When: 29th of March at 7:48am (NZ); 5:48am (AEDT); 4:18am (Darwin); 2:48am (Perth/ Beijing); 7:48pm (London); 28th of March at 2:48pm (NYC) + 11:48am (LA)

Pro-tip: Write down what you're meditating on around the new moon, and then refer back to your notes six months down the road when the corresponding full moon is occurring. You'll get a read on how far you've come and perhaps even enjoy a culmination point. FYI, this March 13 new moon is linked to the September 20 full moon — both in Pisces. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Libra Full Moon astrology overview

This Full Moon at 8'18 of Libra calls to light the primordial essence of divine destiny and the appearance of 'other' we experience in our closest partnerships. Ruled by Venus and the ancient goddess Themis, this is a Moon that asks us to open our hearts to new growth in our closest relationships, in our self love and our understanding ultimately of union. This marks the end of a 6 month incubation period that started with the Arcturian Alignment and Libra New Moon which opened on the 16-17th of October last year. Pisces 2021 horoscope youtube.

March Full Moon 2021 Astrology

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What does this Libra Full Moon represent?

Libra means to balance. For there to be balance we have to see ourselves in a dualistic nature. There must be an 'other' in the equation, or something that can throw us off balance. Be that the concept of you and me, our inner masculine + feminine, how we give and take.. or in ways we can't in our small mind possibly understand on a universal scale. This is a Full Moon calling for you to place your energy in such a way that you call yourself into homeostasis, and balance. Ultimately this is only achievable when we step back inside us to the place where this duality spring forth - right back into the heart cave, the marriage of heaven and earth .

We often associate Libra with the Goddess of Love, Venus and automatically make the association that this is all about love..or should I say lust and the accompanying social stereotype of relationships (and the expectations that fall with that). What we often forget about Venus is she is not simply the Goddess of Love - that is really the watered down version of her energy. Rather at her heart she is the magnetism and attraction that wraps around this planet - the song that calls us to follow our destiny or at times run straight into it. Yes in one instance she is desire, and in another she is the force that creates polarity - the seeming otherness I was referring to earlier. You could almost equate her to that buzz that you feel in your chest when you vibrate in harmony with the world around you - knowing you are pulling towards you exactly what is in alignment.

March Full Moon 2021 Astrology

The other goddess associated with Libra is Themis. Themis is one of the oldest goddesses in the greek pantheon and represents divine destiny. You'll often see sculptures of her outside law courts, with a sword in one hand and a pair of scales in the other. If you look closely you'll notice her eyes are covered by a mask, for destiny does not care for the whim of man and ultimately justice is blind to the wants of the ego. In fact Themis is not really interested in what you think you deserve or want; she is interested in the balance of the universe. She rules destiny which sits above what our ordinary minds can see. So although we can be frustrated at certain circumstances, she calls for us to step beyond the personal to see that the path is clear as long as the ego is able to step aside. To quote the third Chinese Patriarch of Zen: 'The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences'. That quote so perfectly summarises Themis, and how to work with this Moon. Preferences come from the ego, the path gets hard when we decide how it needs to be. However when we take a step back from the identity that is attached to this we can see that the path we walk is not one the ego has designed, rather it has a greater meaning and a place in the broader balancing of the collectives karma.

As a side note, Themis' children are the the Horae, which represent the seasons of nature. Her other children were the Moirai, better known as the fates. Who wave, cast and cut our destinies.

If I were to summarise, this Full Moon is one of making peace with your own destiny and cultivating with in your that knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. With that in mind let’s jump into the astrology.


Sun in Aries Opposed Moon in Libra at 8'18:

March Full Moon 2021 Astrology

The Sun in the fiery, warrior, initiatory Aries shines its light on the Moon in Libra. Calling to light the energetic line that runs through our lives from how we see ourselves as individuals to how that shows us in the reflection of another. It is also a line that sparks us into action to initiate new energy be that directly or indirectly (Thank you destiny). This is inadvertently, if we take it a step deeper, representative of the ultimate sacred union. In this case between the divine masculine in Aries Ruler, Mars; and his consort in Libra ruler, Venus.


What do I mean when I say sacred marriage or union? This is the point at which the two move back to being one. It sounds, I think a lot simpler or glamorous than it is (supposedly). Mars represents our inner drive, our masculine essence; and Venus our inner attraction, our feminine essence. As this line of energy is activated by this Full Moon it calls us into firstly facing our ego in these areas. All the places we are yet to realise we are god and divinity incarnate. In fact this Moon has the potential, if you let it, to pull you right up against your ego..right into that wounding that is totally a distortion of you realising are love. This can show up through our most intimate relationships but equally naturally occur within. Once we face into this realisation, we start to worship the divine spirit within us and within our closest partner - that person that reflects back to us our light. This Full Moon is a recognition of our potential and shines a light on the places we are yet to realise we are love.

Venus + Chiron in Aries Opposed Moon in Libra

Both Venus and Chiron lie with the Sun in Aries, which shines upon the Moon in Libra. This dials up the energy within us activated at this time. Venus and Chiron together are a beautiful and complex combination. Venus calls us into the love that lies at the centre and underpinning all creation; and Chiron shows us the path to get there. A path that involves genuine healing and remembrance of our power.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Where he appears he calls us into that wounding that stands between who we think we are the who we truely are. You might think of that like the wounded child and the divine child within..or even simpler the ego and the soul. His meeting with the energy of the Sun + Venus is a calling to look at all those blocks (normally stemming from one very core wounding) that stop the realisation of love within. There are many paths to work through this, and all of them lead to the realisation that you are love.

Does The Full Moon Affect Pisces

If you notice old woundings resurfacing, allow this Full Moon to take you on a healing journey. To take from you the resistance you hold within to the bigger path you are on (yes, this moon is very much about divine destiny) which is calling you back to love. This is a time to see that no relationship, no partner , no amount of passion, no amount of sex, no amount of distraction is going to fix this problem on your behalf. In your hands are the keys to the realisation of your own love (no one else).

March Full Moon 2021 Astrology Predictions

Libra Full Moon Sacred Practice + Reading

How Will The Full Moon Affect Pisces

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