In short Vedic or KP or Western or any astrology methods are just tools to interpret. So whoever want to predict world affairs and events, will be using various astrological methods & approaches to interpret. Madhavi Sharma, B.Com, MBA (FIn), MBA (Int Mark), Mphil (Ent), MA (Astrology), Learn Astrology. Pl consult me on my facebook page, https://www.facebook. Ancient scienes like Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas will gain more popularity across the world. Accidental deaths will increase which leads to raise in insurance policies. Koorma Chakra for India Mundane Astrology. Varahamihira advised to use Koorma chakra (tortoise) for prediction of mundane astrology of any area.

It is almost 3 years now to that earth-shaking announcement of PM Narendra Modi on the evening of 8th of November 2016 when the currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 were banned with several motives in mind. The effects of demonetization, which is the most disputed move of Modi government, are still there to be felt at the Indian economy which is struggling due to a slowdown in various sectors. Internationally the US-China trade war initiated by Donald Trump and the middle-east tensions are creating a fear psychosis of global recession. I had forewarned predictions about global recession in my various blog posts since last two years. The most recent one was posted on March 16th this year “Saturn-Ketu conjunction: Ensuing difficult time for traders in year 2019-2020”.

Interestingly when Mr. Modi had come into power , raising high hopes in 2014, India was aiming for a double digit growth but now the situation has come that even getting a 6% to 6.5% GDP growth rate is looking like a monumental task. Demonetization had its lasting effect on India’s MSME’s (Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises) which also suffered from the GST (Goods and Services Tax) that was introduced on 1st of July 2017 without much preparation by the central government. As per the reports of RBI more than 99% of the value of old currency notes that was removed from the circulation has found its way back into the financial market. Instead of tackling the problem of illicit cash the employment was reduce, output was lost, millions of man hours were wasted and investment came down.

However, the demonetization and GST were not complete failure as now the government has enough data to track and nab tax evaders. But then what Demonetization and GST has done is that it has helped big industrialist and e-commerce companies to crush the small entrepreneur of informal sector which was the back-born of India’s economy. The BJP government claim that its Mudra Loan scheme has provided good support to the self employment but then why its results are not visible in central government’s own economic data ?

The economic slowdown in India has many other reasons which as per astrological analysis are not going to get solved before 2022. The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter in Capricorn sing in 2020 and 2021 will further compound to the problems of economic slowdown which will take the shape of a global recession around that time.

The conjunction or opposition of Saturn and Jupiter bring major economic, social and political changes around the world is a cardinal principal of Medini Jyotish (mundane astrology). This has been explained in the classical text like Mayur Chitram and Bhavishya Phala Bhaskara in very brief in just one Sanskrit stanza each. Saturn is the Karaka for masses or people in general and Jupiter signifies wealth and wisdom. Whenever Saturn and Jupiter conjoined together or they come into mutual opposition there is a drastic change in public opinion about politics, social matters, fashion in general and about spending habits. It has been observed that major economic recession around the world comes around the time when Saturn-Jupiter are in conjunction or opposition.

As per IMF (International Monetary Funds) global recession is “decline in annual per-capita real world GDP, along with decline or worsening of one or seven other global macroeconomic indicators like industrial production, trade, capital flow, oil consumption, unemployment rate, per-capita investment and per-capita consumption. Prior to year 2009 the IMF use to back the principal that per-capita growth rate of GDP less than 3% should be consider as global recession. By this measure there were six global recession since world war II: they were in 1970, 1974-75, 1980-83, 1990-93, 2001-2002 and 2008-09.

At the time of all these global economic recessions the Saturn-Jupiter were either in opposition or in conjunction with each other. In 1970 Saturn was transiting in Aries and Jupiter was in Libra in the 7th house from it. During 1980-81 Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction in Virgo sign. In 1990 Saturn was in Sagittarius and Jupiter was in Gemini in the 7th from it at direct opposition. During 2001 Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction in Taurus sign. In the mid of 2009 Saturn was in Leo and Jupiter was in Aquarius. Later in year 2010 Saturn came into Virgo and Jupiter moved to Pisces in the 7th house from it. This was the period when the entire Europe and USA was affected with global recession. Anti corruption public protests were also started around that time in Arab world and also in Indian sub-continent which resulted in change of regimes.

Mundane Vedic Astrology Horoscope

How Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn will affect the world order in 2020-2021 ?

Now Saturn-Jupiter will again come into a great conjunction. During the months of November-December they will be in conjunction in sign Sagittarius. Later from May 2020 to July 2021 the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will take place in Capricorn sign. This bring bring a mini-world war like situation along with major political and social revolutions. India will involve in a war with Pakistan and China in the summer of 2020. USA will enter into a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran which can take dangerous turn affecting Turkey and Israel also. This may cause such diplomatic crisis around the world that peaceful organization of Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan in August 2020 is going to be very difficult. The global economic recession will adversely effect the economies of India, China, USA, Europe, Brazil and Japan for two years starting from 2020. There will be mass protest against politicians and super-rich industrialist around the world during 2020-2021. These public protest will start from South-American countries and slowly spread in the entire Europe, North America and may even reach south Asian countries like India.

