The transit of Mars holds special importance for Aries moon sign as this sign is ruled by Mars itself. For Aries moon sign, Mars rules the first and eighth house and while its transit through different signs and houses, it will bring alive the themes of these houses.

Mars being the planet of action, provides the energy to materialize our plans and give a practical shape to our ideas. Channelizing your aggression into constructive energy and transforming your personality for the better is the key theme of Mars’ transit through various signs and houses in Aries horoscope.

Varied impacts of Mars’ transit for Aries moon sign as it travels from one house to another in Aries horoscope are detailed out below.

All jump links here Vandana Shiva Film (free viewing period now over, so sorry!) OR ASCENDANT // ARIES 25:42 // TAURUS 29. All About Mars Retrograde In Horoscope: Mars In Vedic Astrology Represents: Initiation – to take any initiative (Especially business proposals, any decision etc) Vitality, vigor &. 4 25 apr 2021 – mars will enter into ardra nakshatra 5 Jun to 16 oct 2021 – Jupiter Saturn Retrograde 6 19 oct 2021 – better time period. As per chart analysis & recent running planetary transits 2021, I’m getting all these important dates. Analysis:-1 10 February 2021 – Cluster of 6 planets will be transiting over Capricorn sign.

Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Aries moon sign: 8th February 2020 to 22nd March 2020

2021 Astrology Predictions by Gurmeet Singh. 2021 Vedic Astrology Predictions, 2021 Planetary Transits by Gurmeet Singh. 2021, thereafter Jupiter transits Aquarius sign from April 4, 2021 to September 14, 2021. Jupiter will go retrograde on June 20, 2021 at 8 degrees in Aquarius sign. Retrograde Jupiter will again enter Capricorn sign on. Mars moves from 3 to 18 deg Vedic Aries in January 2021. Mars and Uranus are exactly conjunct on 19 th January 2020 at 12 deg Aries. Strong revolution energy for those with planets in Aries and Libra. Now, when Mars transits Vedic Aries, we can experience the energy of a very strong Mars.

The transit of Mars in Sagittarius will take place in the 9th house for Aries moon sign from 8th February 2020 to 22nd March 2020. As per vedic astrology, ninth house denotes luck, spirituality, religion and higher knowledge and beliefs, long distance travels etc. and Mars’ transit through this house will manifest results pertaining to these themes in the life of Aries moon sign natives.

You will have an enthusiastic and go-getter kind of an attitude during this time. This is an opportune time to learn new skills or upgrade your existing skills and work hard to achieve your goals. If you are a working professional, you will have luck by your side in career matters and you will be able to bag lucrative opportunities.

Vedic Astrology 2021 Global Predictions

However, you will have your fair share of challenges too during this time. There will be misunderstandings with colleagues and seniors at workplace, which could lead to hostility and conflicts. Your hard work and efforts might not be appreciated to your expectations and you will have to put in extra amount of work to prove your mettle.

On the personal front, ego and aggression might cause a dent in your marriage and personal relationships, hence should be avoided at all costs. You might engage in arguments and disputes with your father which will result in strained relationship.

You should try to remain calm and even tempered during this time as there will be a surge of anger in your behavior and attitude during this time. Some legal issues might bother you during this time.

Transit of Mars in Capricorn for Aries moon sign: 22nd March 2020 to 4th May 2020

The transit of Mars in Capricorn will take place in the 10th house for Aries moon sign from 22nd March 2020 to 4th May 2020. Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn and generally gives beneficial results. This transit will take place in the tenth house of career and professional life and will manifest positive results for Aries moon sign natives.

The transit of ascendant lord in the tenth house will infuse you with renewed courage and spirit to make great strides in your career. You will get many opportunities for professional growth and advancement during this time, however you need to be alert and aware to be able to grab them.

You will be tenacious and hard working during this time and your persevering attitude will help you to accomplish your tasks with ease. Enhancing your skill set or learning new things will immensely help you take your career to new heights.

