Vedic Astrology is a great tool, wherein an experienced and learned Astrologer can see what disease the native is suffering from or is likely to suffer from. The Astrologer need not be a medical expert or for that matter he may not be able to name the disease in particular. Especially in Ayurveda, Vedic astrology is almost in-dispensable. Both areas are regarded as sister sciences that support and complement each other. Medical Astrology Not only the individual development of a person is de-termined by the horoscope. Also the political and eco-nomic development of a state, the business progress. A very useful collection for the astrologist. The only trouble I had was to distinguish some of the books of The Wheel of life- pag 24-. But anyway this is an altruist iniciative. I am grateful and I dare to ask the author for Astrology 30 years research in pdf or word, because I cannot get it here in Bs As.

April 25,2020

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Medical Astrology - How Astrology and Health are coupled?

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From times immemorial, human health and Astrology are viewed in conjunction. The 12 zodiac signs of the Solar system have a distinct influence on the various internal and external organs of human beings. It is common knowledge that the human brain is impacted by the Moon and its movement. Similarly, several other vital organs of the human anatomy are influenced by different heavenly bodies, as per the Vedic literature and interpretation of revered sages.

Sanatana Dharma or the Vedic way of life identifies 12 different parts of the human body with the dozen zodiac signs and based on this the branch of Medical Astrology has taken deep roots in the society. The sages of the earlier times studied the movements of the planets and their impact on the well being of the human race. According to Astrology, every sphere of human life is controlled by the 12 different Houses inhabited by the astral bodies. Any adverse or malefic effect of these bodies results in illness to respective parts of the human body.

Zodiac Signs

Impacted Body Part

GeminiShoulders and Hands
LeoStomach and Abdomen
LibraLower abdomen and Spinal region
ScorpioGenitals and Kidney
Sagittarius Thighs
Capricorn Knees
Aquarius Calf
Pisces Feet

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Medical Astrology which is a part of Vedic astrology throws light on the effects of various zodiac signs on human beings. Those well versed in this branch of predictive science will be good at correlating the illness in an individual with that of the planetary movements in his/her horoscope. While a medical specialist can ascribe a name to the disease, an Astrologer would be able to predict which specific organ will be affected by the traverse of planets. If you are living in and around Hyderabad, consult a Famous Astrologer in Hyderabadwho is adept in interpreting planetary positions and movements and predict health issues accurately. This expertise comes with a combination of deep knowledge of the science of Astrology and long exposure to real-time practice. Plus, suitable remedies too are suggested for the overall improvement of health.

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