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Astronomy played in an important role in early Native American cultures, serving as the basis for governance, agricultural practices and more. And studying the stars also caused tribes to theorize about the beginning of life in the universe. The Pawnee’s Guiding Principles. Depending on which Native American astrologer you go to, this Native American zodiac sign is known as the Falcon totem or the Red-Tailed Hawk. Either way, this sign corresponds with Libra in the southern hemisphere and Aries in the north. Read on to find out what to expect from this Native American zodiac sign.

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Find Your Native American Astrology Zodiac Animal Signs And Symbols

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Know your Native American Astrology Zodiac Signs And Animal Symbols in under a minute. Native American Astrology signs originated nearly about 5000 years ago. The ancient Native Americans developed a system which allows them to derive the maximum benefits from the biorhythms of life. This led to the evolution of the Native American Astrology horoscope. The Mesoamerican calendar mechanism that was created with the aim to harmonize life with the natural events is one of the ancient and the most accurate form existing till date.
A Native American Astrology reading consists of a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to in the Mesoamerican zodiac, the positive and negative traits of each zodiac sign, your lucky colors, lucky stone, lucky tree, lucky day, lucky time, element, your animal totem, compatibility with other signs and much more information.
The Native Americans developed the system of earth astrology. The year is divided into twelve zodiac signs each named after a particular animal. These creatures are thought to be animal guides who help a person throughout his life. These animal guides teach crucial lessons in life
This form of astrology has its zodiac named after animal names, because Native American cultures have most of their myths and legends with animals as the principal characters. These people believe that animals play an critical role in teching important life lessons to the younger generation and thus, the zodiac has also been created on the basis of animal guides.
The twelve signs of the Native American Astrology have been named after the twelve animals. Astrology for marriage. The twelve zodiacs have been listed as follows:
Goose, Otter, Wolf, Hawk, Beaver, Elk, Woodpecker, Salmon, Bear, Raven/Crow, Snake and Owl.
Find Your Native American Animal Symbol and American Astrology Horoscope Zodiac Sign with one simple click.

Native American Astrology

Native American Astrology Books

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Native American Astrology 2019

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