1. Male Right Hand Astrology Birth Chart
  2. Right Hand Itching Male Astrology
  1. Left and Right Side of the Chart. If there is a majority of planets on the left side of the horoscope, this is an indication that the person is better able to take initiative.Little is handed to these people on a silver platter, but that doesn’t make any difference.
  2. Void of Course Moon in ♑ Affected period from 3:08 AM. Apr 5, 2021 to 8:04 AM. Apr 5, 2021 (. Eastern Time) “Void-of-Course Moon” is known as a period when the Moon aspects planet just before it leaves the Zodiac sign it is in.
  3. Swati Nakshatra Male: Profession and Related Areas The male native of the Swati Nakshatra is intelligent, and the quality of his work is superlative. However, till the age of 25, he will suffer mentally and financially, even if he is born in a well-to-do family.

Polykleitos (Ancient Greek: Πολύκλειτος) was an ancient Greek sculptor in bronze of the 5th century BCE. Alongside the Athenian sculptors Pheidias, Myron and Praxiteles, he is considered one of the most important sculptors of classical antiquity.

Different types of marks on the body adds to the overall beauty of a native and at times, helps to enhance the personality as well. One of them is Moles, which are small, coloured marks usually seen on one’s body and believed to be the imprints from our previous lives carried forward in the present one.

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Astrology defines Moles as a representative of one’s personality, Karma and actions, good or bad. Numerous superstitions revolve around these body marks, as they appear from the time we were born till we depart from this mortal world.

Moles Astrology

Moles astrology, another branch of Saamudrik Shashtra, reveals the power of moles and their effects in one’s life. These body marks can very keenly reveal the personality, nature and destiny of an individual. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and represent a certain situation or fate. Through mole astrology, you will learn the positive and negative impacts of these body marks and how it helps to shape up your personality in several ways.

It is said that the moles appear due to planetary positions and their influences in one’s life during his/her’s early fetal formation. According to mole astrology for female, if the influencing planet and sign are feminine, a mole on the body will appear on the left side, and if masculine, the position will be right.

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Significance of Moles

Based on Size

  • Small – Doesn’t make much effects
  • Round and Big – Highly auspicious
  • Long – Auspicious

Based on Shapes

  • Triangle – Mixed results
  • Zigzag – Bad results
  • Round – Reflect goodness in bearer
  • Square – Unpredictable till the end, will avert evil

Based on Colors

  • Light Colored– Moles in red, honey, sandalwood or green emerald color will generally prove to be lucky.
  • Black– Not good, as there will be several obstacles in life

Moles on Body & Its Meaning

Moles on Forehead

  • Mole on the middle of the forehead means the person is wise and calm, have clear insight and is laborious.
  • According to mole predictions, a mole on the forehead’s right means the person will be wealthy.
  • Moleosophy suggests that mole on forehead’s left says that the person will have bad luck and be very selfish.
  • Mole on either side of temples says that the individual might get sudden monetary gains and get married to a beautiful life partner.

Moles on Eyebrows

  • Mole on the eyebrows’ middle means the bearer has leadership qualities and is entitled to fame and financial prosperity.
  • The position of a mole on the left side of eyebrows says that the person is a coward and will surely face difficulties in life office or business.
  • Any mole on right side of eyebrow indicates happy and blissful marriage and healthy children.

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Moles on Eyes

  • Mole on the right eye means that the bearer is honest, hardworking and trustworthy.
  • Mole on the left eye says that the person is arrogant and possesses a pessimistic attitude.

Moles on Nose

  • Mole astrology says that mole on nose tip means the person behaves impulsively and take decisions without thinking.
  • Mole on nose’s right side says that the person will attain money with minimum struggle.
  • A mole of nose’s left side can be inauspicious and represents struggles.
  • A mole below nose means the person will give out sensual vibes and attract opposite gender easily.

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Moles on Cheek

  • As per moleosophy, mole on left cheek says that the person can be an introvert, have short temper and spend huge even after earning good.
  • Mole on the right cheek says that the person has a dominating personality, logical mind and knows how to earn well.

