These are interpretations for Mars transits through the natal houses.

Transit Mars in 1st House

When Mars transits through your first house, your personality is much more dominant than normal, but you are not interested in having great power over others, unless they try to dominate you. You feel perfectly happy to be free to do what you want, and to be recognized as an individual by others. Ambition and professional impulse are stimulated and you have more initiative and self-confidence.

Mars In The Eighth House: Vedic Astrology The eighth house is a succedent house (like the second, fifth and eleventh houses). Its natural sign ruler is Scorpio. Mar 22, 2016 Debilitated Mars for Sagittarius Ascendant / Dhanu lagna: For Sagittarius lagna planet Mars debilitated in eighth house and it rule fifth and twelfth house. Fifth is house kids and intelligence house and eighth is taken into account malevolent and dushtana house in vedic astrology. Fifth home is ability and heart want that we tend to love most. Once Mars debilitated these folks additional.

You will want adventures and will be more impulsive. It is very favorable for physical exercise, if you observe the safety rules. Now is the time to show the world what you are capable of doing. In other words, others will be impressed by you. If transiting Mars forms difficult aspects, your posture will tend to be aggressive, self-assertive, egocentric and selfish.

Transit Mars in 2nd House

When Mars transits through your second house, you will feel more ambitious regarding money and possessions, and will make more effort to achieve them. Your desire to have possessions is quite powerful at this time, and you may be inclined to make imprudent and impulsive purchases because you want to have that item, “NOW!” You do it to satisfy your ego, not because you need it.

You are likely to be more entrepreneurial in your business and professional affairs than you usually are, since this is the way to acquire the material things that are so necessary for you at this time. If this leads to excess, it could lead to materialism accompanied by greed. If Mars makes difficult aspects, there may be danger of theft.

Transit Mars in 3rd House

When Mars transits through your third house, you will be involved with some type of professional or corporate communication, and there may be some issue related to contracts or agreements. It is very possible also that you have to make trips connected with business. There are often interests with military, political, commercial and sports issues and/or technologies related to car repair, road construction or media.

Be careful with trying to convince others to think like you. This could happen in the course of phone calls, conversations or any other form of routine communication, and especially when you think someone is violating your belief system. Keep in mind that when the energy of Mars becomes too aggressive it is a sign of something lacking, that is, of an insecurity.

It also works the other way around. If you have to sell an idea for work reasons, it’s an excellent time to do it. Your attitude should be soft and gentle. Everything that has been mentioned above can happen with siblings, neighbors and people who are close by. If Mars makes difficult aspects, there is the possibility of auto accidents and irritability or sarcasm in speech.

Transit Mars in 4th House

The Mars transit through your fourth house is dominated by physical activity in the home. Emotional problems could arise, triggered by subconscious memories of past painful experiences. Family problems and disputes may also arise, and this may lead to poor digestion. At this time, it is especially important to consider the needs and feelings of other family members.

On the other hand, it is a very favorable period to carry out improvement and construction projects at home. Sometimes, it is better not to share a house with other people. It could be especially difficult to live with your parents now. This transit can also mean property disputes. If Mars makes difficult aspects, it is better to take precautions to avoid accidents in the home, such as fire or injury.

Transit Mars in 5th House

In general, the Mars transit through your fifth house is characterized by a need for sensitivity in romantic relationships, the intensification of sexual desire, and dealing with children. If Mars makes difficult aspects, it can provoke jealousies and sexual frustrations that can hinder your happiness. It can also provoke an aggressive, raw and sexual energy. Therefore, dangerous situations must be avoided.

Another tendency could be to look for forms of violent entertainment, dangerous sports, and also experiencing it through movies and television. When it comes to children, they may be difficult to control at this time. It is a good time to do sports, as long as you follow the safety rules.

Transit Mars in 6th House

You will be proud of the large amount of work you can do during the Mars transit through your sixth house. In fact, the best way to handle this energy is by working as much as possible. However, you would prefer to work for yourself. You will feel like you identify with what you do, and you will want to get the credit for it.

You may start exercising or doing some diet to improve your health. If Mars makes difficult aspects with other planets, health problems can occur caused by inflammation or fever, injuries, or nervous tension. Poor eating habits can affect your health, and conflicts in the workplace can also arise.

Transit Mars in 7th House

It is said that there is an inherent contradiction between the nature of Mars and that of the 7th house. However, despite this, the true meaning of this transit of Mars through your seventh house is to teach that the most effective way to use your energy is through work in partnership. At this moment it is important to learn to yield and to have a spirit of compromise, both in marriage and in professional associations.

Try to avoid unnecessary conflicts with others. Mars begins to activate the affairs of the 7th house when it is still 10 degrees before the cusp, and people in your life, whether your romantic partner, friend, or business associates, will begin to claim your attention. It is possible that after a few days you feel overwhelmed because you don’t have time for your own affairs, but be patient and take advantage of the moment to express union and love.

