In Vedic astrology, it is a factor of mind, mother, mental state, morale, material things, happiness, peace, wealth, left eye, chest etc. According to astrology, the Moon is the lord of Cancer in zodiac signs and Rohini in constellations, lord of hand and hearing constellation. The speed of the moon is the fastest among all the planets.

Astrology can unfold all the hidden traits in a person through the study of horoscope and can predict how a person is likely to be groomed himself, ones ways and means of earning livelihood, profession, relationship with spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, partners and so on and most importantly one’s overall liking and disliking. It is a Divine Science and can focus on all and every aspects of life. Mind is the all powerful to control our every action on this earth. It is the mind, which give rises to a pious sole or a dreaded criminal, cheat, infidel etc. Here below are just a few glimpses of how astrology can act as the all-powerful tool in unraveling the mind and the probable course of action one is likely to follow in his life.
Mind is seat of consciousness and is that part of the brain, which does the functions of thinking, knowing, feeling, willing, determination etc. and thereby regulates all our actions in the life and also capable of bringing transformation and changes in our way of thinking from time to time according to the changed and compelling circumstances in the life. Changes and transformations are also owing to planetary interplay.

Vedic Astrology is the oldest form of Astrology known to us, being 5000-7000 years old. Indastro follows Vedic / Indian Astrology principles without any compromise for all its readings that are man made & never software generated. Unlike the Sun sign based Western System, Indastro & Vedic Astrology uses the Moon Sign as the basis of all. Astrology is heavily dependent upon accurate birth data. Please provide an accurate date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), time of birth (preferably validated by a legal document), and location of birth (city, state, country). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me directly by e-mail at [email protected] Indian astrology or Moon astrology system follows a calender based on constellations. It has the Moon in the centre. The Moon governs the mind and emotions. Moon is the fastest moving planet in the Zodiac and ‘no event is possible without Moon’s support’. Those who know a bit of western astrology would know that there is a ‘void of. This zodiac sign likes to be in the spotlight all the time so their sexual kink is to film themselves while having sex. They want to show off how amazing they are in bed in front of their partner and have that memory forever. While doing their thing, they want it to be intense so that they show their true sex drive on film. So, once they decide.

Mind is divided into four major divisions represented by the following houses of our horoscope.

1st hour or Ascendant

Conscious and alert mind

6th house

Unconscious mind

8th house

Sub conscious mind

9th house

Super conscious mind

3rd house

Lower mind – negative aspect of super conscious mind represented by the 9th house

12th house

Hidden part of unconscious mind (6th house) and sub conscious mind (8th house) which reveals the evil thoughts and subversive undercurrent in one’s life

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The above traits represented by the individual houses of our horoscope are reflected through our characters in the following manner.
 1st house or the Ascendant representing the conscious mind is the seat of ego and jealousy in our mind.
 6th house, which represents our unconscious mind, keep on doing the routine work without the conscious mind even realizing it. Sixth house, therefore, denotes are service. 6th house also represent six enemies of humanity viz. lust (kama), anger (krodha), greed (lobha), infatuation (Moha), arrogance (Mada) and jealosy (Matsarya).
 If Ascendant is strong and influenced by favourable planets, all evil traits represented by the 6th house are kept under check, but if the 6th house is stronger than Lagna, these ill traits rule over the native to make him to do all wrong things in life.
 The conscious mind works while we are awake, but sub-conscious mind works all the time. It memorizes very many times than the conscious mind. It stores layers upon layers of thoughts and desires in the form of day/night dreams, fears, phobias etc. continuously feeding the conscious mind in thinking, action and behaviour of a person.
 A strong Lagna and 10th house keep on correcting and modifying the inputs of sub-conscious mind represented by the 6th house.
 A strong and afflicted 8th house (sub conscious mind) leads to all the miseries and woes.
 Super-conscious mind (9th house) is the mind in its purest form. Shri Ramkrishna has said, “The pure mind is pure intelligence and pure spirit”. It combines well the fortune and the Dharma. Just opposite to it is the Lower Mind represented by the 3rd house of the horoscope, where pure mind is covered by defilement and dust of worldly desires, which have arisen from one’s circumstances beyond his control. Accumulation of greed and elusion covers and hide the pure mind signified by the 9th house.
 The strength of 3rd, 6th, and 8th house should be strong even for good people in order to give them courage, valour (in the domain of 3rd house), prowess of competitiveness to subdue the adverse circumstances (in the domain of 6th and 8th houses). But, when these houses get stronger than Lords of Ascendant and 10th house of Karma or these houses (3,6,8) are badly afflicted, a corrupt or criminal rises.
 With the change in level of consciousness, an individual’s perception and mode of operation undergoes a drastic change. All differences would automatically disappear as the level of consciousness represented by the 9th house, soars high.
 A person with weak Sun, Moon and Jupiter have a low level of consciousness and get easily carried away. Whereas, a person with elevated consciousness gets inner strength to covert a mountain into a molehill. As such, 9th house along with both the luminaries and Jupiter is given so high importance by the astrologers. As consciousness is raised, the barriers like hatred, jealousy, revenge, inflated egos etc. gets dissolved.