Moles on Ear

  • Mole on any part of ear suggests a luxurious life.
  • Mole on the top or tip of ear says that the person is very intellectual.

Moles on Lip

  • Any person with a mole on lip needs to watch what s/he eats, as s/he might gain weight and suffer health issues.
  • Mole on lower lip indicates that the bearer has a great taste in food and drama.

Moles on Tongue

  • Mole on tongue suggests that the person might encounter health and speech-related problems along with obstacles in education.
  • Mole on the tip of the tongue says that the bearer is highly diplomatic and knows how to manage the situation well. Also, s/he can be a great foodie.

Moles on Chin

  • A mole on chin means the person is a travel freak and loves to explore various places.
  • Mole on right side of chin means that person is logical and answer diplomatically.
  • Moles on the left side of chin indicates the person is blunt and entirely honest.

Moles on Neck

  • A mole on the front of someone’s neck signifies that s/he bears good luck, have a soothing voice and is artistic in nature.
  • In case mole is on the back, it means the person has an aggressive temperament.

Moles on Shoulder

  • Mole on left shoulder reflects that the person is stubborn and gets into fights frequently.
  • Mole on the right shoulder means the person is courageous and wise.

Moles on Arm

  • Either of the arms containing a mole means that the person is good-natured and well-mannered.
  • Mole on the right arm means the bearer is highly smart and intelligent.
  • Any mole on the left arm means the person desires to live a luxurious life but stays average.

Moles on Elbow

Mole on elbows, either way, represents that the bearer is restless, good at arts, wealthy and loves to travel.

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Moles on Wrist

Any person bearing mole on any of the wrists is known to be innovative and highly creative. They have the skills to be a painter or writer

Moles on Palms

Mole on inner palm indicates that the bearer has to face challenges and obstacles.

Moles on Fingers

Mole on any of the fingers is unlucky and says that the person isn’t trustworthy and has a habit of exaggerating.

Moles on Ribs

  • The right side of the rib with one or more moles means that the person lies easily and has several fears embedded within.
  • Mole on the left side of rib indicates that the person lives/will live an average life.

Moles on Back

  • The placement of a mole near the backbone represents success, leadership and fame in life.
  • A mole below shoulder blades means the person will struggle a lot in life.
  • Mole above shoulder blades means the person will have the courage to fight obstacles and tackle them.
  • Mole on right side of shoulder signifies good and flourishing health.
  • Similarly, any mole on the left side means possessing a diplomatic attitude and resolving cases through it.

Moles on Chest

  • Mole on one’s chest signifies that a person has strong sensual tendencies.
  • As per mole astrology for female, a mole on right breast indicates that the person possesses bad habits, is inclined towards bad habits such as alcohol and drugs. Moles on a man’s right side of the chest shows that the person faces/will face financial troubles frequently.
  • Mole on the left side of the chest means that a person is clever but poor at maintaining a healthy relationship with friends and family. Although according to mole astrology for female, a mole on left breast means that she has a sober nature and maintains a quality relationship with family and colleagues.

Moles on Navel

  • As per mole astrology for female, mole around a woman’s navel signifies that she’ll have a blissful marriage life and have lots of kids.
  • Mole on a man’s navel on the left side means that he will lead a prosperous life, be wealthy and have kids who will become famous.

Moles on Stomach

  • A person always stays in high spirits if he/she contains a mole on the abdomen/stomach.
  • The person possesses a strong financial background but might have a weakness for women in case he/she contains a mole on the right side of the stomach.
  • Mole on right means the person is jealous and prefers making money the easy way.

Moles on Hip

  • A mole on either of the hips means that the person has a jolly nature, is affectionate and loyal.
  • Any mole on right hip indicates creativity and wisdom.
  • Mole on left hip means the person will lead a satisfying life even with a meagre income.

Moles on Genitals

Moles on genitals represent that the person is open-minded, honest and highly generous. They are extremely romantic and have a happy marital life. Although they won’t be showered by riches, they will stay content.

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Moles on Thigh

  • If the mole appears on the right thigh, it means the person has a moderate temperament and a sense of fearlessness.
  • On the contrary, a mole on the left thigh means the person has an artistic streak but might be lazy and not socially active.

