You will go on a journey to somehere new. A mole on the nose. Indian Superstitions, Beliefs, and Hindu Astrology. Did you know that a mole on either of your cheeks could classify you to be a serious, studious, almost solemn person. The study of moles is called Moleosophy. The location of a mole, its size, shape and colour can be interpreted as indicators of a person’s character and also prognosticate generalities for the future.

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Moles are the marks that occur on our body since our birth and stay with us till our death. These moles happen because of the planetary influences during the time of fetus formation. We can understand the influence of moles on our future by their placement on our body. Also, we should consider their color, shape and size. This subject is called Indian moleology or moleosophy. We also provided a brief dictionary for analysing the moles on your body.

  1. Moleosophy is a concept in astrology by which a person's personality and social affairs can be predicted. To put it simply, moleosophy helps you to understand the significance and the effect of the moles of your body on your life. SIGNS OF DEATH IN HINDUISM So, read on and find out what each mole in your body tells about your life and personality.
  2. Dec 23, 2017 Others News: Mole Meaning - Moles are the unique birthmarks found on the human body. Moles tell a lot about a person’s character, future, luck or misfortune. Here is a list of lucky moles on.
Moles are marks which can be found on different parts of the body. In Indian and Chinese Astrology, moles are interpreted as representing the destiny of the person. The influence of the planets on the person would start at the time of fetus formation in the mother’s womb. Some planets influence the fetus more and some less. These influences result into mole formation when focused at the surface of the body. In the horoscope, the Ascendant and its lord, 6th house lord, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Rahu and Kethu will form moles on the human body. For example, if the Ascendant lord Saturn is posited in Aries, will produce a black mole (Saturn for black) on the head part (Aries for head) of the native.
If the sign and planet influencing the fetus are masculine then the mole will be formed at the right side of the body. If the sign and planet are feminine then the mole will be formed at the left side of the body. For example, a combination of Mars (Male planet) and Venus (Female planet) in Scorpio (female sign representing genitals) forms a mole on the genitals. If Mars is strong, then the mole will be at the right side on the genitals. If Venus is strong, then the mole will be formed at left side. The colors of the moles can be decided by the colors of the planets. For example, Saturn and Rahu give black moles and Mars gives red moles.
Moles should be interpreted according to their color, shape and size, and the place where they are located on the body. Moles in red color or honey color or green color will generally bring good fortune. Moles in black color give bad results. Small moles which are not so visible, will not give any results. Only big moles will produce results. Long moles give good results. Moles which are in square shape will give bad results in the starting, but they produce good results by the end. Moles in the form of a triangle will produce mixed results, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Moles in zigzag shapes will produce bad results. Now, let us discuss the effects of moles according to their placement on human body.
The following points are given for gents. But they are equally applicable to ladies also.


The moles on the top (crown) of the head are visible only if the head is shaven. If a mole is found on the right side of the head, the person will excel in politics. If the mole is in red or green color, then he will become minister. He can also be a president leading a society or business organization. He will have social status and success in every walk of life.
If the mole is at the left side of the head, then the native will not have enough money. Generally, he will not marry and spends his life in roaming. He will lead a spiritual life and gives spiritual discourses. There would be an interest in literature also. Moles at the back side of the head represent weakness of ladies. Such a person will be attached to his wife. He earns more money but he will not have a good name in the society.


If the forehead is wide and there is a mole on the right side of the forehead, then it denotes wealth. The native becomes wealthy and receives good name and fame in the society. He will help others and will have devotion to God. If the mole on the forehead is located at left side and the forehead is narrow, then the person will be selfish and does not help any one. Others will not give him any respect.


If the mole is on the right side temple, it denotes early marriage and beautiful wife. There is a possibility of sudden and unexpected arrival of money. If the mole is at the left temple, it also denotes sudden marriage and sudden wealth. There will be losses in the business. People do not like them for any reason.