1. A strong Sun in a horoscope makes the native proud with a noble mind. He always opposes all mean, sordid, underhand and covert deeds. I have come across the horoscopes of some Government officials with strong but afflicted Sun generating inflated egos in them. It is true that the Sun took them to the elevated position in the Government machinery but at the same time given inflated egos in them. Inflated egos can land one in an embarrassing situation because such person is in the habit of underestimating the others and thinking himself as super. Such people also knowingly or unknowingly commit numerous misdeeds in the Court of Almighty God by unnecessarily humiliating the others just in order to fulfill their inflated greed and sadistic egos. As such, a strong but unafflicted Sun is most welcome whereas an afflicted Sun is a most unwanted thing in a horoscope. An afflicted Sun promotes mean mindedness whereas unafflicted and strong Sun generates broadmindedness.
2. Moon is ruler of mind and gives reasoning power to the native. It allows one to think for the common people and makes one sympathetic in nature. When it gets afflicted, it makes one mean and corrupt.
3. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, but when afflicted with Saturn and Rahu, it gives perverse intelligence and makes one cheat and tricksters.
4. Jupiter is a divine planet denoting logic, wisdom hope and opportunities. When Jupiter is under severe affliction, native suffers from frustration and becomes cheat, smuggler or swindler.
5. Mars causes the fall and Venus recovers from falling. When Mars and Venus combine in certain houses in a horoscope makes one hyper sensual who always crave for sex. A native with strong Venus embodies noble qualities and is bluntly different from others. When afflicted it brings out the beast of a man and increases the urge for carnal desires.
6. Saturn acts as a bridge between the high and the low, but generally causes affliction of other planets to bring adverse results. Similar is the case with Rahu and Ketu as they also cause affliction to other planets and give adverse result.

(1) Chandraswami alias NC Jain became infamous for his manipulative tactics in global corridor of power with many underhand arms dealings (effect of Mars – Saturn) who had amassed huge wealth in the process. In his horoscope, his 8th lord Saturn is in 2nd house of wealth in detrimental sign Leo aspecting 8th house (house of scandals) and 11th (house of gains) denoting gain of wealth through questionable means. Indu Lagna is Gemini whose lord Mercury is exalted and Vargottama in 3rd (house of lower mind) conjunct with Ketu. As such, his lower mind represented by 3rd house flourished leaps and bounds in earning money through dubious means. 9th house of super-conscious mind is also heavily afflicted and its lord weak. Divine planet Jupiter who forbids ones from performing wrong deeds is extremely weak in his horoscope being in the state of infancy, in an inimical sign, afflicted and debilitated.

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(2) In the horoscope of Charles Shobhraj who is known for his notoriety has his 6th lord Mars in Lagna hemmed between Rahu and Saturn accelerating adverse 6th house indications of thieving, cheating, jealousy, etc. Jupiter with Rahu forming Guru Chandal Yoga. The 9th house of super conscious mind and its lord is afflicted. All such planetary coupling effects made him devoid of saner sense.

(3) In the horoscope of Pamela Bordes, 4th, 5th and 9th lords are afflicted providing her a misdirected talent. Moreover, Venus is placed in the mooltrikona sign of Mars and all quadrants are occupied by malefics. At one time she had caused great embarrassment to British Government of Mrs. Margaret Thacher. Her Jupiter is in the sign of Saturn and in the constellation of Rahu making Jupiter helpless to coordinate the things in the right perspective. Nodes in scorpio and taurus vedic astrology. Astrological mismatches some times give bad names to one inspite of having hidden talents in his/her person of beneficial in nature for the society. Proper astrological remedies at appropriate time helps to bring the positive traits in one’s life into the limelight and putting the ill traits on the back burner.

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