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Jan 09, 2020 Neither of the two biographies about Meghan and Harry (shown above) ever tackled the in-depth astrology of their Taurus chart connections. Yet, Taurus rules money and big business. And this is a business partnership as much as a love match. The Daily Mail, on Thursday 9th January, reported: “ A right royal cash in! May 15, 2017 Not only is Harry a Virgo (earth), but Queen Elizabeth is a Taurus (earth), Prince Philip is a Gemini (air), Prince William is a Cancer (water), Kate Middleton is a Capricorn (earth), Camilla. Aug 22, 2020 “Prince Harry’s Sun is in practical, analytical Virgo, his Moon is in stable, grounded Taurus, and his ascendant is in the earth-sign Capricorn,” says Lang. “All of this earth energy shows he can.

It’s the wedding of the year, but how astrologically compatible are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? I break down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s astrological signs, how the couple are (and aren’t!) compatible, and the astrological significance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19, 2018 wedding date…

Harry’s Astrological Background

(September 15th 1984 4.20 pm Paddington, London).

Harry is incredibly earthy with his sun and Mercury in practical, astute Virgo, moon in stable Taurus and capable Capricorn rising. He was born when the moon was in the same position of the skies as his mother Diana’s Venus sign (just 3º apart), impressing an important connection with his roots and strong ties to home. The position of Saturn in his horoscope suggests he feels the weight of his reputation in the world – and its considerable power.

His warm, excitable nature comes courtesy of spirited Jupiter and planets in Sagittarius – including Mars. These are ideal for his military career, however he’s quite the spontaneous type, and not always fully considerate of the impression he makes! Yet, with Venus in sociable, diplomatic, charming Libra he gracefully makes up for his errors…

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Meghan’s Astrological Background

(August 4th (like the Queen Mother) 1981 4.46 am Canoga Park California).

With her sun, Mercury and her destiny driven north node shining brightly in Leo, the Royal Family is a suitable setting for Meghan, equivocal to her successful career on camera. The TV star was born with compassionate Cancer rising, coloring her immediate response to the world with a sensitive shyness and great empathy; this ascendant sign also reflects the character traits of Cancerian Princess Diana, Harry’s late mother.

Sweet Libra is a dominant constellation in Meghan’s personal horoscope, with her birth chart ruler (the moon) in the sign of the scales, firmly established in the home and nesting zone. Protective, loyal, with the potential to be wildly assertive, Mars is positioned in an understated – and discreet – area of the chart, fabulous for keeping private matters well hidden. In contrast to Harry’s grounded personal placements, Venus is the only planet found in an earth sign: refined Virgo.

How They Work As A Couple – Astrological Compatibility…

While the couple have neighbouring sun signs (Leo / Virgo), their personal horoscopes prove opposites attract, as their rising signs occupy the two sides of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. They perfectly mirror and place each other in their respective partnership – and marriage – zones!


Aligning their two charts shows an important connection between his moon, her visionary Neptune and seductive Pluto, and the noteworthy asteroid ‘Chiron’. This relationship can enhance both their sense of security, and prove deeply healing, with great emotional understanding and connection between them. There’s no doubt he’s drawn to her powerful allure – and perhaps even the glamorous nature of her work!

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They truly compliment each other, with Meghan’s loving Venus positioned between Harry’s sun-Mercury in Virgo, and Harry’s Venus nestled among Meghan’s Libra planets. Harry’s abundance of earth provides Meghan with stability, while Meghan’s Mars in Cancer is exactly on Harry’s Descendant – so that he’s absolutely attracted to her passionate side.

The Meaning of Their Wedding Date

(Wedding Date Saturday 19th May 2018 – estimated 11:00 am)

Meghan And Harry Astrology Compatibility

The couple are confirmed to be wed on May 19th at Windsor Castle, when the moon will be sailing through sentimental Cancer – hankies at the ready!

The protective, nurturing zodiac sign, ‘Cancer’ is a significant hallmark, as Diana’s sun sign, William’s sun and moon sign, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s moon sign, and Camilla (the prince’s step mother), Duchess of Cornwall’s sun, moon and Mercury sign. It’s also Meghan’s rising sign, and thus the future princess will be fully in the spotlight – or moonlight – on her special day, and so the legacy continues…

A marriage made in Taurus season, the quality of the union will be enduring, breeding security in both but particularly putting Harry’s Taurus moon at ease. Romantic Venus will sparkle at the last degree of Gemini, adding a sociable air to the day and lots of spirited action from the people in the crowd! It promises to be a fairy-tale affair, with faith inducing Jupiter and Neptune in water signs, aligning beautifully with the moon.

