• The CHANI APP Astrology for self-discovery, mindfulness and healing A personalized guide through life’s ups and downs Combining the wisdom of the stars with mindfulness and meditation, CHANI supports your growth and well-being. With the most detailed birth chart explanations available, real-time updates – specific to you – on how to work with the astrology.
  • An inner guide for transforming your life!Did you know that there is a flow of powerful energy that permeates every aspect of our reality? When aligned with this flow, we’re tapped into the pure, unlimited source of all peace, possibility and potential.
  • Welcome to the wonderfull world of astrology! My name is Michael Thiessen, and I have been writing horoscopes since the 1980s, and publishing them online since 1996. I first became interested in astrology as a little boy, inspired by my parents belief, and the wonder of it all.

So know today, that this energy of spiritual healing is just perfect for you, and it touches you all in the heart, in silence, and the healing continues over lifetimes.

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Jyotish is a profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It means “science of light” and describes how the planetary patterns at the time of our birth give valuable clues to help us understand your life’s journey.

Message of the Day – By Renooji


It is best to cherish others instead of cherishing the self, but even more importantly one needs to cherish the light of love and healing.

Gradually as we begin to heal more diligently, we begin to connect to certain memories, certain teachings from previous life times, and we are reminded of our healing nature. We begin to resurrect our hearts and knowing more completely that we are safe and on our journey back home, we heal on safely. A deep feeling of something striking familiar emotions, we begin to recognise things again as though we are awakening from a deep sleep. From today, you must put your mind upon one healing practice, one method, so that you can liberate yourself from doubt. Then invite the other healing methods in, when you have mastered them all, one by one. Healing hugs of inherited spiritual happiness. Love from the innocent heart.

Hello! Welcome to the wonderfull world of astrology! My name is Michael Thiessen, and I have been writing horoscopes since the 1980s, and publishing them online since 1996. I first became interested in astrology as a little boy, inspired by my parents belief, and the wonder of it all. Getting my information from just the public and school libraries, and the occasional book I was allowed to order, I slowly taught myself all about astrology and horoscopes.


What sets this site apart from other astrology sites is the unique free horoscopes.

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As time passed, and my knowledge grew, along came the internet! Thats when I made my first website, 'Astro's Astrology'. Later as the internet grew, I grew with it. Nowadays, the mobile device rules, outdoing the personal computer in many ways, so it came time for a change.

Astrology Online Mobile is Born! With the help of modern CSS and javascript, we have managed to make this website practical for use on both personal computers as well as mobile devices of all types. We hope you enjoy this site, and please share us on your social media of choice, it would mean a lot to me.

Astrology Online's astrological prediction for the Coronavirus. COVID-19

I've done predictions in the past, most notably predicting presidential elections accurately for the past four presidents. But I seldom do predictions about things like the Coronavirus. Using a similar technique that I use to create daily horoscopes, I am going to take a shot at making a prediction for the future of the coronavirus COVID 19. What I am seeing is this virus is in the beginning stages, not quite the infant stage but not quite mature either. Fire is very predominant element appearing in my charts and analysis of the stars. Pertaining to this, among other things, FIRE indicates to me that it will be very big and very strong.
Astrological Prediction for the End of the Coronavirus.
But the good news, I see this ending well, I do not see large portions of the population being decimated, and I do see an actual end to it. It is my prediction that this virus comes to a very swift end. What this could possibly mean is that a cure for the virus will be found in the very near future, or a possible vaccine. Either way it goes, this virus is not going to last that long, it is not going to be as bad as a lot of people fear. I used several different astrological techniques to arive at this conclusion. So let's all do our part, stay away from crowds, use sanitizer and listen to your local news and health advisories and follow their advice. Be patient folks the coronavirus is not going to last forever, and it's not going to last as long as you think!

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Tap the sign button of your choice below to find out what zodiac sign goes with yours, who you are most compatible with, what your friends are really like inside, stuff like that! That would be the 'Love Life' button. You can also choose the 'Sun Sign Info' button to find out information, and I mean in-depth information, about any and all zodiac signs!

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Sun Sign Info May 18 horoscope 2021 taurus. - These buttons lead you to an area of the site where your zodiac sign is explained, well, pretty in-depth. Kick back for some heavy reading and tap your sun sign below!


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