Transit Mars in 8th House

This period of Mars transiting through your eighth house is characterized by commercial activity, matters pertinent to joint finances, by the elimination of old living conditions and the creation of new ones. Fundamentally, the impulses and conflicts of the ego, whether subtle or obvious, interfere with negotiations or relationship contacts that are carried out at this moment.

You will feel urgency that will cause you impatience, accompanied by a concern for how others value you. You are interested in knowing what others have. In addition, you feel the need to have an intense and intimate contact with others, which gives more ease in sexual relationships. You will have a great capacity for transformation that will allow you to surpass yourself, and this takes you out of the ordinary and transports you to a higher level.

Mars In 8th House Transit Vedic Astrology

Transit Mars in 9th House

When Mars transits through your ninth house, you may go on a trip because you feel the need for action and adventure. In some cases there is active participation in the affairs of cultural, educational and political institutions. This could be the case, for example, for college students who are involved in political activism, or perhaps try to effect cultural change in an aggressive way, trying to impose their own religious and cultural opinions, in a way that can even become fanatical.

You will have contact with foreign things or people, possibly even with wars in other countries. If Mars makes difficult aspects, you may be exposed to physical danger while traveling. What you can do now is to apply all your energy to expanding your mind and looking for experiences that will open you up to new dimensions of reality, instead of eroding your energy defending your ideas.

Transit Mars in 10th House

This transit of Mars through your tenth house can stimulate your professional ambition, and can probably lead to very dynamic professional actions. The sign that Mars is in during this transit has a lot to do with how this energy is expressed. It is very likely that during this period you will have to put in a lot of physical effort in connection with work.

It is a moment in which you will see the different possibilities in your career, and you will begin to see the possibilities of starting a business, or at least to guess which is the business that interests you. If Mars makes difficult aspects, be careful not to have an attitude that is too dictatorial, since being self-critical can lead to conflicts in professional and business matters. They say that Mars is the planet of the impulses of the ego and that it feels very comfortable in this house, which is where the ego has its highest expression.

Transit Mars in 11th House


When Mars transits through your eleventh house, physical activity or work with friends or groups will help especially now, as you are attracted to humanitarian causes and to teamwork. You will feel pushed to realize your dreams, goals or objectives. With Mars in this position, the keyword is teamwork. In other words, you have to coordinate your needs with those of others. All you have to do is look for people and groups to work with, and when you have found them, it will be a wonderful and productive time.

If Mars makes difficult aspects, your friends could encourage you to carry out very reckless actions, or you may be a victim of those. If the aspects are very difficult you could have revolutionary feelings and the desire to overthrow official powers.

Transit Mars in 12th House

It is likely that this transit of Mars through your twelfth house awakens subconscious motivations and psychological impulses. During this period you may begin to be interested in the investigation of the unconscious or in exploring the field of the occult or of parapsychology. It is also a moment of frustration, of self-denial and of staying in the background.

Some repressed energy can manifest itself in the form of irritation and unrest; they are such subtle energies that one often is not aware of them. Patterns of past behavior that have become completely unconscious, are activated without you noticing and now is the time to face them. It is also a good time to work alone or to work in the field of social assistance, where the priority is to help others.

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Mars in the 8th House unites with the energies of its own sign Scorpio. Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign which naturally represents the 8th astrological house by sharing common energies with it.

It is important to note that the positive placement of Saturn and the 8th house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of ill-placed Mars in the 8th house.

A lot of importance is given to Saturn because it shares common significances with the 8th house. Namely, Saturn is a dark and mystical planet that provides sudden results, just like the 8th house. It also signifies spiritual transformation and occult wisdom. Negatively, it signifies troubles and obstructions.

The 8th house lord becomes the guide of 8th house Mars which determines additional outcomes of this combination.

Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which Mars resides in the 8th house.

Results of Mars in 8th House

The positioning of fiery natural malefic planet Mars in the intense and mystical 8th house of upheavals causes transformation by touching the most vulnerable spots of the self and soul in order to ignite the spark of enlightenment and become better, stronger, and spiritually evolved. In fact, in order to become a better person after rebirth of the soul, support of positive Mars and the 8th house lord is required.

Spiritual Evolution

A strong and well-placed Mars (in favorable sign) in the 8th house provides the capacity to become spiritually evolved. However, a natural malefic planet makes the intense process of transformation always difficult to bear both mentally and physically.

With that being said, depending on the overall harmony of the birth chart, the process requires to face fears, live through various upheavals, and depressive phases in life which in case of well-placed Mars and 8th house lord leads to successful transformation and rebirth of the soul creating a fresh and better version of one’s self.

Alternatively, if Mars is damaged and ill-placed, it indicates troubles in the discovery of self and soul, which may hinder the progress of spiritual evolution. Similarly, if the 8th house lord is well-placed while Mars is ill-placed, it indicates a more difficult path to enlightenment.


Mars and the 8th house both signify intuition the combination of which blesses with a very powerful hidden sense that is helpful in various ways in life, such as in protecting from troubles, accidents, and losses. It also helps to see through people and understand their motives which is also a great boon.