You will be ready to take on challenges and overcome them with your patient attitude. You will be recognized for your hard work and your efforts will result in success. You will be efficient and goal oriented at workplace during this time which will open up new growth avenues for you.

Love and romantic life will go through a positive and exciting phase during this time as you will have a better understanding and increased commitment towards your spouse or partner. However, there will be some challenges on account of your children and you might have a strained relationship with them during this time.

Transit of Mars in Aquarius for Aries moon sign: 4th May 2020 to 18th June 2020

The transit of Mars in Aquarius will take place in the 11th house for Aries moon sign from 4th May 2020 to 18th June 2020. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn with whom Mars shares an inimical relationship. However, since Mars would transit the eleventh house, it will largely give beneficial results to Aries moon sign natives.

You will meet new and influential people during this time, which will lead to an expansion in your network circle. You will be courageous to take risks and initiate new projects. Your status in society will rise and you will earn respect due to your deeds and noble actions.

This transit will be marked by increased gains and many hopes and wishes would see fulfillment. If you are a working professional, your efforts and hard work will lead to profits and there will be greater wealth accumulation. However, you will have to face a few obstacles at your workplace but you will be able to get through them smoothly.

This transit will be positive for your personal relationships as well. Singles will find this time beneficial to meet someone special and might get involved in a romantic relationship. If married, you will have a warm and loving relationship with your spouse and there will be happiness on account of your children.

However, your relationship with friends might go through a rough patch during this time. There is a possibility of conflict with your friends, which might escalate into a dispute. Hence, you should avoid aggression and ego and try to mend any differences or misunderstandings that might crop up.

Transit of Mars in Pisces for Aries moon sign: 18th June 2020 to 16th August 2020 and 4th October 2020 to 24th December 2020

The transit of Mars in Pisces will take place in the 12th house for Aries moon sign from 18th June 2020 to 16th August 2020 and 4th October 2020 to 24th December 2020. During this time, Mars will move in retrograde motion from 10th September 2020 and turn direct on 14th November 2020.

Mars will retrograde between Pisces and Aries sign, which will bring some variation in its results. However, by and large, the impact shall be felt in areas pertaining to your health, finances, personality and decision making abilities. Mars’ retrograde phase is an opportune time for anger management and step out your comfort zone to achieve the desired results.

Mars’ transit through the 12th house might cause health issues during this time. You will experience discomfort in sleeping and there could be eye related troubles during this time. Health ailments will incur expenditure during this time, hence you should be careful regarding your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you are a working professional, you will work hard and dedicatedly to accomplish your tasks. You will be inclined to follow ethical and moral principles at your workplace during this time and try to maintain routine and discipline in your work.

However, married life will go through a rough and challenging phase, as there will be a lack of understanding in your relationship. You must strictly avoid being aggressive and short tempered as that will make matters worse. Lack of marital bliss will lead to stress and frustrations, hence it is advisable to adopt a mature approach while handling conflicts.

Transit of Mars in Aries for Aries moon sign: 16th August 2020 to 4th October 2020 and 24th December 2020 to 22nd February 2021

The transit of Mars in Aries will take place in the ascendant or first house for Aries moon sign from 16th August 2020 to 4th October 2020 and 24th December 2020 to 22nd February 2021. Mars transit through its own sign will bring mixed results for Aries moon sign natives.

You will be infused with strength and vigor and feel a surge of energy within yourself. You will be active and enthusiastic to achieve your tasks and will be ambitious and action oriented during this time. However, there will also be a simultaneous increase in your aggression level and you will tend to be rash and impulsive.

This transit might help you to revive an old and dormant project or start an old business, which shall give results as per your expectations. If you are a job or service professional, this transit will provide the opportunity to meet new people at your workplace and establish important connections.

However, despite your high energy levels and enterprising nature, your career could pass through a sluggish phase during this time and you might experience hurdles and obstacles. There could be unwanted stress, which would affect your health and wellbeing.

