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Monkey,find out your sign characteristics based on the year of your birth. Daily horoscope compatibility in love chinese horoscope personal characteristics. Apr 15, 2021 - With Third Trine Horse energy dominating the sky this is a powerful time for considering your options, Monkey, and thinking about your feelings at a deeper level. Who is it you want to speak to? If there is something you need to get off your chest then now is the time to do so.

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  • Monkey Horoscope 2021: Look Forward To Progress Dear Monkey, you are going to be completely fulfilled throughout the year of the Metal Ox! Many opportunities will present themselves to you, and if you succeed in taking advantage of them, you will then go on.
Dear Monkey, you are going to be completely fulfilled throughout the year of the Metal Ox! Many opportunities will present themselves to you, and if you succeed in taking advantage of them, you will then go on to make beautiful steps of progression that will fill you with joy. Check out your 2021 Monkey Chinese horoscope specially written by our Chinese astrology specialist.
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The influence of the Year of the Ox will stimulate you. The hard work will be honored and you will feel the benefits on your career. Magnificent opportunities will present themselves to you and you will take advantage of them to move forward, innovate, make new allies, but most of all, you will have fun.

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The Monkey’s personality

Optimistic and relaxed, you breathe the joy of life and good humor. You are clever and playful, alert and quick-witted, you learn quickly and you love challenges that stimulate your brain cells. Sociable and communicative, you are gifted at making contacts and surrounding yourself with friends. You have an unshakeable confidence in yourself and are able to chart your own course with virtuosity and casualness. For you, life should be lived as a life-size role play.

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Your love life in 2021

Charming, casual, gifted for happiness, you attach yourself without asking too many questions and choose to live in the present. Lucid, you prefer the adrenaline rush of conquest to the monotony of a stable and tidy life. In order to catch your eye, people must have good sense of humors, conquer your mind, and love you without expecting too much in return.

Who do you match best with?

All the lights are green with the Rat when it comes to developing a beautiful friendship and doing good business. By saying 'yes' to the Dragon, you will form a mythical couple, under the sign of luck and success. The Snake will prove to be a great party companion too, and a brilliant partner. With a Pig, you will benefit from a formidable complicity in love.

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How will the year of the Metal Ox be for you?

It will be an amazing year for the Monkey who will know how to bring his boat to a good port. Your professional life will give you a thousand and one opportunities to distinguish yourself and demonstrate your skills. Your finances will be prosperous and your social life will be synonymous with pleasant surprises and new encounters.

Chinese Spring from Wednesday, February 3 to Tuesday, May 4, 2021

In spite of the Yin tempo of the year, your careerist fiber will increase tenfold. You will happily swing from vine to vine to grow your business.

From February onwards, the vigorous and persevering Ox will set the tone and put toil to the fore. You will be able to give the best of yourself, stabilize your assets, advance your career or find a new job in your skill range. However, you will need to do things by the book and be honest. Also, there is no need to procrastinate, cheat or overestimate yourself, as this will only be detrimental to you. On the other hand, your dexterity and competitive spirit will help you meet challenges and impose yourself.

Chinese Summer Wednesday, May 5 to Friday, August 6, 2021

During this summer period, you will live up to your ambitions and do your utmost to stand out from the crowd.

Monkey Horoscope For Today

In May, you will sharpen your sense of strategy and use your many relationships to set some future milestones. Determined and more motivated than ever, you'll be looking to stand out from the crowd, especially if you're looking up. On the financial side, your fear of missing out will encourage you to temporarily restrain your lifestyle and work a few extra hours. On a sentimental level, you will open the doors of your heart to a beautiful stranger with a devastating smile.

Chinese Autumn Saturday, August 7 to Saturday, November 6, 2021

You will give yourself some rest time in order to come back stronger in September.

In August, you will find it hard to let go professionally, but don't let it the stress stop you! You will discover new outlooks on life, make new acquaintances and satisfy your thirst for curiosity while enriching your neurons. On the love side, you will improvise a romantic evening to celebrate the Valentine's Day (14/8). In September, you will see life from another angle and look forward to resuming your professional activities. In October, you will not spare your efforts and you will benefit from unexpected hardships that will boost your career (around 14/10).

Chinese Winter Sunday, November 7, 2021 to Thursday, February 3, 2022

Monkey Daily Horoscope

During this last season of the year, you will have many reasons to rejoice and celebrate.

Weekly Monkey Horoscope

In November, you'll manage to look on the bright side of life and focus on the positives. You will spend enchanting evenings where it will be good to do crazy things with your body and frolic under the quilt. At the office, you'll keep up with the pace. In January, it's time to get in touch with people! You will voluntarily spend time on the phone and send emails to your many friends and allies to keep in touch and maintain your relationships. For the venerable Monkey, the Year of the Ox will have been favorable. May the year of the Tiger, which follows, be just as good.

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