Ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is rightly represented through symbol of a scorpion. The symbolization is an appropriate representation of the influence and power that a scorpion possesses. It also rightly demonstrates a sense of permanence and fixation. The grip on things close to Lunar Scorpion’s heart is so intense that it cannot be wavered. Also featured with the element of water, they have an in-depth interest in emotional and sentimental scenarios.

Scorpio Moon Sign meaning

Scorpio moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Scorpio at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Scorpio sign in general represents fixation, influence, power and intense emotional requirements. You have a Scorpio moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Scorpio in your horoscope.

You Are Here: Home » Astronomy, Health, Moon, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Calendar, Yoga » New Moon in Scorpio New Moon in Scorpio Written on December 9, 2015 by Kathleen in Astronomy, Health, Moon, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Calendar, Yoga. The 12th house in Vedic astrology stands for the unseen or unexpected problems, limitations, exile, seclusion, hidden sorrows, quiet suffering, hospitals, occult science, feet and so on. When the emotional and creative Moon enters the 12th house, it leads to emotional attachment and sensitivity to the ethereal, physical and non-spiritual.

  • Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, which is a sign ruled by Mars, a fiery masculine planet, whereas Moon is watery feminine energy. Due to debilitation and conflicting qualities of the planets involved, this position is not considered positive in Vedic astrology.
  • Moon is the closest planet to earth and it works like a satellite to transform energy from other planets. It is a female planet and lord of Monday. In Vedic Astrology, Moon rules mental capabilities, wealth, happiness and affection etc. In body parts, Moon rules left eye, water elements and chest.
  • Moon in Scorpio (Brischik) Moon is our mind and emotion Scorpio is ruled by darker side of Mars. It is a very deep and mysterious sign., like ocean current flows inside, there is always a constant battle going within the native's mind in every single minute. It is the eighth sign of the Zodiac belt. It is the most intense sign.

Likes and Dislikes of Scorpio Moon Sign

As a Scorpio Moon sign, you will like continual drama in your life, security, commitment, intimacy and confrontations.

As a Scorpio Moon sign, you will dislike letting go, lack of passion, openness and display of emotions.

Characteristic and Traits of Scorpio Moon Sign

Those with the moon sign in Scorpio, have an insatiable need for emotional fulfillment, while they are also featured with loyalty and sensitivity in their relationships. It is a water sign and is influenced by dimensions pertaining to emotions, sentiments and spirituality.

While we have mentioned the likes and dislikes of Scorpio moon sign, below are the major traits that one imbibes with a moon sign in Scorpio:

Never Quit

Moon In Scorpio Vedic Astrology

Much like the scorpio that does not let go of its grip on somebody or something, moon sign on scorpio do not let go of things- be it their desire, be it a person or anything close to them. They have strong persistence and hold on things and people that matter to them.

Venus and Mercury conjunction in 7th house is an excellent factor for getting beautiful spouse astrology. As per Vedic astrology The future spouse characteristics will be very soft spoken, loyal and jovial. You may be interested to read: Astrological combination for divorce and separation. If the lord of seventh house is stronger and auspicious than the lord of the Lagna and are placed in a benefit navamsa, then there are favorable chances that the spouse will be from a prestigious and financially stable family. If in a person’s horoscope, Jupiter and Venus are placed in the 7th house, then this indicates rich and well-settled spouse than the native. Rich spouse vedic astrology. If jupiter occupies seventh house and venus is powerfull in a horoscope native would have beautiful and kind natured spouse. If a strong sun is also posited in 7th house or in upapada lagnaul it also indicates a rich spouse in astrology. Every sign is ruled by each planet. The Astrologer needs to check certain specific houses in the Horoscope (there are a total of twelve houses) and the planets posited there, the planets aspecting those houses and the certain specific planets need to be studied which represent luxury, love and lifestyle. There are a total of nine planets – as per the system of Vedic Astrology. Wealthy husband in vedic astrology. Check for planet occupying 8th house(2nd house from 7th house) and 5th house(11th house from 7th house). If 8th house is aspected by number of benefics or 5th lord is well placed in 8th house then native spouse will be from rich background.


Your passion is your driving force and you feel the constant need to connect with people on an emotional level. You do not believe in superficial relationships and work on creating deep bonds created through an in-depth emotional connect.

Moon In Scorpio Vedic Astrology Birth Chart


As you are an emotional being, your reactions are in tandem with your emotional needs, i.e. they are in extreme sometimes costing people their comfort. The extremity of your emotions might seem overwhelming to many, especially those who are not in the same page as you. It will be very hard for you to strike a right balance of not swinging into extremity of emotions.


The extremism in your emotions will have consequences that might not always be in your favor. Recurrences like these will help you get in-depth about your emotional necessities, leading you on the road of introspection.


You are a private person and do not like to disclose what your true feelings are (that are mostly in extreme anyways). You are very emotional and that sometimes comes in the way of you having healthy relationships. Hence, you chose privacy over depicting your emotions. Scorpio is also considered as a symbol of privacy.

Emotional Strength

The intensity in your emotions also provides you with great strength. You are emotional, but you are not vulnerable. You have a tendency of facing adverse situations as they come. You like to see facts, relationships and feelings as they are rather than in a candy coated version. You are aware of how feelings are displayed or kept to oneself, and you see that rawness in others as well.

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As Scorpio Moon Signs, you have a knack of seeing things as they are. In this quest of truth seeking, you always unmask, confront and are likely to bring the truth on the surface. Be it your own introspection or other people’s confrontation, you develop a deep emotional connect with whoever’s emotional crises you are set to resolve.

