your dreams revolve around achieving perfection in life and about forming an imaginary lifestyle. Your other wishes include making the most of life, overcoming challenges easily and you wish to visit some exotic places in the world. Try to learn a lot. This will help you to understand others better.

October 4 Zodiac Symbolism

Oct 12 birthday horoscope

People born on October 4 are celestially influenced by the Sun. The actual day, October 4, is governed by the planet Venus. The combination of these two planets influences is responsible for your differences from other Libras. Sagittarius and scorpio compatibility percentage. Your sociability and various interests act as a perfect solution for mind stimulation and awesome conversations increase your positivity and help you stay busy.

The birthday numerology for October 4 shows that your lucky numbers are two and four standing for independence, success, glory, courage, harmony, compassion, gentleness and flexibility. You have the 4th tarot in the magician’s deck. Your lucky colors are green and indigo. Green is a color of self-rejuvenation, cheerfulness, adventure. Indigo, is a color that stands for perception, dreams, luxury, and creative imagination.

The lucky days for a person born on October 4 are Saturday and Tuesday. Saturday, a day ruled by the sun, will help you to renew your faith and become a better person. Tuesday, a day ruled by the planet Venus, is a great day to enjoy time with those you love and those who make you feel good. The lucky gemstone for October 4 is an opal. Wear it to improve your creative skills and help you reduce all the confusion in your life.

October 4th horoscope sign

October 4 Zodiac Conclusion

You hardly ask for help due to the attitude you have of not wanting to be a bother to others. Your outlook towards life is without high expectations or illusions. Therefore, it is hard for you to get disappointed. Keep your head up. Happy birthday, Libra!

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The month begins on a particularly tricky note with a Full Moon in Aries on October 1. Getting what you want seems impossible at this time since Aries' ruler, Mars, is also retrograde in the same sign. Anger over having to compromise more than you want or give more than you should is likely. You might decide it's just not worth the price.

Venus moves into earthy Virgo on October 2, where she'll remain until October 27. During her stretch of time in the most productive and efficient sign, romance becomes much more practical. Acts of service is the love language for all, so don't be surprised if you find yourself doing more for others and expecting less. This will be a stabilizing time for work and career matters, too, since Venus will make gorgeous links to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto -- all in fellow Earth sign Capricorn. Expect advances during the week of October 19.

Mercury turns retrograde in probing Scorpio on October 13 and it will be time to re-evaluate your thoughts connected to intimacy and finances. You might also be thinking more about your trust issues and how to conquer them once and for all.

A New Moon in partnership-oriented Libra on October 16 is quite beautiful -- especially for business alliances. All those earthy trines from Libra's ruler, Venus, will also be in effect at this time, so you'll want to move forward with any relationship that you want to stick.

The month closes out with another Full Moon -- a Blue Moon -- on October 31 and this one will be full of surprises. Happening in Taurus, this Full Moon is almost exactly conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden change. Anything could happen relating to money or possessions. Expect the unexpected.


Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries dates: March 21 - April 19

You might start the month feeling as if you'll never get what you want out of life. A Full Moon in your sign on October 1 occurs exactly while Mars is still retrograde, also in your sign and square Pluto and Saturn. This is not the kind of cosmic soup that supports green lights and growth spurts. No, Aries, it's about dead ends and realizing that sometimes you need to walk away from something -- or someone -- in order to reclaim yourself. You've got this!

A new lease on a relationship is possible at the New Moon happening October 16. This does seem more supportive for business connections than romance, but if you've been doing tons of work in a love connection hoping that you'll finally become exclusive or get that commitment, then you might get exactly what you deserve at this time.

Work and business look amazing this month! Expect a financial reward or new opportunity in work the second half of October.

Key themes for Aries: anger, frustration, dead ends, roadblocks, surrender, courage, business, partnership, commitment, money

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus dates: April 20 - May 20

The beginning of the month and the end of the month will feel like two different worlds to you. A Full Moon on the October 1 is all about letting go. You might let go of a goal you've been holding on to or a fight you've been fighting that doesn't seem to be worth your energy any longer. As you allow this to slip away, you'll initially feel anxious about it, but then you'll start to feel lighter. You'll realize that this has been dead weight all along.

Venus moves into your 5th House of Romance on October 2, changing the game of love for you in a magnificent way. If you are single, then you could absolutely meet someone new and start dating him or her. If your heart is already attached to someone, you'll see that the week of October 19 brings magic to the love connection. Also, with Mercury retrograde in your 7th House of Partnership starting October 13, you and your mate could finally reach an agreement on an old sticking point. Good!

It's the Full Moon on October 31, however, when things really get interesting. This Moon is in your sign and close to Uranus -- the planet of surprises. It's likely that you'll have an emotional outburst that seems crazy to some but liberating to you. Go with it, it needs to happen.

