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The Numerology word comes from the Latin root, “numerus,” which means number and the Greek word, “logos,” which refers word or thought. These number-thoughts, or numerology is an ancient method of divination where numerical vibrations are charted in order to determine or predict the pattern of trends for the future. The 9 planets of Vedic numerology. For Indian numerology and Vedic astrology, there are 9 planets associated with 9 numbers.Each planet symbolizes one number. Sun = 1; Moon = 2. Numerology Planets and Numbers: Day Sign Planet Number Energy; Sunday: LEO: Sun: 1: Creation: Monday: Cancer: Moon: 2: Feelings: Thursday: Pisces / Sagittarius: Jupiter: 3: Truth seeking: Sunday: LEO: Rahu / Uranus: 4: Invention: Wednesday: Gemini and Virgo: Mercury: 5: Speech: Friday: Taurus and Libra: Venus: 6: Attraction: Monday: Cancer: Ketu / Neptune: 7: Delusion: Saturday: Capricorn / Aquarius.

Indian numerology is also known as Vedic numerology because it emerged in the era of the Vedas, some of the oldest and most sacred texts of the Indo-Aryans. Most of the Vedic period (except the earlier phase of Rig-Veda) occurred from the 12th to 6th century BC, making this system of numerology more or less contemporary to Chaldean and Chinese systems of numerology.

Vedic numerology works on the principle of numbers’ vibratory resonance. When one’s action and the vibration of the individual’s number are in harmony, resonance is created. A person’s number works well when resonance occurs.

Every numerology system has its own specialty, such as the Chaldean system’s compound numbers. Indian Vedic numerology is based on the idea that everything in this material word is influenced by one or more of the nine planets.

Vedic astrology considers the moon to be the most important factor for analyzing an individual’s inner self, the mind, and the soul. It uses the terms Rahu and Ketu to indicate the ascending and descending nodes of the moon, respectively. These nodes also indicate the points where the orbit of the Sun and moon intersect. Rahu and Ketu used to be considered planets in Vedic numerology.
According to Indian numerology, individuals have three relevant numbers. Knowing these three numbers means knowing the individual, and he who knows himself, knows the best.

A. Psychic number-The psychic number in Vedic Numerology tells the way you look at yourself. It defines your basic characteristics. It reveals what you want to be or about the talents with which you have come to this earth.

To obtain your psychic number you will have to find the single whole number of the date of your birth. Only the date is considered and you have to make it in a single one if it is two digit number. If your date of birth is 15th of any month your psychic number is 1+5=6.

The psychic numbers and their characteristics-

1- They are energetic, radiant, authoritative, goal oriented, confident, self-centered, and proud. Time to time these people may be very cruel.

2-They are emotional, shy, moody, passionate, poetic, and romantic.

3-These people are skilled, critical, dynamic, artistic and uplifting.

4-They are for sometimes are unpredictable to others. They are energetic, greedy, selfish but generous and adventurous.

5-This number indicates fickle, always busy type, sometimes childish but youthful and convincing.

6-This is the number for homemaker. They are very caring, charismatic, nurturing, and artistic. They find pleasure in social work.

7- They are spiritual, mystical, poetic, skeptical, and investigative and like to work alone.


8- They are serious, business minded, materially focused, independent and action motivated.

9-This number is of warm and impressive personalities,. They are aggressive, assertive and at the same time benevolent. They are very short tempered too.
<>B.Destiny number-This number in Vedic Numerology will reveal what the world think of you. It is the characteristics that other people find within you. The destiny number is obtained by adding the date, month and year of your birth and then converting that into a single digit whole number.

The destiny number for a person takes birth in 15th May 1965 is 1+5+5+1+9+6+5=28=>2+8=10=>1+0=1.

The destiny numbers and their characteristics-

1. They are energetic, courageous, individualistic, commanding, opinionated, rigid, self made leader and always focus for worldly gain.

2- The people whose destiny number is 2 are charming, cooperative, kind, tactful and very sensitive. They are generally truth loving type of people.

3- They are hardworking, busy, confident, cheerful, idealistic, religious and proud.

4- These people are highly intelligent, persevering, radical, helpful and serious with very strong likes and dislikes.

Vedic Astrology Numerology

5- They are soft, sensuous, joyous and like verities, They look younger in age.

6- They are home oriented, fine sense of justice, generous, emotional and idealistic.

7- They are unpredictable, lively, dreamer, sociable, sentimental and serious.

8-They will get success through struggle. They are ambitious and possess suicidal tendencies.

9- They are warm, real, responsible, proud, kind, understanding, disciplined and responsive. Second wife in vedic astrology birth chart.
C.Name number- The name number is called as relationships number. You can have more than one name number if people call you by different names. Changing your name and thus your name number will help you to build relationship and thus overcome the negative influences of your name number. It is very important to know what others think of you to build a strong relationship even with your better half or your child. I consider this number very important because if you know what others are thinking about you can build a strong relationship in your family life, social life or in your business life.