Personal relationships, especially marriage will go through initial troubles and disturbances but will gradually move towards a positive phase. You should curb the tendency to be angry and frustrated during this time and maintain a calm and gentle disposition in order to have healthy and cordial relationships.

Long standing health issues will be resolved if you pay extra attention towards your health and diet. Still, you should guard yourself against fever and blood related ailments as negligence towards health could lead to unwanted expenditure.

May 2021

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Taurus May 1 – 25
Venus Transits Taurus May 4 – 28
New Moon in Aries/Krittika May 11
Sun Transits Taurus May 14 – June 14
Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn May 23 – October 10
Full Moon in Scorpio/Anuradha May 26 (Total Lunar Eclipse)
Venus Transits Gemini May 28 – June 22
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus May 29 – June 22

Mercury Transits Taurus May 1 – 25

One may have felt a sense of relief in mid-April when Mars moved out of Taurus, where his fiery nature was amplified by Rahu, and into Mercury's air sign of Gemini. Not that Gemini is considered to be a calm sign, but Mars away from Rahu is perhaps a relatively calm position. Mercury himself spent the latter half of April in Aries, which created an exchange of signs with Mars. This perhaps was supportive of getting new work ventures off the ground.

There is also a factor that these two problem solvers, Mars and Mercury, were not only exchanging signs but also flanking Rahu, snaking along in Taurus through April 2022. This could be symbolic of the urgent need to manage and minimize the Covid-19 outbreaks and mutations that are troubling many countries across the globe. Sf horoscope.

Vedic Astrology Predictions For 2021

May will see Mercury, Venus and Sun all enter into Taurus, which puts a few of the helpers into Rahu's space for the upcoming month. Rahu's energy tends to amplify, exaggerate and innovate, mostly in an unstable and chaotic style.

Mercury is one of Rahu's best allies and tends to manage the instability and genius of Rahu quite well. Taurus is the earth sign of Venus, generally a friendly location for Mercury. We may struggle to maintain stability with the energy of both Mercury and Rahu in this fixed, stable, earth sign. When Mars joined Rahu, the tectonic activity increased globally. Because Mercury is also associated with the earth element, we could see a continuation of this phenomenon.

Mercury will conjoin Rahu exactly on May 11 and keep on moving. When Mercury exits to his own sign of Gemini on May 25, it is not to stay. He begins a retrograde cycle on May 29 and returns to Taurus on June 2, which could be helpful in the sense of managing the loud and chaotic influence of Rahu.

Venus Transits Taurus May 4 – 28

Venus, having just resumed direct motion from retrograde, has picked up speed, moved past the Sun and out of combustion. By early May, we should be able to see Venus in the western sky after sunset, performing her inspiring 'evening star' act through the remainder of 2021.

Venus moves into Taurus, her own sign, and then quickly out again to Gemini from May 4 – 28. She passes by Rahu on May 18 at 18° Taurus. While Taurus is crowded with Venus, Mercury and Sun all transiting at this time, none of the other planets are aspecting this grouping. This indicates the opportunity for negotiations, contracts, deals and networking. The Rahu factor could produce some unexpected but fertile connections.

This grouping in Taurus could make May a rather active month. The inspiration of Venus could be infectious, with Mars also active in Gemini simultaneously. We could use this energy to create and build upon the foundations that Saturn has been insisting upon shoring up while in Capricorn.

New Moon in Aries/Krittika May 11

The Moon comes exactly between the Earth and the Sun for our monthly new Moon phase that is exact on May 11 at 28° Aries. This joining of the Sun and Moon in Mars' fire sign happens each spring, this year in the nakshatra of Krittika, also ruled by the Sun, highlighting the fiery nature of the Sun in strength.

At this time, Moon and Sun will be the sole planets in Aries, with Venus, Rahu and Mercury in the next sign, Taurus, and Mars, ruler of Aries placed in Gemini. This concentration of planets in the first three signs of the zodiac, especially at the moment of the new Moon shows that we should be gaining momentum on what has been recently initiated. We are seeing the gathering of resources and the execution of plans beginning.

