The planet nearest the mid-heaven can gain such strength, as does the planet closest to its point of exaltation. The planet that is Atmakaraka in the Jaimini system (possessing the highest longitude or highest number of degrees in any particular sign) often represents the planetary type. The dominant planet usually determines the career, temperament and often the physical type.

Moon Atmakaraka Vedic Astrology 2019

Moon Atmakaraka Vedic Astrology

One planetary type is not necessarily better than any other is. Higher and lower types exist for each planet. Samasya samadhan vedic astrology. These depend upon the ability of the person to bring in the spiritual energy of the planet.

A person with Atmakaraka Moon is usually very caring and compassionate.The native with the Moon as Atmakaraka is very emotional. Only the native knows his/her own inner tides and thinking pattern. Signification of the Moon are highlighted in a native being nurturing like a mother, intuitive, imaginative. Family life comes first for such natives. Moon as an Atmakaraka is in search of worldly harmony and happiness while the differentiation between the true happiness and a superficial one is the key to the life bliss. Importance of Atmakaraka. Atmakaraka analysis in your horoscope: helps you identify the role & mission of your current life. As Vedic Astrology is a revealed Science, revealed to the Seers in Yogic flashes of heightened Consciousness, the remedies prescribed are effective and can ward off negative influences and make man actualise his potential, both material and spiritual, which are the obverse and the reverse of the same coin of Life!

Even spiritually evolved people have their planetary types. An example is the sage Ramana Maharshi who said to be an incarnation of Skanda, the deity of the planet Mars but according to its spiritual energy of knowledge, inquiry and self-discipline.

Planetary types are often evident just by looking at a person. Solar types radiate light and warmth. Lunar types are maternal and receptive. Generally in Vedic Astrology we identify people by their ruling or most powerful planet, not so much by their sign as in Western Astrology.

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