Moles on Knee

  • If there is a mole on the left knee, it suggests that the person has the courage to take risks and loves to live a king-size, lavish life.
  • Mole on the right knee means that bearer is honest, friendly in nature and have a successful love life.

Moles on Calf

  • Mole on right calf points out that the person will attain success and prosperity in all ventures. They might get involved in politics and are usually favored by girls.
  • Mole on left calf means that a person is hardworking and may have to travel due to business or job. Also, they have a big friend circle.

Moles on Legs

Moles on any of the legs signify that the person doesn’t think before taking actions and is fearless regarding the consequences. Due to this, s/he is surrounded by lots of controversies and possesses a negative attitude.

Moles on Ankle

Mole on the right ankle means the person possesses a sense of foresightedness and talks a lot. Mole on left ankle means the person is religiously inclined towards God.

Moles on Feet

  • If a person has a mole on the right foot, s/he will gain a goodhearted spouse and satisfactory family life.
  • The person might have to face monetary problems or issues with the spouse if he/she has a mole on the right foot.
  • Moles on soles mean the native will get frequently sick, have enemies and misfortune.

Moles on Toes

One or more moles on toes imply that the person will have an unhappy marital life even after marrying someone rich and financially sound.

Through this article, you get in-depth knowledge about the significance of moles on the body and how they create one’s character and personality. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and find it extremely useful.

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Very often we get questions regarding the type of stone and/or finger one should wear their gemstone rings on.

It is a complex question and it seems that, at the present level of our understanding, it cannot be answered in full. In this article, we won't just present the particular stones that one is supposed to wear on the particular fingers, but rather try to shed some light on the subject.

That way you will be able to choose for yourself the best types of stones based on your inclination and personality traits. If you are looking for an instant solution, you can skip to the end of this post. Vedic astrology reading online free.

First and foremost, we have to try to understand at least some of the underlying principles that govern the energy flow throughout our body. That means:

  • we have to consider the pranic energy channels that go through the individual fingers,
  • we have to know the basic elements that the individual fingers are related to, and
  • we have to take into account the astrological influences of the planets associated with the fingers.

So we have several ways to connect the gemstones and the individual fingers, for example:
— by knowing the relationship between the planets and the crystals, and
— by knowing the relationship between the elements and the crystals.

It goes without saying that you should already know a bit about the energies and qualities of the individual gemstones embedded in the rings you are going to wear. If you are not familiar with them, check out, for example, the encyclopedia 'The Magical World of Crystals'.

The Pranic Energy Channels and Mudras

Here we talk about the etheric body that constitutes of numerous energy channels called nadis. These channels pass through each and every inch of your body, including, of course, your hands and fingers.

It that sense, your fingers are conduits of subtle energy that enters your body from outside.

Now, the old Vedic science has realized the mechanisms of this subtle energy flow and developed a system of Mudras, or ritual hand gestures, that take advantage of the energy passing through the fingers.

These Mudras (or seals) have been practiced since centuries in some Hindu and Buddhist schools of religious thought. But they are not limited to religion, Yoga and Tantra. Mudras are widespread also in dance and art.

Both hands play an important role in these rituals, including the roles of the individual fingers.

The Mudras can be thought of as genuine energy seals that are capable of guiding and concentrating the subtle pranic energies from the outside world. Because of that, the Mudras have a potential to heal. They help balance the energy flow through the nadis, which, as a result, nourish your internal organs and the entire physical body. There are numerous Mudras, but 15 of them are considered basic.

The most important is the Gyan Mudra and, chances are, you are probably already familiar with it. Basically, if you touch the thumb and the index finger of the same palm, you begin to exercise this mudra, which brings increased brain power and balances the nervous system.

Let us see on the example of the Gyan Mudra how Mudras work.

The Fingers and the Basic Elements

The ancient Vedic science recognizes five basic elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether (or space). These elements are also present in your physical body. In fact, they are basic constituents of the body. Each of these elements can be associated with either the thumb, index, middle, ring, or little finger.

