1. Mars In Taurus Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
  1. 18F ( Libra lagna ) mars vargottama placed in 2nd house ( scorpio ) with Venus (Atmakaraka) and Ketu. Saturn (yogakaraka, amatyakaraka) and rahu in 8th house ( Taurus ) what effect in finance and marriage will it bring about during sun and moon mahadasha.
  2. Mars in Taurus means that the Warrior planet will join the North Node Rahu in the sign of the bull.
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As per Vedic Astrology, males & females having Taurus Ascendant in birth chart or navamsa chart of horoscope has many exceptional qualities. Taurus is the second sign of the natural zodiac and Venus is its lord. When Taurus Rising Sign or Vrishabh Lagna becomes the ascendant, meaning it occupies the first house of the chart, induces or better say the native inherits some basic unique traits viz.

Sun and Mars conjunction in Vedic Astrology

Mars In Taurus Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Sun and Mars conjunction is simply a conjunction of King and shoulder. Vedic astrology 101 rao. Its the conjunction of soul and willpower. Let's see in detail..Sun represents the soul, ego, self-esteem, father, government and King..
Mars represents the shoulder in us. Its the fighting ability to achieve the goals. Its the vitality within us. Simply it's the energy to take the actions.When these two planets conjoined in the birth chart, a person becomes very confident. These are very brave ppl who usually work in police and defence fields. Even in politics. Soul with willpower makes them face challenges to satisfy their ego.
As these two planets are fiery in nature when they aspects Lagna or placed in Lagna or in the 2nd house gives the personal anger with short temper. These ppl can become good CEO of the company who can lead their team with their active leadership skills.
Coming to degrees, when sun placed at lower degrees like 7 degrees and Mars at 18 degrees, in this condition, sun holds the authority. Ppl with this type of conjunction can become good leaders or bosses who lead their team towards the goal.
When Mars placed at 7 degrees and sun at 18 degrees, in this case, Mars holds the authority.
These ppl the bosses like who shouts always on subordinates to lead their team.

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