This will make the right-wing popular leaders of Brazil, USA, India, UK and Turkey highly unstable. Public protest against economic inequalities and wars will make Bolsonaro (Brazil) ,Donald Trump (USA) , Narendra Modi (India) , Boris Johnson (UK) and Erdogan (Turkey) unpopular. The USA. South America and Europe will suffer the most severe economic crisis. The prices of crude oil will cross the 100$ per barrel mark by the end of 2020. Gold prices will also rise sharply during April 2020 to July 2021 due to a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter the significant of gold becoming weak will bring rise to its consumption and prices. The real estate market will melt down and prices of steel will also go down.

The relief will come After April 2022 when Jupiter will be transiting ahead of Saturn in the Pisces Rashi which is the sign of expansion. The transit of Jupiter in Pisces sign from April 2022 onward till the early 2023 will bring a boom in the global economy. This will also bring back the liberals and socialist leadership back into power in many countries in coming years.

Foundation horoscope of India

15 August 1947, 00:00 hours at mid night, Delhi

In the foundation horoscope of India the conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter will take place in the 8th house Sagittarius during November-December 2019 and then in the 9th house Capricorn from April 2020 to July 2021 intermittently. In the month of November the economic recession will start taking shape after the Mercury’s retrograde entry into Libra sign which will bring a fall in stock market around 8th of November. Then next month around the time of solar eclipse on 26th of December there could be a big crash in the stock market around the world which will affect India also. India would be under the Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Saturn from 10 December 2019 to 10 July 2021 which will bring economic recession and war. Saturn the sub period lord is the 7th house from the natal Moon of India. The solar eclipse in war sign Sagittarius on 26th of December and then another eclipse in June 2020 are going to put India with a dangerous war with Pakistan and China about which i have predicted four years back. The only respite will be the construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya during July 2020 to July 2021 when transiting Saturn and Jupiter will influence the Makar Rashi which is the 9th house in the foundation chart of country. But the economic situation of the country will only improve after 2021 during the Moon-Mercury dasha in Vimshottari.


Hindu New Year horoscope 2019

Pisces horoscope msn. 5 April 2019, 14:20 hours at Delhi

In the horoscope of Hindu New Year 2019 or Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Kundali one can clearly see the situation of economic trouble as there is no benefic planet in the kendra. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars are giving aspect to the 2nd house of national wealth. What does it means ? During the operation of this horoscope (from April 2019 to April 2020) the Indian government is likely to vigorously implement its policy of disinvestment to generate case which it require to run its social schemes. In the Cancer lagna horoscope of Hindu New Year 2019 the 4th lord (landed property and government infrastructure) Venus is conjoined with 12th lord Mercury (sale and losses) is giving aspect to the 2nd house (national wealth). The 2nd house is also getting the aspect of 9th and 6th lord Jupiter and 5th and 10th lord Mars. This indicate governments effort to sell its shares in the public sector companies to generate cash. As per some news reports Indian government has approved to sell its share in 11 leading public sector companies to get Rs. 1.05 Lakh Crores. Apart from this strategic disinvestment there are also plans to implement privatization in India Railways in coming months by giving rail routs and stations on lease to some private companies. Two years ago i had made this prediction about privatization in India Railways in my article Planets and future of Indian Railway

Now this Hindu New Year chart for India given above clearly shows strife and strikes of employees in government sector which may oppose disinvestment and privatization plans of Modi government. See the conjunction of 9th and 6th lord Jupiter in the 6th house with 8th lord Saturn and Ketu. They get the aspect of Mars from the 11th house which shows strikes and protests. This situation in the public sector will continue even in 2020 and 2021.

Hindu New Year horoscope of 2020

24 March 2020, 14:58 hours at Delhi

In the Hindu New Year horoscope of 2020 the Cancer sign is rising. Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are giving aspect to the 2nd house of national exchequer. Mercury as the 12th lord giving aspect to the 2nd house shows economic crisis and governments plan to sell its share in pubic sector. Noticeable point is the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the 7th house of war in the Hindu New Year Horoscope of 2020. In Navamsha both Saturn and Mars give aspect to the 7th house of war which is dangerous. China and Pakistan can jointly attack India’s border in the summer of 2020 which will result in a war.

Astrologically the year 2020 and 2021 are likely to be very challenging period for the world economy. After global recession and wars in 2020 the recovery will start only in 2022 when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will enter the Pisces sign. The economic system of many countries will then start moving towards social welfare for which high tax rates will be imposed on rich people. There will be high level of economic growth from 2023 to 2028 until Saturn enter into Aries sign to set the momentum for another major global recession in 2030 when both Saturn and Jupiter will be in opposition at Taurus and Scorpio axis.


Mundane Vedic Astrology Definition

Lecture by Edith Hathaway, May 17, 2008, Denver, Colorado, USA
at the United Astrology Conference (UAC).

Mundane Vedic Astrology Sign

With chart data, comments & updates by Edith Hathaway © 2013.

Mundane Vedic Astrology 2020

From the Latin word “mundanus” – which means “belonging to the world,” Mundane astrology is the astrology of events and topics of global and/or national importance, such as politics, weather, finance, etc. With such a vast field, we focus here on politics and elections, as this includes a wide range of charts that illustrate some important techniques in Vedic mundane astrology. Edith presents charts pertaining in particular to the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. This includes some birth charts of major political candidates. (The latter topic is also relevant to those interested in the Rectification lecture, also available at this website store. Further, Edith’s lecture on Graha Yuddha is closely related to Vedic Mundane astrology.)

Mundane Vedic Astrology Predictions

Included within the PDF is the 2008 lecture handout (updated 2013): Vedic Mundane astrology.

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