Astrological Advice for their Future…

Enjoy the beautiful side of life, and retreat regularly in private. With the pair’s Venusian moon signs (Taurus and Libra), the couple will be at home in gorgeous surrounds, so should set up camp in one of the more comfortable castles or perhaps a country manor: Highgrove, which Diana adored.

With planets in service-oriented Virgo the pair will be eager to take on dutiful roles, diplomatic, charming and at ease together in the spotlight with their blend of Libra and Leo.

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Meghan can make the most of her Cancer rising by working for causes connected to children and mothers, while Harry will be coming into more responsibility as Saturn crosses his ascendant at the end of 2018.



© Samir Hussein - Getty Images Sure, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in love, but their birth charts prove their union was actually destined by the universe, says an astrologer.

There’s no denying that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in love and all that but turns out the universe was up to something when it made that love connection. I know, I know, but hear me out—or rather, hear out intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang:

“The couple was definitely brought together for a purpose,” Lang explains. Because Pluto, the planet of transformations, makes more than a few appearances in both their birth charts, Lang knows the Duchess and Duke were always destined to be a team of “change-agents” that “makes a difference and uses their influence for good.”

But it hasn’t been easy (what with rumors of Palace feuds, racist tabloid articles about the couple, and stepping down from their royal duties to move to California). However, because Prince Harry and Meghan know just what the other needs, they can always stay grounded even during the toughest times.

This balance is made especially clear if you consider the couple’s signs. “Prince Harry’s Sun is in practical, analytical Virgo, his Moon is in stable, grounded Taurus, and his ascendant is in the earth-sign Capricorn,” says Lang. “All of this earth energy shows he can provide the family with a secure, stable home.”

This makes for the ideal foil to Meghan’s Leo qualities. She’s all about feeling free. “She’s here to create, to express herself, and to be a voice for change in the world,” says Lang, and Prince Harry's always there to back her and her goals. In this relationship, whatever one needs, the other provides–usually without even meaning to.

Their compatibility doesn’t end there though, Lang uncovered a load of details that prove why this couple is is a match made by the stars. Ahead, everything Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s birth charts revealed about their marriage.

Saturn's given them staying power.

'Saturn is like the glue that sticks a relationship together,' Lang explains. And Meghan's sun is perfectly angled from Prince Harry's Saturn which gives their relationship a fated quality. 'They may have felt like they have known one another their whole lives,' says Lang.

It also helps that Prince Harry's Saturn is located 60 degrees from Meghan's Venus (that's a very good thing in astrology, trust). 'This influence shows the couple’s ability to work together toward a common goal and create stability for their family—emotionally and financially,' says Lang. 'They have a genuine respect and love for one another that allows them to attend to the practical aspects of life, making them true partners.'

© Chris Jackson - Getty Images Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Visit Reprezent

Lastly, Meghan’s Mars is in a favorable position from Prince Harry’s Saturn. Lang says this means the couple can take on most any challenge that comes their way. And once that's been handled, they prioritize having fun as a family.

Venus has upped their passion in a major way.

Venus is all about attraction and that's not something Meghan and Prince Harry are lacking in the slightest. Because of the way Meghan's moon and and sun interact with Prince Harry's Venus, and the way Prince Harry's sun interacts with Meghan's Venus, Lang knows the couple feels most at home when they're together. So, whether they're living in England or Cali, they're good, thanks.

More on the royal couple's move:

'In addition to this, Meghan’s Venus is in a square aspect with Harry’s Mars,' Lang points out. 'Though we usually think of square aspects meaning tension, when we’re talking about the two relationship planets, this aspect means chemistry.' Why? Because that tension creates passion. Rather than pulling them apart, they're motivated to move through the tension and hold on to each other as tight as they possibly can.

The asteroid Chiron's allowed them to heal.

'Chiron is the wounded healer, and it symbolizes some of our earliest experiences of pain, loss, abandonment, or struggle,' Lang explains, and it's all over Prince Harry and Meghan's charts.

Meghan And Harry Astrology Compatibility Chart

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Meghan And Harry Astrology Compatibility Relationship

'When Chiron is well-aspected in compatibility, the couple can help one another heal from the past,' says Lang. The asteroid represents the hurt we hold on to from our past and the ways in which we grow from it and use those learning experiences to help others. 'The influence of Chiron in [the Duchess and Duke's] charts,' says Lang, 'shows their ability to make significant contributions to the world because of this healing process' because of the hardships they've dealt with together.

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