As I explained in Mayan Astrology, the Mayan Astrology Calendar, or tzolkin, contains 260 days. These 260 days are broken down into groups of 20 days, called day-signs, which are similar to Mayan Zodiac Signs, or Sun Signs, if you're familiar with Western Astrology. However, the Mayan Astrology Calendar further divides the days into 20 groups of thirteen days, called trecenas.

  • The Mayan Ritual Calendar (Tzolkin). The third Mayan calendar was the Ritual Calendar, or Tzolkin, which had 13 months of 20 days each (260 days total). This 260-day cycle was related to the period of Venus. They Mayans knew that he Evening Star and the Morning Star were the same object, Venus, and had accurate tables of the planet's motion.
  • Mayan Day Sign Cimi Alternative Name: Death, Transformer, Worldbridger Important Keywords: Keywords they can use to mediate on are: transformation, ancestors, history, rebirth, new, beginnings, mysteries, calm, and strength. Position In Mayan Astrology. The sixth day sign of the Mayan zodiac is Death also known as Cimi, Worldbridger or Transformer.

Trecenas reveal deeper aspects of your personality than a day-sign reveals. They're kind of like Western Astrology's Moon Sign in that they cover your emotions, your connections to others and society, and how you respond to things.

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Mayan Astronomy History Mayan Civilisations made impressive advancements in their knowledge of the world and the universe during the Classic Period between 250AD and 900AD. It was during this period that the Mayans built many observatories all over the Mesoamerican region. The Crocodile is the first sign of the Mayan zodiac and symbolizes new beginnings. It represents working together and collaborating with others. They are natural leaders and will do well in positions of authority such as a CEO or manager. They are also very creative and will do well as a philosopher or artist. I have now posted a blog about each of the 20 Mayan weeks. Now it is up to you to follow along. Since the Mayan astrology system is cyclic, you will be able to find out the present day, and from there the day sign that is the ruler of the present week.Look up the present day on the Mayan astrology decoder.

The moon was important to the Mayans, and the number thirteen was a very important number in Mexican astrology. The trecenas correlate with how the moon travels in one day the same amount of distance the sun travels in thirteen days. The moon also travels thirteen degrees of the zodiac every day.

It shouldn't surprise you that the word trecena is actually Spanish for thirteenth. That's how important both the number thirteen and a person's trecena are.

In order to understand trecenas, it might be easier to think of the 20 groups of thirteen days as 20 weeks of thirteen days.

Each group, or week, had a specific meaning that came from the day-sign that began the week. The first day of the week began with the number 1 and had the name of the day-sign. For example, if the day-sign for the week was Aj, the first day of the trecana would be called “1-Aj.”

Like the day-signs, each trecena was also ruled by a deity.

Trecenas appear to be connected to world events, meaning whatever personality traits are connected to the day-sign that gives the trecena its name, those are the traits that will appear in the news. For example, one of the characteristics of Aj is a thirst for knowledge. During a trecena of “1-Aj,” information might become public knowledge. Vedic astrology karka rasi november 2021 auspiscious dates. It's because of this influence on events that the Mayans used trecenas to predict when it would be the best time to do things.

But the quality of trecenas that probably interests you the most is what they tell you about someone's personality. To use Mayan Astrology to understand someone, you don't want to look just at their day-sign, but you also want to see where their day-sign falls in the trecenas. For example, someone born on 2-E was born on the second day of the trecena 1-B'atz and has E as their day-sign.

E would describe their dominant personality – a natural leader, great communicator, and very caring.

On a secondary level, B'atz gives them the qualities of being driven and wanting only the best.

On another level, you have the directions. E is the West and B'atz is the East. This person could be torn between taking action to make things happen and working with others to reach an agreeable solution.

One other note: The trecenas don't follow the same order as the day-signs. Their order is:

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