Aware of your Vulnerability

You are aware of your emotions and their intensity. Hence, you like to not reveal your emotional vulnerability to others. You hide the extremity of your emotions and avoid any close sentimental encounter. It is as if you are constantly running away from your feelings.

Seeking Intimacy

Every emotional person has an innate sense of seeking intimacy in relationships. You just don’t get emotionally candid with every person you associate with. You like connecting with people on emotional and spiritual people. You don’t just superficially like someone, but you genuinely care for people. You seek genuine intimacy in relationships.


You have time and interest to cater to the emotional needs of yourself and other people. People feel emotionally secure with you as you do not mind display of extreme emotions. You are a psychologist by your very nature and should you chose a career in that stream, you would excel at it.

Moon In Scorpio Vedic Astrology Susan Miller


Scorpio moon signs are highly instinctive individuals who believe in transformation of energies. You have a strong sense of emotions and an unparalleled emotional intelligence. While you hold your emotional cards close to your chest, you have a good and innate sense of judging behavior. Though you wear a masquerade to hide your strong sense of emotions, you instigate people to bring their emotional selves on the surface. You are there to hear people out, helping them out of emotional turmoil. You are very powerful and can mend someone’s life on a psychological level. You believe in developing emotional bonds and you really care for people. You seek intimacy in relationships and believe in the magic of alchemy, love, relationships that can weave magic into a person’s life. You do not like to display your emotional vulnerability in front of others, but you like confronting others and letting them reflect their true selves. By virtue of your ability of striking emotional connections, you can bring about a positive change in people’s lives.

Moon In Scorpio Vedic AstrologyMoon

Moon the most significant planet in Vedic Astrology, the lord of 4th sign and natural 4th house Cancer. Moon is a planet of harmony, beauty, imagination, psychology in Astrology and the natural significator of mother, emotion, mental condition,imaginative power, market place, mind, prosperity, trading, peace of mind.Moon is feminine, cold, moist, nocturnal, negative, passive and fruitful in action.

Moon gets Exalted in Taurus 5 Degree
Moon gets Debilitated in Scorpio
Moon gets detriment in Capricorn
Moon Mooltrikon sign is Taurus

Vedic Astrology For Scorpio

Conjunction of any planet with Moon acts upon the positioning and rulership on that horoscope as moon has no
basic nature of her own.Its action is reflective, it works as a medium between sun and the other planets.
Enhances the quaity of the sign it is placed in.Moon is highyl influenced by the planet whose aspects it
recieves. Moon is having only one aspect thats 7th form its own position.Moon does well enough in Cancer and
Pisces signs and relatively low in fiery signs.Moon gets Directional strength in 4th house and if well aspected then can give peaceful mind, healthy relation with mother, emotional security, comforts at home, good family life, having joint big family, aquiring landed property, firm hosue etc.Moon is the most important planet in Vedic astrology without seeing Moon chart prediction will be misleading.Exact sign and degree occupied by the moon during birth is the most important factor as that decides your Nakshatra and Dasha Bhukti cycle.Being luminaries Sun & Moon never go retrograde.
Signification of Moon : Creativity, imagination, psychology, softness,tender, emotion, sympathy, sentiment,
reflection, family, shelter, land, water, saliva, nourishment, sensitivity, fertility, Home, compassion,

Sun, Mars & Jupiter are friends to Moon, Mercury & Venus are Neutral lastly Saturn & Rahu are the enemy for
Sun.An afflicted or weak Moon will give flickering mind, restless unstable mind, paranoia, anxiety, confusion,
lack of concentration, depression, suicidal tendency, insanity, they keep changing their views on and off.Such
person runs away from reality and live their life in own world of fantasy.In short there will be lack of
evolveness in life.Heavily damaged Moon in birth chart can give blindness, mental disorder, trouble with
woman, bipolar disease, criminal mind, habitual lair.Moon causes the menses in women.

Nithyananda Vedic Astrology Moon In Scorpio

Moon works on Mind, breast, lactation.

Profession/Trading related to Moon – Farming, work related to liquid, aviotor, fishing, dairy firm, pirates,
gyneachologist, sailor, trading, earning through women, trading in cloths (casual cloths), trading of pearl.

Moon In Scorpio Vedic Astrology Pisces

Moon rules over three Nakshatra Rohini, Hasta, Shravana, in that Hasta works as highly active constructive and
creative field and Rohini is the one who rules over business and agriculture world.Moon Mahadasha comes for 10
years depending on the lordship in chart and its Nakshatra lord Moon mahadasha bestows its result. Mostly it
gives self realization, practicality, spirituality, religious actiivty, providing security to family,deep thinking capacity, travel to people except for Leo, Sagi,Aquarius, Ascendant people. white is the color of Moon.In metal silver/bell metal and Pearl is the gem alloted to Moon.

Moon rules the night. Its better to have evil aspect on Moon than to have none at all. If Moon doesnt have any
aspect, then the mind is as good as vegetable !

Friend to : Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Neutral to : Mercury & Venus
Enemy to : Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
One Sign Transit : 2 and half Days
12 Sign Transit : 27 Days.
Nakshatra : Rohini, Hasta, Shravana.
Dasha Tanure : 10 years
Body Parts : Breast, eye, lungs.
Color : White
Metal : Bell matel
Gem : Pearl
Direction : North-west
Deity : Parvati

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