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Now let's move further.
Manglik Dosa is formed in a way which has been described above, then it is quite evident that 50% of the people should be suffering from the bad effects of Mangalik Dosh as the primary condition for the formation of Manglik Dosa is the placement of Mars in the above mentioned six houses of a Horoscope counting from the Ascendant. And as there are only 12 houses in a Horoscope, so there is a fair chance that every second person in this world should be having Mangalik Dosh in his or her Horoscope. And accordingly he or she should suffer from the bad effects of Manglik Dosa which may be as bad as the death of the spouse.Doesn't that sound odd. And if it sounds odd to you, then let me tell you that it sounds odd to me also. I mean how can every second person on the earth can have a Manglik Dosa and if we move one step further, let's assume that randomly 50% of the people having Manglik Dosa in their Horoscope are married to a person having Mangalik Dosh in their Horoscope and 50% of the people having Manglik Dosa in their horoscope are married to a person not having a Manglik Dosa in their Horoscope.

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Look up Manglik dosha both from Lagna and Moon. The Vedic astrology software in this site calculate this dosha only from Lagna. If the dosha exists both from Moon and Lagna, then it comes become more effective. If it exists only from one of the Ascendant or Moon, then it is considered weak. Understanding the horoscope and making sure it is analysed by a well-versed professional is vital in negating the effects or finding the Manglik dosha remedies. Apart from that, there are also a few chants like Hanuman Chalisa, Chanting the names of Mangal (Mars), and reciting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, which helps individuals. Mangalam online astrology.

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