In the case of Gyan Mudra, we basically balance the air and fire element.

The Thumb represents the Fire element, or in Sanskrit Agni tatva. It also symbolizes the Divine energy.

The Index Finger represents the Air element, or in Sanskrit Vaayu tatva. It is also a symbol of the intellectual processes and the ego.

So, when we practice the Gyan mudra, by joining the index finger and the thumb we refine the ego under the regulative Divine energy. That’s why this mudra brings vitality and has cleansing properties.

What about the other fingers?

The Middle Finger represents the ether.

The Ring Finger conveys the energies of the earth element.

The Little Finger represents the energies of the water element.

When we put a ring on any finger, we are effectively filtering the energy that flows through that finger. It is essential therefore to understand these energies and subtle internal qualities of each of the fingers.

Left vs Right Hand

In addition, we should make a distinction between the left and right hand. The right hand is active, giving, and yang, while the left is passive, receptive, and yin.

Our hands can also be thought of as representing the dual nature of human's consciousness: the right hand is related to the conscious mind of clear logical awareness, whereas the left to the subconscious mind of the deeply suppressed desires, instincts, prejudices and archetypal images.

Placing a gemstone ring on the left hand, in general, should help bring and promote some of the qualities and metaphysical energies of that gemstone into your inner world.

The other way to think about it is that wearing your ring on the left hand helps develop the powers of the subconscious mind associated with the corresponding finger.

In contrast, placing a gemstone ring on the right hand should help bring a combination of your energy and the energy of the gemstone to the outside world.

The alternative interpretation is that wearing your ring on the right hand means action and conscious control over the outer aspects of your life.

Let's examine the astrological and energetic qualities of the individual fingers.

The Index Finger

This finger represents the Air element.

The index finger symbolizes our lower self, our ego. It has to do with ambition, power, authority, self-esteem, and desire to lead. This finger represents our desires for recognition as a person or ego.

The index finger is also associated with the energy of planet Jupiter. Jupiter brings ambition, confidence in one's own abilities, leadership and spiritual inclination. It has to do with our relationship with the outer world, with other people and how we express ourselves in this area.

If you need to advance your fortune and career, to attract new opportunities, and luck, this might be the finger to put your gemstone ring on.

You can wear Jupiter, Mars and Moon stones, such as Yellow sapphire or Red coral.

In terms of healing energies, this finger relates to the respiratory system, liver, and stomach.

The Middle Finger

This finger represents the Ether element.

The middle finger represents our role in life, things that are central to us and to our personal world. It represents our sense of responsibility and everything we are responsible for.

The middle finger is associated with planet Saturn. Saturn is a planet that promotes the qualities of justice, law, propriety, and introspection. In some schools, the middle finger is also called the finger of Saturn, as it represents the Saturn's traits and qualities.

Consider wearing a suitable gemstone ring on the middle finger to advance your sense of responsibility, to focus in your disciplined work, and to develop the other positive Saturn traits.

You can wear Saturn, Mercury and Venus gemstones, for example Blue Sapphire.

In terms of healing energies, this finger relates to the bones, nerves, brain, and mental functioning.

The Ring Finger

This finger conveys the energies of the Earth element.


The ring finger represents creative and artistic qualities. Love, grace, and beauty are the keywords here. The ring finger has to do with emotions, matters of the heart, and creativity. The heart meridian leads directly to the ring finger. An engagement or a wedding ring symbolizes devotion and love.

This finger is also called Ring of the Sun or Ring of Apollo. It is connected to the Sun's active energy of leadership and creativity. It also relates to intelligence and fame, what you show to the world and how the world sees you.

You might want to wear a gemstone ring for strengthening some strong pledges and life agreements. You can wear Sun, Venus, and Mars gemstones.

In terms of healing energies, this finger relates to the stomach, heart, bones, eyesight, spleen, and blood circulation.

The Little Finger

This finger represents the energies of the Water element.

The little finger faces the world and is associated with other people. It expresses our social life and our attitude toward other people. It conveys the energies of trade, communication, writing, public speaking, and craftsmanship.