Eye brows

If there is a mole in the middle of the eyebrows, it denotes leadership qualities, wealth, name and fame. Such a native likes luxuries and women. If the mole is found on the right eyebrow, there will be early marriage with a good lady. The native becomes lucky after marriage. It is better if he invests in his wife’s name. If the mole is on the left eyebrow, the person will be unlucky. He cannot utilize the money properly and faces troubles in the job or business.

Eye lids

A mole on the right eyelid brings wealth. The native becomes rich slowly. He will have inner pride and feels that he is great. Expenditure will be more. He will spend money for God either by constructing temples or for performing pujas. A mole on the left eyelid represents a general life. The person earns meager amount of money. He is prone to jealousy from others.
A mole in the inner part of top eyelids represents a lucky and wealthy person. On the other hand, mole in the inner part of lower eyelids represents domestic troubles and lack of luck.


A mole in the right eye gives easy – money. Even if the person doesn’t work, he will become rich suddenly out of sheer luck. A mole in the left eye represents an arrogant person who would be after ladies. He will have a secret and illegal connection with ladies.
Moles at the eye socket (corner towards the ear) represent a generous and peaceful person. But there is possibility of sudden death. Moles at the eye socket (corner towards the nose bridge) represent death of one of the children and grief for the native.


A mole any where on the ear represents good earnings and luxurious life. Expenditure will be uncontrollable. There may be danger of drowning. A mole at the backside of the ear represents a person who follows customs. He will get his wife from a higher family.


A mole on the tip of the nose represents quick thinking and quick temper. Such a person will have high self-respect and generally win on others.
A mole at right side of the nose represents more money with fewer efforts. A mole at the left side of the nose gives bad results. The native involves into prostitution.
A mole on the bridge between nostrils represents obstacles in getting the job and loss of money. A mole below the nose represents good sexual drive. The native possesses a large family and many children.


FootA mole which is located exactly in the middle of the chin represents a lofty person who receives laurels from others.
Moles on the right side of the chin represent logical thinking and diplomatic nature. They can convince others with their speech. Their earnings will be very good and they get name and fame easily. Moles on the left side of the chin represent a person who talks straight forward and hence people do not like him. He becomes quarrelsome. Expenditure will be uncontrollable.


A mole on the upper lip represents a person who does good to every one. There will be weakness of ladies and luxurious items. A mole on the lower lip represents a person who loves good food. He will have interest in acting and theatre arts.
A mole on the inner side of the upper lip represents a person skilled in mantras and mystic forces. A mole on the inner side of the lower lip represents a person who becomes a drunkard and losses money on speculation.


Moles on the right cheek represent a sensitive person who gives a lot of respect to his parents. He loves his wife and relatives. He enjoys wealth and health and lives long. Moles on the left cheek represent a person who is introvert and an arrogant person. He would face troubles in the life. But he will be happy in the old age because of his children.


A mole on the middle of the tongue indicates obstacles in the education. The native may not be able to talk fluently and there will be health problems.
A mole on the tip (outer edge) of the tongue represents a person who can convince others with his speech. He is intelligent and diplomatic. He loves good food and his children will have good future.


A mole on the back side of the neck represents angry and aggressive person. Generally such a person involves into anti-social activities. A mole on the front side of the neck represents an artistic person with sweet voice. His life will settle well after his marriage.


Moles on right shoulder represent brave and courageous person who will not sleep until finishing any project. Moles on the left shoulder represent a person who involves into quarrels with others.
Mole On Foot Astrology


A mole on the right side of the chest indicates more female progeny. Financial problems trouble him. But he receives due respect from others. A mole on the left side of the chest represents a person who is clever and who does not maintain good relation with his relations and friends. Financial problems are common for him. A mole exactly in the middle of the chest represents heavy financial problems. Such person involves into heavy debts. But he will have devotion to God.


A mole in the right armpit represents desire for wealth. A mole in the left armpit represents desire for ladies.


A mole on the right ribs represents a person with a lot of inner fear. He lies easily. A mole on the left ribs represents a person whose earning will be average.