Great Healer

Mars is the fiery planet of tantric knowledge and in the 8th house of hidden sciences produces a person with extraordinarily strong knowledge of hidden sciences that allows penetrating deep into the minds and souls of others. The wisdom of deep sciences provides the understanding of how the human psyche works and allows manipulating/altering human behavior using the same. Now the positioning of Mars becomes vital in determining the outcomes of these traits.

Accordingly, if Mars is well-placed in favorable sign, it indicates utilizing the powerful energy of aura, wisdom of deep hidden knowledge (e.g. astrology, psychology), and mystical abilities in pious ways and produces a powerful healer and/or motivator. There are various types of healers, such as tantric healers, psychologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, chiropractors, spiritual healers, naturopathic healers, therapists, and the list is ever growing.

The ill-placement of Mars in the considered house, however, produces a highly manipulative individual who uses these energies and abilities for the benefit of oneself.


Longevity is a key signification of the 8th house. The condition of Mars in the considered house gives a clue about longevity. Accordingly, if Mars is well-placed in the favorable sign and aspected by or conjunct with natural benefic planets, it indicates good longevity.

Alternatively, the ill-placement of Mars and 8th house lord decrease the longevity to some extent mainly due to chronic health ailments and in rare cases by accidents.

Sudden Windfalls

Mars aspects the 2nd house of wealth and 11th house of abundant gains from its position in the 8th house. This indicates that a well-placed Mars blesses with abundant wealth gains by utilizing hidden wisdom and senses by predicting various trends, a technology (incl. gadgets) of future, or stock market booms (especially in real-estate).

The blessing of hidden wisdom helps to execute the correct decisions to ensure profits. Furthermore, the favorable positioning of the 8th house lord amplifies the results to a great extent delivering exponential growth of the wealth.

Alternatively, the ill-placement of Mars deprives of powerful hidden senses and wisdom which also produces an impulsive gambler. This combination causes losing accumulated assets because of bad decisions and carelessness. If 8th house lord is strong while Mars is weak, it indicates over expenditure.

Rough Speech

Mars from the 8th house aspects the 2nd house of speech which indicates being extremely rough-spoken. As the 8th house (of depth, darkness, and fear) is involved, it makes the speech also very dark and deep in addition to the harshness of the intonation which undoubtedly strikes fear to enemies making the bad-wishers tremble.


Mars also aspects the 3rd house of courage from its position in the 8th house which has the capacity to increase the bravery. For that, Mars should be also well-placed in a favorable sign which indicates possessing courage in abundance.

Mars In 8th House Transit Vedic Astrology

Generally speaking, Mars, the planet of action, in the 8th house of sudden events makes a great combination for handling unexpected situations in life.

Accordingly, this combination is extremely beneficial for people who work in such circumstances where a sudden and quick response (and decision making) is required.

If Mars is ill-placed, it indicates lacking courage and decision-making ability especially in difficult times caused by sudden changes and upheavals.

Viparita Raja Yoga

Mars in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio) in the 8th house forms a powerful planetary combination Sarala Viparita Raja Yoga. This powerful combination provides the native with immense courage and fearlessness. Such natives also possess strong intuition and intelligence which helps them to dodge away from dangers and defeat enemies with clever tactics.

In addition to general effects from the yoga, Mars amplifies courage, intuition, will-power, and blesses with abundant strength and endurance while participating in the considered planetary combination. People with this combination are subjects to sudden, miraculous, and unexpected changes in life.

Classical Analysis

Bhrigu Sutras

If Mars is without support from the aspect of a benefic and ill-placed in the 8th house, it causes issues regarding eyes. It also indicates chronic ailments which reduce longevity. These ailments also cause sudden strokes of pain from time to time.

As the 8th house is the 12th (loss, obstacles) from the 9th (father) house, this combination also indicates sudden events and disruptions in the life path of the father of the native. If Mars is ill-placed, it indicates a sudden detachment with father either due to transformative events, foreign settlement or in rare cases loss.

This combination is also said to reduce the number of children.

Furthermore, if Mars is in inimical sign or associated with a natural malefic either through aspect or conjunction, it causes health ailments and pains in joints.


Relief to negative results and emphasis to positive results is indicated when Mars is aspected or conjunct with a natural benefic in the 8th house. This provides the native with good health which protects from chronic ailments and promotes longevity.

The conjugal life is also gainful and satisfactory with the strong Mars in the given house.


In this classical source, default negative results of unsuported Mars are mentioned.

Namely, this combination is said to cause losses due to sudden changes and disruptions. It also causes the members of society to develop hatred and secret conspiracies against the native.


In this classical source, in addition to the above mentioned negative results, there is also mentioned that ill-placed Mars in this house makes the native extremely sinful, violent, and aggressive. The sudden and disruptions bring great stress and sorrow.


Chamatkara Chintamani

If the 8th house is afflicted by ill-placed Mars, the native faces great adversities. Whenever the native tries to improve their condition, they face more obstacles which cause great disappointment. This combination also causes the close ones to turn against the native out of jealousy and hatred.

Uranus In 8th House

Did you know that these mentioned effects manifest in specific periods?

Mars In 8th House Transit

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