This finger corresponds to planet Mercury. It is called the Finger of Mercury. Mercury is commonly related to wit, communication power, professionalism, and health.

You might want to wear a gemstone ring here to attract inspiration and new ideas and to have clear communication. You can wear Saturn, Mercury and Moon gemstones.

In terms of healing energies, this finger relates to indigestion, anxiety, and memory loss.

The Thumb

This finger conveys the energies of the Fire element.

The thumb finger represents the will power of the individual. One should be careful when wearing a ring on this finger because the quality of will is still something that eludes conscious control. Our will often lies below the surface of our conscious mind; it is independent from our thoughts, emotions and actions.

If our will is pure, in the sense that it is not polluted with urges and desires of the lower nature, it is then the will of our Higher self.

The thumb represents the whole hand. It is very important, as it closely identifies our personality. The thumb is ruled by both Venus and Mars.

You might want to wear gemstone rings here to strengthen your personality, identity and self-esteem.

In terms of healing energies, this finger relates to fevers, ulcers, muscles, reproductive, and urinary system.

What Gemstone Ring to Wear?

In the following we present what the Vedic system suggests. Of course, you can extend this system based on the considerations of this article and your personal experiences.

As far as we can tell, Vedic astrology doesn't really consider the thumb as a finger suitable to put a ring on.

In the Vedic system, Ruby is the basic mineral that corresponds to the Sun. As possible replacement stones, red Garnet and Rubellite are mentioned. These stones are suitable for the Ring finger.

Red coral is the basic stone associated with Mars. Red Carnelian and red Jasper are mentioned as auxiliary stones. These stones are also suitable for the Ring finger.

Emerald as primary, and green Tourmaline, Peridot, and Jade as secondary gemstones are associated with Mercury. These stones are suitable for the Little finger and Ring finger.

Yellow Sapphire, golden Topaz, golden Beryl, and yellow Tourmaline are the minerals of Jupiter. These stones are also suitable for the Index finger.

Diamond, Herkimer diamond, Atlas diamond, clear Sapphire, as well as clear Topaz, clear Zircon, and Rock crystal are the stones of Venus. These stones are also suitable for the Ring finger.

Male Right Hand Astrology Birth Chart

The basic stone of the Moon is white Pearl, while Moonstone and white Coral serve as supplementary minerals. These stones are also suitable for the Little finger and Ring finger.

Finally, to Saturn Vedic astrology associates Blue Sapphire, blue Tourmaline, and Amethyst. These stones are suitable for the Middle finger.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article succeeded in bringing a little bit of light into this complex issue. Almost everything we know in a broader sense is based on the ancient knowledge of the Vedas, and the concrete correspondence between fingers and gemstones is based specifically on Vedic astrology considerations.

We, personally, like to experiment and try new combinations of gemstones, because Astrology is a rather crude system. It that tends to put a lot of different individuals in the same category. This is certainly not the best approach to this matter, because each human being is unique, has unique physical and metaphysical energies, and the circumstances of their life are unique too.

So, experiment and monitor your inner states and outer influences. This association of crystals and gemstones with the five basic elements may also come in handy.

What are your experiences? Have you tried experimenting with different stones than the ones suggested? Please share your experiences in the comment section below.


Tajudeen Fakolade says:

I need a ring of my life and health rich and very things in life
mel says:

I am from asia and came across your website on google. Its very informative and interesting! I have some questions which i hope can get answered as none of the if the shop assistants seem to be able to provide anything convincing enough..
I am especially interested to know HOW TO DECIDE WHICH SIDE (LEFT OR RIGHT) to wear your crystal rings?? Eg.Rutilated Quartz on my ring finger - RIGHT or LEFT hand? Labradorite on which finger , right or left?
Is there a difference between wearing a stone as a ring or pendant??
Thank you so much!!
sunnyray says:

Take a look at the chapter 'Left vs Right Hand' above. It will give you some general guidelines and the rest you will have to decide on your own.
Hariharadmajan says:

My birth stone is Catseye(Vaidooryam) and date of bith is 27.05.1968 Aswani nakshathra. Which hand and finger may I wear the ring?
Shrina says:

in the last picture, it is illustrated that all these gems should be worn on the right hand. does it matter if gems are worn on the right and left hand?
should specific gems be worn on the right vs left and if so, how does one find the answers to this?
thank you
sunnyray says:

Actually, the last picture depicts a left hand. But it is only for illustration. Whether you will use the right or left hand has to do with what you want to achieve. See in the above text the chapter titled 'Left vs Right Hand'.
Mamta verma says:

Hi goodmorning I started wearing red coral as adviced by one of my friends father who is an astrologer on 10th May in my left hand ring finger and today I saw there's a crack line on it...though when I got it it didn't have any crack ...could u pls advice what should I do next
My dob is 7/7/77 between 6-7am born
Pls guide
Thank u
amit dey says:

I am a cancerian. which finger should I wear a rose quartz stone.
sunnyray says:

The ring finger.
suraj kumar mohapatra says:

My zodiac is virgo and i want to wear it in my thumb.. so kindly say me which stone shall i wear in my thumb finger.?
Christy says:

Which finger should I wear for green aventurine?
sunny says:

Being a Mercury stone, green Aventurine is best worn on the middle or little finger.
Christy says:

Can I know which finger I should wear for purple ametrine ring?
sunny says:

Have no idea about ametrine, sorry. Maybe some of our readers can step in and let us know.
Ken says:

Which finger should I wear sunstone and garnet? Thanks in advance!
pbrahhu says:

Pl. Advise green amethyst ring on which finger for ladies
sunny says:

According to the above, being a Ruby replacement stone, Garnet should be worn on the ring finger. As for Amethyst, please check the text above.

10:15 AM
Shivarani says:

My zodiac sign is Aquarius m already wearing yellow sapphire on my right index finger where shall I wear amethyst
gemstone advisor says:

anubhav, you are a virgo, advise is you should never wear amethyst as it will prove very unlucky for you. The best is you wear the red coral on your ring finger, because once the girl I loved rejected me, then the pundit advised me to wear red coral on ring finger. miraculous result was that I got over her totally but she became widowed just after one month of marriage. Also the same day her husband died I won a 30 million lottery.
Anamica says:

Hello sir
My DOB is 11 th oct 1981
POB : Kolkata WestBengal
TOB: 10:05pm
I have been advised to wear a 3-3.5 carat emerald in my middle finger (right hand) and a white topaz as a pendant.
I m looking a job change desperately and travel onsite . Please advise
Chaithanya says:

Hello sir
I am 2July born.is yellow sapphire is suitable for me
sowmi says:

Is there any difference between neelam and krishna neelam.
sonali says:

I am wearing blue saphire in middle finger of right hand & a red coral in ring finger of same hand. My birth sign in capricon Is it correct
Rafia says:

Hello what ring should I wear for my financial conditions date of birth is 29 July 1983 2:00 am
Punitha says:

I'm wearing yellow sapphire on right hand index finger.
Date of birth 28th March 1979
Can I wear it on left hand?
anita says:

can I wear zircon in gold in right hand and zircon in silver in left hand together. I am already wearing pukhraj in left index finger please email. thanks
gaurav khaire says:

i'm wearing diamond in right hand ring finger, blue sapphire in left hand middle finger and white sapphire in right hand index finger
am i wearing a correct gemstones and in correct hand i'm asking because i'm not getting favourable results of these gemstones
suvarna says:

I hv ruby in my right ring finger. I want to wear navratna ring. Can I wear right index finger. In other finger I hv rings
Qurat says:

I hv 1 question i hv 2 stones 1 is ruby n 2nd is garnet in which hand and finger i wear these stones plz tell me
Aastha says:

Can I wear agate, moonstone, cat eye or tiger stone.
Can they have some combinations.
Actualy I am gemini
Muhammad says:

Can wear turquoise and Ruby together?
sunnyray says:

@all the above comments concerning gemstone compatibility
YES, you can always wear two different stones, provided that you feel the need, or intuitively are led to do so. That's how I tend to address this issue.
sandeep kumar sharma says:

In which finger we cam wear white hakik stone & which day we need to wear?
Noor says:

I am wearing red coral on left ring finger. Is it right?
Alia says:

While wearing a ring of our birthstone is it necessary for the stone to touch the skin of the finger?
sunnyray says:

No skin contact is necessary.
surendrababu says:

My DOB is 28/08/1988,
Time is 5.05 PM.
Can i wearing yellow sapphire and emerald together? means yellow sapphire in right hand index finger and emerald in right hand little finger.
sunnyray says:

I don't see why not.