A mole on the right side of the stomach indicates good earnings and weakness of ladies. A mole on the left side of the stomach represents a jealous person who likes to earn easy money. He will possess some agriculture lands. A mole nearer to navel cavity represents luxurious life. Such a person is loud-mouthed.


A mole on the right hand indicates a person who completes any task by tenacity and intelligent. A mole on the left hand indicates a person who wants to become rich but stays at average level.
A mole on the left or right elbow represents wealth and success. The native likes fine arts. He helps others and gets help from others. A mole on the wrist represents childhood in poverty. He becomes a writer or painter. He will be devotional. His income increases when he becomes aged.


Moles on any part of the inner palm are not good. They represent various obstacles.Foot


Moles on any part of the fingers are not good. They represent various obstacles.
Black mole on foot astrology


A mole any where nearer to the backbone represents name and fame. Such a person becomes a leader or minister.
A mole on the right side of the back represents good health and courage. A mole on the left side of the back represents completing the tasks by diplomacy.


Moles on the right buttock represent wisdom and creativity. The person will become an artist. Moles on the left buttock represent poverty. The person leads a deprived life.


Moles any where on the genitals represent excessive desire for sex. Such persons generally will have a paramour.


Moles on the right thigh represent valor. The person will have an opportunity to go abroad. He will be profited from a lady, either from his wife or from other woman. Moles on the left thigh make the person skilled in some art. He becomes lazy and will have fewer friends.


A mole on the right calf represents success in all ventures. There will be benefits from ladies. The native may involve into politics. A mole on the left calf represents journeys due to job or business. There will be many friends.
A mole on the right ankle represents foresightedness. The native will be endowed with gift of gab. The person will have a lot of belief in God.A mole on the left ankle represents devotion towards God. He talks less. At some point of life, the person faces legal problems.


A mole on the right foot represents a good spouse and family life. He will have devotion to God. A mole on the left foot represents creates problems with spouse. The person faces financial problems and wrath of others. Moles on the bottom of the feet represent journeys, enemies and licentious nature. The person will be a lover of fine arts.
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1. Did you know that a mole on either of your cheeks could classify you to be a
serious, studious, almost solemn person. The study of moles is called Moleosophy. The location of a mole, its size, shape and colour can be interpreted as indicators of a person’s
character and also prognosticate generalities for the future.

2. Twin moles have yet another connotation. The Moleosophy analysis when co-
related with interpretations of other psychic sciences substantiates the personality and character interpretations, thus giving an all encompassing and holistic view of the subject.

Signification : Moles From Location Point of View

Location Interpretation

(a) Ankle – If on a man, he is of a dreadful nature. If on a woman,
she would have a sense of humour, brave/bold and ever willing to share love and worldly possessions.

(b) Arms – Polite, diligent and would lead a happy married life.
If mole is near the elbow, a man will have to struggle in life. He may also become a young widower. A woman has the same characteristics, however, her problems relate to her occupation.

(c) Armpits – Under the left arm, is indicative of great struggle in the early part of life, which though is well rewarded.
Wealth makes later years also happy. Under the right arm, one needs to be alert and cautious on matters security.

(d) Back – One must ensure that all facts are available before
entering into any kind of negotiations of any enterprise.

(e) Belly – Tendency to self indulgence. Tendency to overeat and
drink needs to be curbed. Keep a strict check on your economy. While selecting a marriage partner, ensure the person is understanding and has an even and a calm temperament.

(f) Bosom – Of quarrelsome nature and temperament. Lazy and of
unsteady disposition. Disgruntled and unambitious. On a man this area is the chest.
(g) Breast – On the right breast, is indicative of idleness and lack of
restraint which may spoil own and family life. Will need to exert to be able to enjoy the love and comfort of the children. On the left breast, is indicative of an active and an energetic person, able to concentrate upon the acquisition of wealth and property.

(h) Hips – Unambitious, easy going, reconciled to accept any
mode of living even poverty.