Key themes for Taurus: surrender, listless, anxiety, release, love, romance, dating, erratic, unstable, free

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini dates: May 21 - June 20

Your domestic world will feel happier this month than it has in quite some time. A sense of order and peace and a comforting routine will dominate thanks to Venus moving into your 4th House of Home and Family on October 2. If there are any financial decisions to be made about a real estate matter or with family, you can expect them to go quite well -- especially during the week of October 19. You might get that mortgage or home equity loan you've been waiting for, or you could find out that a relative is giving you a generous financial gift.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde in your 6th House of Wellness on October 13, forcing you to rethink your approach to health matters. You will also need to revise at least one work assignment. Take your time.

When it comes to your love life, there will be a beautiful opportunity at the New Moon on October 16. Happening in partnership-focused Libra, this lunation will fall in your 5th House of Romance, opening up a bright spot to meet someone new and start dating one another. If you are already in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart might decide it's time to try for a baby.

Key themes for Gemini: home, family, real estate, family finances, inheritance, romance, children, creative endeavor

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer dates: June 21 - July 22

A Full Moon at the top of your chart on October 1 starts off the month with major emotionalism related to your career happenings. You might feel that the only way out of a contentious situation is to leave your current position. Or, you might realize that this career path no longer fits your goals and that it's time to figure out what might be next on your professional horizon. Of course, this doesn't have to be as dramatic or final as a total ending. Instead, you might simply have a frustrating meeting with your boss or another VIP. Ouch!

Your love life will be a dream during the week of October 19. Venus will be in your 3rd House of Communication, making nothing but sweet links to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, which are all in your partnership sector. A conversation with your partner or a significant decision you make will have a long-lasting and positive impact on the both of you. Move forward with confidence in this area of your life.

Key themes for Cancer: career, boss, authority, writing, communication, contracts, romantic decisions, agreements

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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo dates: July 23 - August 22

Zodiac Sign For October 26th

Frustration over your educational goals might come to a head near the Full Moon on October 1. Combined with Mars Retrograde, it's possible that you will feel like you've lost your ability (or interest) to continue pursuing a form of education. Alternatively, it is possible that you'll attain a license or certification but will lack the ambition necessary to do anything with it. Don't worry; that is a temporary situation. You'll get your mojo back later next month.

Finances, on the other hand, look quite positive in October. Venus moves into your 2nd House of Income on October 2 and will create several fantastic links to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all in your work sector. Ask for a raise, get a second job, or take on a freelance assignment. The money looks amazing! There is also a Full Moon at the top of your chart on October 31 signaling a sudden change in direction for you professionally. Go with it!

As far as your love life goes, a New Moon in partnership-centered Libra on October 16 lands in your 3rd House of Mental Activity. You might be ready to make a decision about committing to someone. You're ready.

Key themes for Leo: school, degree, college, learning, cash, raise, job, work, career shift, romantic decision

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22

With Venus moving into your sign on October 2, you've got a lot to look forward to this month! For starters, you'll feel a surge of confidence and positive vibes, which will surely help enhance your powers of attraction. If there's someone you have your eye on romantically, you barely need to send a smoke signal and you'll have him or her clamoring for your affection!

If you're already in a relationship, then you'll feel more loved and cherished than ever by your mate. In fact, the week of October 19 will get a 5-star cosmic rating in terms of love potential. This is when Venus makes gorgeous links to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto – all in your 5th House of Romance. Expect passionate embraces, warm kisses, and heartfelt exchanges between you and someone special. Baby-making is also a distinct possibility!

In other news, a brand-new financial opportunity opens up near the New Moon on October 16. Consider aligning your best talents with a partner so that you can each fill in the other's gaps and maximize your earning power.

Key themes for Virgo: beauty, love, gracious, charming, romantic, attractive, magnetic, children, fertility, money

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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra dates: September 23 - October 22

On October 1, a Full Moon will land in your 7th House of Partnerships. Mars is already traveling retrograde here and you've certainly got your plate full of relationship tension to sort out. This month, this Full Moon could bring things to a major head. While it's true that if you're in a dead relationship, you might end the connection, that doesn't have to be the case. Instead, you might decide that something you were fighting with your partner about furiously is just not worth it any longer.

The good news is that a New Moon will fall in your sign on October 16. This suggests a bright new beginning in your world. Of course, it will connect to your personal goals, but it is also a signal that a brand-new relationship can start. This will be something beautiful and, if you've been keeping your feelings for someone top secret, you can successfully use this lunation to get that crush of yours out in the open.

In other news, an unexpected twist is possible by month's end as it connects to your financial life. You might find out you owe more taxes than you expected, or an investment you made could go south. A Full Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources on October 31 will be the ultimate “expect the unexpected” moment concerning money. Be ready!

Key themes for Libra: secret love, clandestine affair, romantic delusions, partnership stress, break up, fresh start, new you, expenses

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio dates: October 23 - November 21

Your social life will be a source of incredible pleasure this month, Scorpio. On October 2, Venus moves into your 11th House of Friendship and time spent with pals will certainly bring more smiles to your face and joy to your heart.

While this is happening, it's possible that a nagging health problem will require your attention. You might not want to put energy into this, but if you ignore it, a flare up is possible. Between the Full Moon landing in your 6th House of Wellness on October 1 and Mars still traveling retrograde in the same part of your chart, you'll need to address this once and for all.