The Material is attractive.
My Date of Birth is 13.06.1973
please guide me what is the stones favourable for me and to my which fingurs
Yogesh says:

Can I wear Ruby in left hand?
Sushil Kumar says:

My DOB is 1/4/93 time 11:30 our pandit prescribed me tigereyestone.recently I knew I had rajyoga plz tell how to get benefits in my upcoming life.
Jay says:

'The right hand is active, giving, and yang, while the left is passive, receptive, and yin.'
Am i seeing something wrong here? The picture depicts the opposite of what is stated above the left vs right hand diagram?
sunnyray says:

Hi Jay
Indeed, you have spotted a mistake. We have changed the picture now, to reflect the text. Thanks a million for your thorough reading and for letting us know! God bless.
Husnain hussain says:

Name husnain hussain
Dob: 31:01:1998 london uk
Time 5pm
Kindly advise which gemstones to wear currently suffering badly in life
Been in hospital for one year with mental illness.
Would greatly appreciate your advise
Umer mughal says:

My date of birth 4th November yellow sapphire emerald coral I wear this is a correct choice
Pixie says:

Hey Amaica! I'm born on my grandmother's birthday, 11th October! When I was a teenager I used to wear her rose gold black onyx ring on my wedding finger, which was actually a doublet opal glued onto it before I was born! My Mother gave it to her! I stopped wearing it as feared bad luck & it was the only finger it fit. My Mother secretly gave it to my sister a few years back & it completely broke! I now wear a rose gold opal ring on my right middle finger, bought it second hand & didn't notice it was chipped till a few hours later! The salesman wouldn't allow me to return, but that's ok. I feel my grandma is with me as her rose gold opal ring chipped too! Guess she really needed the black onyx now!Hey Sunray? Is it bad luck to wear a chipped stone? Was worried but I don't think so in my case. Love to hear your thoughts..
sudip khatri says:

my zodiac sign is cancer so in which hand and finger I should wear pearl ring .
Farah says:

Thanks for the interesting and informative article.
I love all gems. My Dob is 2.4.70, time of birth 3.25 pm, place: Rawalpindi. Can you please advise me what stones I should avoid wearing ?
Many many thanks in advance !
Anil says:

I am Anil born on 19.01.1965 at 06.03 am.in India.I am wearing yellow shepherd and red coral.which stone should I wear.
Mukkesh Juneja says:

Sir,my date of birth 8/2/1974 time8:35am in Delhi my lucky stone wear the wich finger or wich metal pleas advaise me. Than you
jayant says:

How i can wear both diamond and red coral in right hand ring finger.
harinder kashyap says:

sir my dob 4/12/1979 time 4.50am in new delhi who my lucky and favorable stone and wear finger? please advice me.
LysaLeo says:

Does the placement of precious/semi precious gemstones really that important?
What if my fiancee were to give me a blue sapphire I was supposed to wear on my etheric/middle/Saturn finger as my engagement finger, which is where I wear on my left or right ring finger? (I prefer right hand though cuz marriage is hard work not just love and much of giving than taking..)
Peace and prosperity everyone
sunnyray says:

Hi LysaLeo. Peace and prosperity to you too. No, the placement is not that important. In my opinion, this is only a subtlety. However, many people put a lot of emphasis on the placement, hence, this post.
david says:

I have a weak mars in libra (3rd house) opposing my weak moon in aries (8th house)I have a lot of sun and a good trine between sun and moon. I guess these aspects are the most important to solve.
I would go for a opal mounted on gold right hand to help the moon with the sun energy in order to stabilize moon.And a ruby mounted on iron to give energy to the weak mars. where should I put the rings?
The sun-moon on right hand (index or ring f)
and the mars ring?shoul it be on the left hand? where?
thx for the time you dedicate to answer, feel free to offer to me a consulting or answer in private.
have a nice day everybody
Saad says:

Hi... My name is Saad.. And date of birth is 01-02-1996... I want to know which stone is best for me and in which hand of finger i have to wear that stone. Please help me!
Aarti chopra says:

my DOB is 28december1977. I want to know am i wear tiger stone. If yes than in which finger,metal and when
KUMUD says:

nuz says:

Can i wear yellow sapphire, emerald or cats eye together in right hand. my DOB is 28 sept 1968 in hyderabad, AP. Time is not really known but it is early morning.
Jessy says:

I need wealth, I wear a diamond on my ring finger and want to know what other gems will bring me success, money
Anil says:

I'm a piscean - with inner harmony disturbance and stomach ailments. Do I wear pearl stone on right hand index finger or left hand. Should it be worn 24x7? Should I wear any other stone in addition?
Manish says:

Hi I am wearing pokhraj,orange sapphire and emerald are they beneficial my dob is 05.09.79.
kutub abbas rajkotwala says:

I have so much debt and suffering from many problems so can I wear sunny stone or firoza or any others that solve my debts and problems pls advice as soon as possible
Carol says:

I'm Capricorn, and my color I think is garnet however I have never had a garnet ring. I wear amythest ring on right ring finger. Some times I wear aquamarine too. Is this okay? What stone should I wear for financial prosperity. Thanks!
Gaurav singh says:

Namaskar sir, My name is gaurav & date of birth is 28-10-1987 place mathura(up) at 8:55am Can u tell me plz which gemstone is best suitable for me. Thanks
Lilith says:

I'm a Libran . I'm wondering which gemstones are associated with my zodiac sign& Since,I'm left handed..this is the hand that I would wear the ring(s) on.
Ashit raj says:

Sir, I am wearing blue sapphire in my left hands middle finger. but I use my right hand often will I have to transfer it to right hand. can I do it directly if I have to transfer it to my right hand
Sindhu r says:

Respected sir, my dob is 16/05/1985 my Raaji is meenum, naksthra is Revathi. I am advised to wear yellow sapphire in index finger..is it good ? Which side hand should I wear right or left ?
Shreyas M r says:

Hi my name is Shreyas M. And I was born on 7th dec 1990 at 11:55pm. I'm wearing a blue topaz 2.5ct on my left index, a 2.5-2.7ct blue sapphire on my left middle finger, both the above in 22kt gold setting rings and an amethyst in silver with a copper serpant ring on my left ring finger and a 3.87it emerald in 22kt gold ring on my left pinky or little finger. The emerald has around 5to 6 yellow spots on it. It is a very clear stone but these spots of yellow are and a spots like air bubbles are seen around these yellow spots. Is these spots harmful in any way?? My last emerald cracked in half and I had to get this one made. I hadn't spotted these marks as too viable when I bought the emerald. Do let me know. I have another doubt. M currently wearing a Pearl on my right little finger and a yellow sapphire set in five metal alloy of gold silver copper and two others, I'd like to invest on a Ruby of 5.6carat or above and wanted to know if it could be worn with a black onyx in the right little finger? Can onyx, Ruby and yellow sapphire be worn in the right hand?? Do let me know. Thank you,
Shreyas M.
Leyla Ramsey says:

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for taking the time to make this informative article. I am a Taurean and am already wearing a red carnelian on my right earth finger. I recently ordered a raw ruby beaded bracelet that will be contacting my wrist directly. I heard accounts that such direct contact may cause feverish outbreaks due to high sun energy. I'm not too concerned but thought it interesting to pick your brain on what it would be like to have gemstones contacting all prana lines simultaneously, so to speak. Also, I've heard ruby in general brings contentment to women and wondering what wonderful knowledge you can shed on this matter. Have u ever heard of psilomelane? I acquired a mystical ring with that stone check out the properties, I think you will enjoy. Hmm. Wonder where this one can go. I would love to hear back from your 'gemness'

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