(j) Cheek – On either cheek – a serious, studious, awed person. A
cant say kind on most of the issues pertaining to living , religion and politics. Riches have no meaning when it comes to happiness.

(k) Chin – A mole on either side of the chin is indicative of the
fact that the person concerned is of a wonderful characteristics, having a very loving and a caring nature. Worldly wise, very adjustable and would with ease adapt themselves in any environment. They love travelling and respect the law of the land. Dedicated and conscientious worker and willingly accept responsibilities. Patriotic in nature.

(l) Ear – Lucky to have a mole there. Indicative of a fortune
coming ones way unexpectedly.

(m) Elbow – Loves to travel. Normally possesses artistic talent in
more than one field. Confused and uncertain. Capable of earning a fortune if one wants, but rarely keen to do so.

(n) Eye – If the mole is located on the outside corner of the eye,
the person is honest, reliable and forthright. Needs love and admiration to help tide over the struggle for existence.

(o) Eyebrow – When the mole is on the right eyebrow, it signifies a
highly active life and success in affairs related to home, family and business. A sign of perseverance. On the contrary if the mole is on the left eyebrow, the opposite is feared. Disappointments and setbacks will be due to selfishness and indolence. Would need to put in tremendous effort to ward off financial crises.

(p) Finger – A mole on any finger is indicative of dishonesty. The
person concerned tends to exaggerate and is unable to confront with the realities.

(q) Foot – Easy going who prefers a sedentary life. Needs a
balanced amount of activity to remain healthy.
Tends to brood, something like psychological depression.


(r) Forehead – A mole in the middle of the forehead predicts honours,
wealth, love and a happy, distinguished family. Right and left forehead mole interpretations are identical to the eyebrow significance as enunciated above.

(s) Hand – Highly talented, possesses plenty of everything that
matters viz health, wealth and happiness.

(t) Heel – Physically and mentally agile and active. If desirous and
inclined can earn a fortune. Makes enemies easily who continue to irk and annoy on even trivial issues.

Black Mole On Foot Astrology

(u) Hip – A mole on any part of the hip except buttocks, signifies
contentment, fortitude and ingenuity. These attributes act as a balancing factor to the otherwise over amorous nature.

(v) Knee – On the right knee – of friendly and amiable disposition.
A homely kind and a great lover. On the left knee – extravagant and inconsistent, though would possess excellent business acumen.
(x) Legs – The formative and early years full of difficulties.
Capable of surmounting the odds with sheer determination and forcefulness. Avert any inclination towards indolence.

(y) Lips – Of benevolent nature, always aspiring and trying for better

(z) Naval – Very lucky for a man to have on there. On a woman it
indicates a desire to have many children.

(aa) Neck – If the mole is on the front of the neck, it signifies
unexpected good fortune. On either side is indicative of being unreasonable. On the back , needs to practice frugality.

(ab) Nose – A sincere friend who will succeed. Would be happily
married. Dedicated to amassing great wealth, even though the struggle often seems impossible.

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(ac) Shoulder – Generally, restless, needs to travel in order to be satisfied
with home surroundings. A mole on the right shoulder brings prudence, discretion, a faithful marriage partner and very industrious. On the left shoulder, satisfied with any position in life both socially and occupationally.

(ad) Wrist – Frugal, ingenious and dependable. On a woman, one
marriage. On a man, possibly two marriages.

Signification : Twin Moles

Mole On Foot Sole Astrology

3. When there are twin moles irrespective of their location, the person possesses a
dual nature. Two moles, side by side, are indicative of two loves.

Signification : Moles from the Shape Point of View

4. (a) Round. Reveal good in people.

(b) Oblong. Signifies a modest share of acquired wealth.

(c) Angular. Represents both good and bad characteristics.

Signification : Moles Based on Colour

5. (a) Light Coloured. Considered the luckiest.

(b) Black Moles. Denote that a person would have to face many difficulties before favourable results are achieved.

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