Mars square the Ascendant. Interpretation from the Astrology Profile for Women report: Mars is in a square aspect to your Ascendant, indicating a strong tendency to do or say things which put others on the defensive. In a debate or an athletic event this can be useful, but in relationship with others the same energy can be devastating unless you are aware of it. Results of Mars in Ascendant – Mars in First House: Vedic Astrology Mars in Ascendant, Mars in First House Mars represents strength, courage and action, and when it is placed in the first house, which represents self and personality, the native is likely to be physically strong and courageous. Ascendant and Lagna are paramount elements of Vedic Astrology. A Hindu devotee who may not have any knowledge of Vedas or Shashtras will also be aware of Horoscope, and Sun signs. At the birth of a baby, his life is discussed with astrologers and pundits before even the child has settled in his new life on Earth.

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They can develop charisma but may be self dramatic or self centered. The Sun is doubly a self indicator as both lord and indicator of the first house and so aspects on it will be doubly strong for character issues. It is auspicious as the lord of the ascendant.


The Moon, as ruler of house 12, is a planet of spirituality, as well as of emotional giving and sympathy. Leos tend to have an underdeveloped social sensitivity, as they have an overdeveloped self sense, but once they have identified with someone or something, they are capable of great self surrender. On the negative side, this can lead to loss, separation or sorrow. On the positive side, it can give detachment and the capacity for contemplation. It is neutral as the lord of the twelfth and can give bad results if poorly aspected or associated.



Mars, as ruler of houses 4 and 9, indicates their strong spirit, energy and zeal, through which they can accomplish much in life. Leo types can express the higher qualities of Mars and can develop much perception and insight, through which they can discover an effective mode of action. This can, however, render them overly critical. It is very auspicious giving Raja Yoga.


Mercury, as ruler of houses 2 and 11, shows their capacity for great material and work gains, high income, with Mercury a double significator of wealth. Leos can usually do well in the business world, as they know how to project themselves, but they can also talk too much about themselves. It is generally inauspicious for the other domains of life.


Jupiter, as ruler of houses 5 and 8, is a planet of profound intelligence and deep research. Yet it can be a planet of passion and vice, showing difficulties or dishonor arising from passion. It can also show difficulties with children. Leo types must learn to employ their creativity on the deeper levels of the mind or it can overwhelm them as passion arising from the subconscious. They can suffer from being overly dramatic or overly romantic. It is generally auspicious but tainted by its rulership of the eighth.


Ascendant in astrology

Venus, as ruler of houses 3 and 10, is a planet of power, prestige and egoism. It shows the danger of excessive pride, vanity and ambition. Yet it also shows a capacity for gaining friendship or working with people in high places. It is generally impulsive and inauspicious.


Saturn, as ruler of houses 6 and 7, is a planet of enmity and disease, as well as relationship. Leos often tend to subordinate their partners or choose one lower in status in life. Partners may become servants or, revolting from the dominant Leo personality, may become enemies. It is the most inauspicious of the planets for Leo.


Mercury and Mars (ruling four houses of wealth) together for Leo ascendant give great wealth and luck. Strong Mars by itself gives Raja Yoga. Mars and Jupiter (rulers of houses 5 and 9) give good karma or spiritual growth, particularly if aligned with the Moon (lord of house 12). Venus and Saturn (rulers of houses 3 and 6) give vanity and manipulation of others.

Leo as fixed fire shows a great deal of strength of will and determination. Its planets thus tend to act with both force and consistency. Leos have a strong sense of self and are usually able to achieve what they focus on. On the other hand, if their Sun and sense of self is weak, they can be among the most pitiable of people.

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