Mercury also turns retrograde in your sign on October 13, making you second guess your ideas and approach to many things. Revising your mindset is important now and, if you've been glued to an approach that is not serving you, you'll have to find a way to be more open-minded.

Love and relationship will feel chaotic and/or exciting at the second Full Moon of the month, happening on October 31 in your 7th House of Partnership. This Moon is almost exactly conjunct Uranus, which means you simply can't predict your partner's behavior. Anticipate an emotional outburst, but don't assume it's negative. You might be in for a real treat this Halloween.

Key themes for Scorpio: organizations, friendship, harmony, presentation, workshop, health, illness, love surprise, love shock

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 21

October 4th 2006 Horoscope

A romantic connection with someone could reach a breaking point early in the month. A Full Moon on October 1 will land in Aries and your 5th House of True Love while Mars, Aries ruling planet, is already traveling retrograde in this same area of your chart. No bueno for matters of the heart. It does look like an ending is in store between you and someone you've been dating or crushing over. There is one caveat to this: If you have an opportunity to go back to someone you used to love, then it's possible this Full Moon and Mars Retrograde will help you find resolution and emotional fulfillment in the connection. Still, tread carefully … these are choppy cosmic waters!

In other news, your career and finances are on fire in October! Venus will be at the top of your chart and making all kinds of yummy links to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, which are currently wedged in your 2nd House of Money. The week of October 19 is your time to ask for a raise, or increase your rates if self-employed. Your love life might be a hot mess in October, but your money looks amazing, Sagittarius! Focus on the Benjamins.

Key themes for Sagittarius: heartbreak, break up, emotional, sensitive, promotion, reward, honor, money

Oct 12 Birthday Horoscope

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn dates: December 22 - January 19

On October 1, a Full Moon in your domestic 4th house can easily bring emotions to an all-time high. You might hear news about a family member that makes you extra sensitive .. or angry. It's also possible that a real estate matter you've been trying to push for will fall apart completely. If that happens, you will be extremely upset about all of the energy you invested into this, only to be disappointed. It might be rough, but you'll bounce back. You always manage to rise above your circumstances.

Professional matters look amazing near the New Moon on October 16, which lands at the top of your chart. This is the time to set your career goals in motion. On the 27th, Venus and Mercury both move into this part of your chart, adding even more support.

Romance might be all over the place for you by month's end. A second Full Moon falls in your 5th House of True Love on October 31 and is closely linked to erratic Uranus. This could play out as a sudden realization that you're in love with someone. Can you feel it?

Key themes for Capricorn: domestic disaster, family problems, moving, relocation, promotion, reward, honor, sudden love

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius dates: January 20 - February 18

Finances are looking sweet this month, Aquarius! On October 2, magnetic Venus moves into the area of your chart connected to the money you get from any source besides your paycheck. Adding to the mix is that, during the week of October 19, Venus makes gorgeous links to expansive Jupiter, stabilizing Saturn, and intense Pluto. A lucrative financial opportunity is likely to come your way through a person who has a great deal of power and authority. This person might come to your assistance and ask that it remain confidential.

Career goals need some recalibrating, however, after October 13 when Mercury turns retrograde at the top of your chart. You'll reconsider your options.

Romantic prospects could also take a backseat this month with Mercury -- the ruler of your true love sector -- retrograde. It's possible that someone you used to date wants a second chance or someone you're currently dating is making you feel unsupported as you try to sort out your career goals.

A sudden upset may come to your domestic world near the Full Moon on October 31. It's possible that you'll hear news from a relative that seems completely out of character for this person. Or, you might find out that someone you live with is moving out.

Key themes for Aquarius: career reset, professional confusion, financial boost, inheritance, benefactor, romantic confusion, domestic chaos

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces dates: February 19 - March 20

As the month begins, you might feel angry at yourself for a major financial mistake. The Full Moon on October 1 lands in Aries and your 2nd House of Income and is quite frustrated. The ruler of this Full Moon is Aries ruling planet, Mars, which is currently traveling retrograde in the same area of your chart. A hasty decision you made about money seems to be causing all sorts of problems. All you can do is regroup, accept your losses, and move forward. Remember, you can always make more money and, whatever this experience was, it taught you something valuable.

Love and partnership are beautiful for you in October. Venus moves into your 7th House of Relationships on the 2nd and will bring plenty of harmonious vibes between you and your mate. During the week of October 19, he or she might help you realize one of your greatest dreams. It's also possible that the commitment itself has been your dream and, if so, it's coming!

Mercury turns retrograde on October 13th and it's possible you'll have some trouble keeping up with your studies if you're in school. You might need to hire a tutor to help you overcome any blocks you have. Don't worry, it will work out!

Key themes for Pisces: financial loss, cash drain, money mistake, partnership, commitment, friendship, intellectual block, re-learning

Pisces: Two Full Moons in one month! Get FREE guidance to handle these changes »Two Full Moons in one month! Get the guidance you need to handle these changes »

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