1. The eighth house is related to taxes, debt, death, legacies, other people’s money (credit; investments; insurances and so on) and the income you receive through your marriage or through your partned in Business. It describes your resourcefulness, and your ability to develop and use material assets as well as personal skills and abilities, particularly in joint ventures or partnership projects. The eighth house also indicates sexual attitudes and behaviour, your responses to life’s mysteries and all matters to do with the end of life.
  2. Planets in the eighth house reflect particular facets of these matters; for example, Venus in the eighth house indicates those who tend to be quiet but intense in social environments. There may be an element of mystery or secrecy in sexual encounters. Though it may not be deliberate on their part, they give the appearance of being enigmatic or intriguing to others.
  3. The influence of Venus implies the potential for jealousy and possessiveness in sex and romance even when these individuals do not exhibit such traits with regard to other matters. It also indicates financial gain as well as increased social life and status through marriage. The positive side of this Venus house position also indicates remarkable ability to understand the psychology of human motivation and relationships. Negative factors in their personality or background can mean those who marry for the purpose of gain, loss of money or status through marriage, sexually transmitted disease, and neurotic social tendencies.
  4. Eighth House or Ashtama Bhavam also represents hospital emergency room, confidential banking, money laundering, state secrets, espionage, midwifery, surgery, healing, yoga-tantra, magic, shamanism, revolution, sudden, violent change; explosives, and eruptions of previously hidden force.
  5. Eighth house denotes wills, legacies, chronic diseases, loss of wealth, extravagance, suits & quarrels, death, co-workers & occult matters.

Mars in the 8th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology Vinayak Bhatt Dec 19, 2016 Mars, Mars in the 8th House Comments Off on Mars in the 8th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology 30,674 Views This is one of the most ticklish and risky positions of Mars for the individual, as well as for the spouse. By Aalok Varkhandkar. Mars in Vedic Astrology signifies energy, strength, courage, power, sports and a great number or things. But the intention of this article is to highlight how Mars behaves when it has a relationship with the eighth house, either by ownership of the eighth house, or occupation of the eighth house, or association with the eighth lord or aspect from it or even its aspect to.

The influence of eighth Bhava on the Native as per Classical Texts are as follows-

6. Joint Assets: The Time, Money, and Creative Energy Invested in Partnership are ascertained from Randhra Bhava

7. 8th House is the house of mysterious pooled assets. One invests money in a corporate stock or a government bond, but one cannot exactly know what financial fruit the investment will yield.

Mars In Eighth House Vedic Astrology Characteristics

8. One invests in a marriage partner, with all good intentions at the wedding, but who on that blessed day can know the financial and moral behaviors of the spouse.

Mars In Eighth House Vedic Astrology Sign

9. We can also predict – Despite the careful negotiations of parents on both sides, what bride or groom has a full understanding the family cultural values of the spouse’s family or not ? (2nd-from-7th = in-laws

10. Is the spouse a strong contributor to the financial holding of the partnership? If yes, expect a strong graha in 8. Is the spouse a delayed or disturbed contributor? Shani with a badhaka graha in the 8th

11. Vedic astrology calculator. Is the spouse loyal values, or whether wealthy or not is judged from the 8th House and the behavior of one’s in-laws from the first marriage, see from 8th House.

12. When Shani occupies 8th House there is great resistance to death, a fear of the turning of the cycle, and thus the native is prevented from getting out of bondage of attachment to the physical body for an extended period of time. Shani in domain-8 lengthens the physical lifetime.

13. The portfolio of Shanaiscarya includes all activities of resistance to change, such as retardation, restriction, containment, fixation, laws, orderly processes and protocols, caution, conservation, and the “finality” of death.

14. One graha who is naturally unwelcome in Eighth House is the natural adversary of both Ketu and Mangala: the lord of “anti-change” Shani.

15. This is not exhaustive but a few areas of the Life of the Native we can study from the 8th House or Ashtama Bhava

To be contd.

Authored by Sreenivas Desabhatla .

No originality is claimed as the Rules given in Our Sanskrit Astrological Cassics is given in this posting with proper commentary by the Author.


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