(Nine) 9 star Ki, pronounced ' kee' is a form of astrology which uses the numbers 1 to 9 which are associated with the Lo Shu magic square (below) and relates also to the Trigrams of the I Ching and the Taoist elements. In addition to the 8 main Trigrams; 9 Star Ki Astrology uses a 9th or 5 Star which is representative of the centre, T'ai Chi or 'additional child'.

Nine Star Ki underpins Feng Shui and as such is rooted in the natural environment. Sometimes referred to as Feng Shui Astrology, Nine Star Ki was developed by people in tune with nature, its forces and patterns. So for those who cannot accept that our nature in pre-determined by stars and planets alone, Nine Star Ki offers a more grounded approach. Nine Grahas (Planets) Jyotish or Vedic Astrology uses 9 Grahas (planets) in the chart analysis: The Sun (Surya or Ravi) Moon (Chandra Sandu) Mars (Mangal or Kuja) Mercury (Bhudha) Jupiter (Guru or Brhaspathi) Venus (Shukra or Sikuru) Saturn (Shani or Senasuru) Northern Lunar Node (Rahu) Southern Lunar Node (Ketu).

Nine star ki astrology
The Lo Shu magic square

The grid above is the famous and arguably the oldest Feng Shui tool, dating back around 2000 BC. In its original layout all numbers in either row, column or diagonally add together to make 15, magic eh!?

Nine Star Ki provides three stars in total for your chart; a 'Principal' star, 'Character/Child' star and 'Energetic' star. These relate respectively to our basic foundation or principal star, our birth star until the age of 18 and what we revert to under pressure, and lastly, the star which others see on first contact.

As each star relates to an element and follows the same mother/child and controlling cycle of the 5 Taoist element, it allows you to find out how you interact on these levels with other people. (Find out your families or friends numbers and relate it back to the elemental cycle to discover how your stars interplay with theirs.)

The Time factor.

Nine star astrology calculator

The stars move from their original positions in the Ki Map as I like to call it, (as shown) as time passes, creating a cyclical 9 step formulae. The stars 'fly' around the grid in sequence from year to year, month to month and also day by day. This allows us to discover which energy or star is influencing our own at any given time.

For example this year; 2016, from Feb 4th we move into a 2 Soil year. So by putting 2 in the centre of the Ki Map (opposite) the stars fly sequentially around, following their normal path to create the following arrangement.

This is then used to refer back to the original Lo Shu square to locate which 'house' you are occupying. i.e. the 1 star is now placed in the Southeast and the 4 House of rapid growth. Join the Newsletter to get an info pack and this years Ki updates.


As well as the time factor, 9 Star Ki also provides us with information relating to auspicious and inauspicious directions to travel at any given time.

This year; 2016, it is not a good thing to make any permanent or long term moves towards the Northeast. It is also inauspicious to travel away from the Northeast, i.e. the Southwest.

Nine Star Ki Astrology

The Nine Star Ki Astrology That Is Uses

The light or fire element represents freewill, exuberance, creativity, belief and prophecy. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Light of the fire from the Sun is essential to earning life on universe. In astrologia repubblica, the sun shows the life force of the native as well as representing leaders and other prominent people.

oroscopo enables you to understand an individual’s personality, successes and failures and to forecast how one will feel or behave over a short time.

Nine Star Ki Astrology

VIRGO horoscope (August 23 September 22) – With Saturn breathing down my behind for several years, I learned rrn regards to the delusion of control. Since old lead foot improved to Libra I have felt associated with an capacity to control my life and the wisdom realize how find a quote. Seeing one’s growth is highly satisfying indeed and to learn more about self control, which I learned in spaces, I will move ahead with a deeper sense of security and *Trust*, not in some abstraction, but in myself because more deeply align with Spirit and my Higher Self.


Nine Star Ki Astrology

Another major way to visit zodiac sign tattoos is by representing the sign from object that is representative of it: the lion for Leo, an archer for Sagittarius, or fish for Pisces (to name basically few).

Humanity is at a turning point, a plan point. On the Western Astrological point-of-view Pluto’s transit through Capricorn (currently also in difficult aspect to Uranus in Aries) disintegrates what’s out-worn. Pluto is the archetype of death and renewal. Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, life regenerates. Uranus in Aries is sudden and destructive with probable to be ground-breaking, pioneering and substance of primal creativity! What will we use this ultimate energy of change? Almost all life is change. Continuing with vision and sustainability is the invitation. Business as usual is not an option anymore and ignorance does not equal ecstasy.

This month pamper your own. Mars, everybody of energy, passion, and assertion continues to be retrograde with your sign as a consequence you are most likely feeling that this is taking a little more effort in order to get over the day. I understand being the do do do Virgo it’s not in your normal make-up to take good care of yourself because you might be always so busy mindful of other buyers. But this month and into April slow it down and pay appreciation of what shape is seeking tell for you. You could like brand new strain habit and also not go in order to your old ways later.

開運の方位学 Nine Star Ki Astrology

Provided listed below are the horoscopes for each sign, if you know your Rising/Ascendant sign, read that sign, too as your Sun indicate. To be clear, the sun Sign forecast below is really a generality. Are usually want specific information as outlined by your birth chart, I am available for readings a person you have an best possible year before.

Nine Star Ki Astrology Free may be the newest and fastest strategy know your luck. There is a lot of website which had a better-quality skill due to comes to prediction. But people will think cautiously to identify the top-quality and a lot of truthful site, and that sooner or later they will ask advices for their career guide, love and happiness. Pisces love horoscope 2021.

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