Navamsa chart is the most important astrology chart after Rashi Chart or Birth Chart for vedic astrology predictions and interpretations. By interpreting the Birth Chart and Navamsa Charts, astrologers can obtain considerable information about a person's life. » Know more about Navamsa, Navamsa Chart and Effects of Navamsa. An efficient online astrology software automatically retrieves all Yogas and quotes for birth charts. This is of great advantage as you can make extensive and personalized summary reports for your clients. Printout Design Tool Facility. Nowadays, astrology software usually has an easy-to-use printout design tool that allows customized printouts.

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When will I get married? Will it be an arranged marriage or a love marriage? How will my married life be? This calculator gives answer to your questions.

The Marriage Calculator focuses on love marriage, promised marriage, delayed marriage and denied marriage. It also pays attention to the planetary positions that decide the time of marriage and the factors that lead to divorce and separation besides analyzing what kind of planetary positions cause unhappy married life.You can find out more about your marriage and married life by typing in the details required below.

  • Astrology tells about your future. To check your life details, astrologers take the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth as a reference. There are various sorts of Astrology like Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, and Chinese Astrology, and so on.
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To get Your Marriage Time and other reports, enter your birth details in the form given below and then submit.

Manglik vedic astrology characteristics

Sometimes, the time it occurs has a bearing on the interpretation too, though it is not so in Indian astrology. In a few cultures, the blinking of the right eye is said to be the harbinger of death, especially of a close relative.

Marriage Calculator

The Marriage Calculator is meant for giving you a broad outline of the nature of your marriage and married life on the basis of the planetary position in your birth chart. As per Vedic astrology, there are several factors that influence the timing of a person’s marriage and chart the course of the married life. When it comes to marriage and marital life, the Marriage Calculator helps you find out how the various planetary influences related to marriage in your chart shape your marital life.

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Marriage and planetary positions

Marriage Calculator assumes great importance in life; marriage makes or breaks the native's life. The natal chart predicts whether a person is destined to marry or not. While some astrological combinations promise marriage, a few others deny it. There are also planetary positions that delay marriage. As for men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus predict the time and nature of marriage. On the other hand, the 7th and 8th houses, their lords and Mars tell what is in store for women in marriage.

Time of marriage and married life

Vedic astrology calculator

Manglik Remedies Vedic Astrology

The Marriage Calculator analyzes different aspects of your birth chart, studying the influences of different planetary positions that dictate the possibility of marriage, the timing of your marriage and the nature of marriage and married life. The result given by the Marriage calculator is generic in mature and some aspects of the result in certain natal charts may clash. Therefore you are expected to see the result in its totality rather than getting stuck in particular areas.

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