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Moon-Jupiter-Venus Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction These three are benefic planets, and a conjunction of these is considered beneficial for the native too. Natives of this conjunction are devoted individuals. Moon and Jupiter Conjunction in 1st House/Ascendent: Vedic Astrology Well, when the understanding of the Moon meets the wisdom of Jupiter, it leads to an individual who is liberal, kind-hearted and good-natured. And not just that, he/she will also be sharp and tactful. Transiting planets over (or closely aspecting) BB gives distinct destined results. Most often natural malefics (Saturn, Ketu etc) give negative and natual benefics (Jupiter, Venus etc) give positive results. The effects of transit by ‘Conjunction’ are more potent than those by ‘Aspect’.

We have no time of birth for Maria Sharapova but her horoscope still reveals why she has been ranked number one in world tennis. Maria suffered a shoulder injury a few years ago, and had surgery in October 2008. After a break of nearly a year she dropped out of the top 100. Now in May 2010 she is back in the hunt, winning the Strasbourg International today on the way to the French Open. She is now ranked 13 in the world, and the top Russian.

We can’t get details in the natal chart from the Ascendant or Moon, but Mars tells the story enough. Mars is energy, desire and sexy attraction. Mars is sextile Jupiter which is excellent for a sportsperson. It is an aspect of success, athletic ability and sex appeal.

Mars is also aggression and fighting spirit, and Maria has Mars on the militant fixed star Aldebaran “popularity, courage, ferocity… Extraordinary energy”. Of all degrees of the zodiac, this is the place to have Mars for optimum energy levels and fighting spirit. However, with Mars “liable to accidents”. The sextile to Jupiter has enabled her recover from her injury and come back strong.

As if that wasn’t enough intense energy, her Mars is also the action point of a Yod aspect pattern. So her mission in life is Mars related, in her case sport. The sextile is Neptune Pluto which is a transpersonal, generational aspect. This is why she is a sex symbol for the masses. Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect of mass consciousness.

Maria truly is a modern day personification of the Mars archetype. A competitive, athletic and sexy warrior. Transiting Sun will conjunct her Mars in the middle of the French Open which starts today. Let’s see how that screaming energy goes!

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Update January 28 2011

Maria Sharapova is currently screaming her way through the Australian Open final against Victoria Azarenka. “Sharapova’s run to the final ensures that she will return to World No. 3 in the WTA Rankings and if she wins the title, she will return to World No. 1. [Maria Sharapova – Wikipedia.]

Conjunct symbol astrology

To find out if your have Jupiter conjunct Moon in the Horoscope, click to my birth chart calculator and check if you can see Ju and Mo together in the same sign(square or triangle), like on the picture below.
This is a great combination of planets to have in the same sign or even in opposition, fully aspecting each other! Both planets are mutual friends and help each other’s agenda, so in most cases the person with this conjunction will feel blessed with the things Jupiter and the Moon rule(unless a powerful malefic like Saturn is part of the conjunction starving their experience). The Moon indicates one’s predominant inner state. What is one’s main concept of reality and how one perceives the surrounding world. When with Jupiter, the Great Benefic, a person will, in most cases, be very optimistic and open minded. Jupiter is the planet of joy derived from a deep appreciation of reality and a more philosophical attitude to life through seeing the bigger picture and finding meaning in the whole thing. So these people are natural philosophers and even if they are very simple people, they will find joy in most things around them due to having spent past lives in spiritual practices of contemplating and looking for manifestations of the Divine.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter Vedic Astrology Synastry

Even when such a person says he is a materialist, you can be sure that he actually perceive reality through a perspective permeated with a Higher sense of purpose which gives him an idealistic and inspirational pathos . These people will often be a joy to be around, almost contagious in their peaceful enthusiasm and uplifting presence. They are not hectic or exuberant in their joy, but somehow more wise and secure, because they feel, on a very deep level, that no matter what happens, things will be eventually ok and that all is going according to a Grand plan. They naturally see a silver lining in every cloud and imbue events with meaning. As we know, the Moon indicates one’s most habitual way of being- default state, which has been acquired in early childhood, or in most cases through conscious work in past lives. Usually in infancy, the maternal figure in the life of the Moon/Jupiter person, was very Jupiterian in nature—joyful, enthusiastic, spiritual, tolerant, open-minded or wise. (of course, unless there are other more cruel planets overpowering this conjunction), and the person naturally adopts these quality later in life.
The Moon also shows one’s ability to adapt into new situations and environments and how quickly ones feels at home and natural with these. In this case, one is usually very much oneself with others, quickly adapts and feels comfortable in one's own skin in any situations which also puts others at ease. One is very smooth with welcoming changes and quickly accepts and adapts to the necessity of the new environment. There is some kind of inner wisdom which helps Moon/Jupiter people accept what is happening and go with the flow knowing that this is the best option anyway. You will not see them trashing about and resisting in the face of changes—from small ones like having to take a different road to work, to a big one like a new country of living. They are more likely to embrace the change pretty quickly and go with it. Jupiter is the planet of wealth as well, so these people tend to be lucky in that respect, that they instinctively feel opportunities and cease them, so others think of them as being lucky and 'at the place at the right time'. Of course it is not constantly so, but they have a fair share of their “lucky” breaks, which is actually a result of their last lives merit from learning to find meaning and value in everything, usually through spiritual practices. If you have this combination, there is more likelihood that you acquire wealth and material well being, at a certain period in life.
The Moon rules also one’s intuition and Jupiter is a highly visionary planet, so both together tend to give often an amazing 6th sense and as if protection and direction from Above. The Imagination(Moon) is very fertile and can help these people envision very positive (Jupiter) outcomes. If the dignity of Jupiter is good(Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo, Aries, Scorpio) then these imaginings of theirs and strong faith are realistic and in tune with the Divine plan, while if Jupiter is in a poor dignity(the rest of the signs) they can be somehow unrealistic and their believes can get them in trouble(Hitler—Moon with Jupiter), but still the positive combination of Jupiter and Moon protects them and helps them to avoid many times the negative consequences of their actions. (Hitler managed to miraculously survive 6 assassination attempts).
This combination makes the best of authors as well! Some of the most gifted people of the written word have it in their horoscope, due to the mixing of imagination (Moon), open-mindedness and wisdom (Jupiter). Most importantly the Moon shows how one feels about one self and what self image one has. When with Jupiter, this person feels pretty good about who she/he is overall and psychological and personal complexes are quickly overcome. Their optimistic expectations and slant of mind is a reason that they give an impression of success and often attract it as well. Jupiter represents the husband in a woman’s chart, and when it is with the Moon in the same sign and no other enemy of Jupiter(Venus, Rahu Saturn or Mercury) then this woman will often make wise choices with the men in her life and feel fulfilled with them eventually. Even if she has some difficult relationships, she will ultimately attract a man who takes care of her(Moon) and is sensitive to her needs(Moon)

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