By month's end, we will enter into a retrograde season of sorts, with Saturn retrograde from May 23 – October 10, Mercury retrograde from May 29 – June 22 and Jupiter retrograde from June 20 – October 18. The implication is to use this forward moving energy while it is available. Often, retrograde cycles tend to bring us around for editing, rewiring or receiving opposite results from what we expect.

Sun Transits Taurus May 14 – June 14

In addition to 'retrograde season' opening in May, we also have our first 'eclipse season' of 2021 as the great Sun enters into Taurus on May 14, joining signs with Rahu and setting up for a pair of eclipses that will come with the full Moon on May 26 and the new Moon on June 10.


The Sun moving from his fiery exaltation sign of Aries into Taurus for the eclipse cycle could feel a bit halting. The unstable influence of Rahu could create unexpected obstacles or opportunities that bring confusion rather than clarity. Prepare for this possible state of opacity by realizing that a calm and quiet mind is able to find its way even in the dark.

Both Aries and Taurus are currently free of direct aspects by both Saturn and Jupiter, who are currently transiting Capricorn and Aquarius, busily creating our new foundations and frameworks. With the upcoming retrograde cycles, we may be looking at making some depth adjustments, but things on the surface may feel like they are moving along rapidly, maybe faster than we want.

The Sun in Taurus puts focus and light strongly into the signs of both Taurus, Venus' earth sign and Scorpio, Mars' fire sign. This axis of the zodiac carries the passionate creative energy of Venus and pairs it with the fiery focus of Mars, both in fixed signs that tend toward stability and inertia.

Of course, the nodal axis (Rahu and Ketu) also placed in the Taurus-Scorpio axis at this time modifies the stable platform that we may expect. It is Rahu's job to stir things up and make changes in the world; when we begin to expect the unexpected, it is sometimes easier to accept change whether it is welcome or not.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn May 23 – October 10

On May 23, we find Saturn stopping in his forward motion and stationing at 20° Capricorn, beginning a 4.5 month retrograde phase that will walk him back to 13° Capricorn, where he again traverses that section of the zodiac in forward motion by year's end.

Saturn transits his own sign of Capricorn between January 2020 and January 2023, which is considered a strong placement of a planet that can cause difficulty, challenge and loss while at the same time fostering determination, resilience and detachment.


Saturn's nature can be described as cold, distant, slow, aged, negative and practical. He is the keeper of time, the lord of karma and represents how we are challenged by the experience of being infinite souls operating in a limited physical form.

Retrograde planets can surprise us by fostering events that are opposite to what we would expect. The retrograde factor can also indicate a stronger desire for that planet's results which causes us to try more diligently to gain those fruits.

In retrograde Saturn's case, perhaps we may be faced to retreat or edit our foundational efforts, but we may also experience things that we expect to be heavy and difficult to move with more speed, agility and lightness.

This entire retrograde transit of Saturn occurs within Capricorn, ruled by Saturn himself. More specifically, Saturn will dig into the nakshatra called Shravana, ruled by the Moon. Shravana's symbol is an ear, reminding us of the receptivity of the Moon, who rules this nakshatra. This could be a crucial time to keep an ear to the ground, remaining open and sensitive to deep changes.

Beginning with Mars on June 1, we will experience the transit of the inner planets through Cancer, which is opposite to and comes under the full aspect of retrograde Saturn from Capricorn. By mid-August, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Sun will have passed through Cancer and Saturn's gaze. It could be an interesting summer where the pressure of Saturn doesn't weigh as much and maybe even facilitates difficult transitions.

Full Moon in Scorpio/Anuradha May 26 (Total Lunar Eclipse)

Our first eclipse of 2021 comes when the Moon pulls into Scorpio, joining with Ketu and opposing the Sun and Rahu in Taurus for a Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26.