Numbers corresponding to the alphabet in Vedic numerology-

1-A, I, J, Q, Y

2-B, C, K, R

3-G, L, S

4-D, M, T

5-N, E

Numerology And Vedic Astrology Compatibility

6-U, V, W, X

7-O, Z

8-F, H, P


The name number and their corresponding traits-

1-Leader, 2-Teacher, 3- Artist, 4-Builder, 5-Entertainer,

6-Homemaker, 7-Mystic, 8-Worker, 9-Humanist

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Astrology andNumerology: Astrology and Numerology are two different subjects. Astrology is studying of planets, movement of planets and their influence on human lives. It is related to Astronomy. Numerology on the other hand is about studying of numbers and their influence on human lives. Though both are different in many ways they are related as well. Please continue reading….

Astrology: In India Astrology is called as 'Jyothish' that means science of light. Some people consider Astrology as a science as it uses facts of Astronomy. Some people will disagree with this and tag Astrology as an art. Some may even think, it as just a crap. However Astrology had been used all over the world for thousands of years. Western Astrology and Indian Vedic Astrology are different. Western Astrology is based on Sun’s position in relation with the Earth. Vedic Astrology focuses on 12 zodiac signs, 27 stars and 9 planets. Western chart is round in shape and Vedic chart has a square shape.

Numerology And Vedic Astrology

Why is Astrology so popular?: Man always want to know what future has in store for him. This curiosity to know about the future keeps Astrology popular. Many people want to consult the Astrologers to know about their future. Let it be a famous politician, famous industrialist, celebrity, common man or even scientist, all want to consult Astrologers to know about future. Astrology is taught as a subject in some Universities in developing country like India and also in the developed country like the USA.

Vedic Astrology: Indian Astrology is truly great. As per Vedic Astrolgy, the exact time of birth determines the life of a person. In other words, your whole life pattern is determined at the time of your birth. All the planets influence man on the Earth. You can feel the hot Sun rays but you can’t feel the influence of other planets. As per Vedic Astrology, at the exact time of your birth, if the planets are in favorable positions, you will enjoy a happy life with good fortunes, good health, long life and fame. If you are born at a time, when the planets are in bad positions, then your life will be a failure. You can’t overpower the fate with your hard work, intelligence or whatever. So, your exact time of birth is the key to your success or failure in life.

Scope of Astrology: What is the scope of Astrology? You can know about your future using Astrology. You can know about your good times and bad times with the help of it. Suppose if you have a good time for the next 3 years, then you can take a few risks in your business. If you have a bad time then you can be extra careful during that time period. You can drive more safely, avoid taking risks in business and so on.The another advantage of using Astrology is using remedies to minimize the ill effects during bad periods of life. A good Astrologer can prescribe you right remedies to reduce the bad effects during the bad time predicted by the Astrologer. Limitations of Astrology: You can’t fully rely on Astrology to make important decisions in your life. Astrology predictions may fail. It does not mean Astrology fails. It is the Astrologer who fails and Astrology can never fail. However today we don’t have an Astrologer who can give you 100% correct predictions. In ancient India during Veda period, great Astrologers like Agasthiya, Aryabhatta, Varahamihira and Pulipani were able to give the best predictions. In the present days we don’t have that kind of great Astrologers. Nostradamus seems to be the best Astrologer of the recent times. Today we can use Astrology as a guide and reference but can’t make important decisions based on Astrological predictions.

Numerology: Numbers do play a big role in our lives. Numbers are everywhere and you can’t live without numbers. When you get up at 6 o clock, the number 6 comes in and then till you retire to bed, you come across numbers several times in your daily life. As per Numerology numbers can influence your life. Your date of birth can tell something about your characters and your future. Numerologycan help you to find your lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky gem stones and lucky names.

Use of astrology andNumerology: You can use Astrology to know about your future because it is more accurate. In my opinion Vedic Astrology can give you more accurate predictions than Western Astrology. You can use Astrology to know about the remedies that should used to overcome bad effects of planets in your life. On the other hand, you can use Numerology to choose the right name for your baby(names have some impact on human life), to find your lucky numbers, lucky colors and lucky gemstones.

Scope ofNumerology: You can use Numerology to choose right name for your baby. Sound has positive or negative effects. If you have a good name, when many people call you, you get positive vibrations and that will do good to your life. Similarly a bad name can have a negative impact on your life. You can use Numerology for your name correction. You can change your name and get good results. Gemstones are energy sources of planets. For example Ruby is prescribed to activate Sun’s good impact on you. Ruby is a gemstone that mainly absorbed the rays of Sun for millions of years. Similarly Blue sapphire mainly absorbs the rays of the planet Saturn. You can use your lucky numbers in many areas in your life and get benefits.

Summary: Astrology can be used to know about your future. You can also use Astrology to know about the remedies to be used to minimize the bad effects during your bad period of life. However you should not make important decisions based only on Astrology. You can just refer Astrology as a guide and make decisions taking into account the other important factors. You can use Numerology to choose lucky name for you, to choose lucky gemstones, lucky numbers and lucky colors. I hope you have found this article useful and now you know the difference between Astrology and Numerology. Thanks for reading.

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Numerology And Vedic Astrology Compatibility

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