When an eclipse comes during the full Moon, it is the Moon that is being eclipsed. The Moon will be at 12° Scorpio, in the nakshatra of Anuradha, while its eclipser, Ketu, will be at 17° Scorpio, in the nakshatra of Jyestha. In the opposite camp, the Sun and Rahu will be in Taurus, at the same degrees as their counterparts (Moon and Ketu), which will both be in the nakshatra of Rohini.


One interesting feature of this eclipse is the lack of aspects by other planets who aren't involved directly in the alignment. We do have Venus joining Rahu and Sun, in her own sign of Taurus, and Ketu and Moon joining in Scorpio, which is co-lorded by Ketu.


With the strength of Ketu prevailing at this moment, we may all wish to take a moment with closed eyes to enter the internal realms and find the wisdom that lies in the depths of all of us. The Moon as representative of our churning and changeable emotional mind can come under a state of calm control with the influence of Ketu.

This gives us a rare opportunity for the inherent wisdom of the body, which manifests as intuition, to speak clearly and loudly, ironically by putting a shadow over the strong and bright Moon.

On the other side of the court, the party feeling in Taurus is strong. Rahu with Venus and Sun is amplifying the Taurean agenda of social connection, sharing meals, enjoying time together. Without either Saturn's or Jupiter's wisdom reaching either camps, it is up to us to find the safest strategy that applies to our individual setting.

Venus Transits Gemini May 28 – June 22

Just a couple of days after the lunar eclipse, Venus moves out of Taurus and into Mercury's air sign, Gemini, joining Mars. From here, Venus moves further away from the Sun and increasingly closer to Mars. By mid-July, Venus conjoins and overtakes Mars while both are in the sign of Cancer. This should make for a beautiful visual in the western sky after sunset as we can view Mars and Venus close to one another from May – August 2021.

Vedic 2021 horoscope

But as Venus enters Gemini on May 28, Mars moves to Cancer on June 1. Mercury will be in occupation of Gemini when Venus enters, but will quickly move back to Taurus while retrograde on June 2, leaving Venus alone to create in Gemini for most of June.

From June 2 – June 22, when Mercury is in Taurus and Venus in Gemini, we experience the energy of exchange between these two friendly and enthusiastic planets. With Rahu occupying Taurus and Jupiter aspecting Gemini, there is quite a bit of amplification of this desire to reach out and touch someone, which is natural after a global pandemic that has required separation and distance as management tools.

Our cautious and experienced Saturn has no touch on this situation. Don't forget to bring your lessons learned and wisdom of the ages to the party. The strong energy of Venus in Gemini/Mercury in Taurus can be amazing, inspirational and energetic. Just remember that we're all flying in air space that has recently been dangerous.

Projects that rely on communication, collaboration, social issues, multi-media, networking and creative power should benefit from this configuration.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus May 29 – June 22

Mercury moves past Rahu and out of Taurus on May 25, only to quickly take a stationary stance before beginning a retrograde phase on May 29 that takes him back into Taurus on June 2, where he resumes direct motion on June 22 at 22° Taurus.

As mentioned above, this return to Taurus puts Mercury and Venus into a powerful relationship. The added factors of Mercury's retrograde status from May 29 – June 22 and that Mercury joins Rahu, create an amplified version of this exchange. It is always a good idea to consciously slow down mental and physical processes when Mercury is retrograde, which tends to confuse and destabilize the already quick and flexible style of Mercury.

Sometimes a retrograde cycle can cause reversal or upset of plans or directions. With this retrograde cycle of Mercury and also of Saturn beginning in the midst of an eclipse cycle, this could be even more likely. Prepare for shifts and opportunities that could arise quickly. Be ready to pivot, to launch quickly or to step back, as appropriate to the situation.

This would be a great time for think tanks, brain storming, mock ups and experimental creative efforts. In a classic Mercury retrograde way, we can also use this time to rework, edit, rehash and essentially come back to the drawing board for creative inspiration.

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