May 29 2021 horoscope. Children & Progeny Analysis- How Does your Horoscope Or Kundli Tell About your children?:

  • Learn Vedic Astrology Online, Higher Level - Upload 7.,Learn Vedic Astrology - Higher Level. Lagna/LL of D7 – D1 5H aspect of 5L in 9H aspect of Moon, 5L from is exalted give male and female progeny. B) Lagna/LL of D7 strong aspected benefic & in good house – male progeny; if heavy affliction – denial otherwise – female progeny.
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  • We all love kids and every couple want to have kids. One have it easily, some have it with great difficulty, some don’t have kids at all and some have kids with lots of problems. That is some kids become drug addicts or fall into bad company or are short lived.
  • The point is can Vedic astrology find out before hand? Are there remedial measures available or the same?
  • Yes. There are a few core factors that determine our progeny.

    Sep 19, 2020 In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is the key significator of progeny. A well placed Jupiter in a chart yields good progeny. A strong fifth house aspected by Moon, Jupiter and Venus delivers progeny.

    Male Progeny Vedic Astrology Calculator

    • A strong lord of fifth house or putra bhava promises good progeny
    • A strong karaka Jupiter would promise support to male child.
    • Any malefic influence of 6/8/12 house entering into fifth house or affecting the lord of fifth house from moon or ascendant could lead to problems with Progeny.
    • Placement of lord of fifth in 6/8/12th house means delay or denial of progeny.
    • The D-VII harmonic chart is also studied for kids,

    A case study Sri Narendra Modi Ji- what are the Yoga’s that deny having Children?

  • Now for Sri Narendra modi ji
  • he has the fifth house or putra bhava lord Jupiter
  • we see putra karaka Jupiter or guru in the fourth house , but it is retrograde so weak and is sitting on enemy sign of Aquarius or kumbha rashi.
  • The dispositer Saturn of Jupiter again is combust and is infact atma karaka and very weak at 29.39 degree in Leo the enemy sign. so this makes Jupiter very weak to deliver results.
  • {Jupiter or Guru (retrograde)} >{ Aquarius Lord Saturn very weak/old and combust} > so does not help childbirth.
  • Vedic Astrology 2020 Predictions

  • Now as Jupiter us Putra karaka and also lord of the fifth house of him it causes almost a denial of children for him. we know he does not have any children.
  • Plus a malefic Rahu at around 5 degrees sit here. It is very close to the Bhava Madhya of the horoscope to cause the problems for him to not to have children.
  • Malefic aspects on the Putra or fifth bhava lord for narendra modi ji
  • a very weak Venus the lord of the twelfth bhava of disease and problems sits in the enemy sign of Leo and aspects the fifth house lord Jupiter. this again works against him having children.
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  • a very weak Saturn as we discussed or Shani dev aspects the lord of the fifth house or children. This again works against and delays or inordinately delays any possibility of having children.
  • The fifth from the fifth house again a Putra karaka moon is strongly afflicted by malefic Mars or Mangal and Mars rule the house of diseases that is the sixth house.
  • The d7 or Saptamsha (specialized child chart) analysis for Sri Narendra Modi Ji

  • The d7 or Saptamsha chart for Narendra Modi ji is given above.
    Venus the lord of the horoscopes is on a malefic sign of Scorpio in the seventh house so not strong or better placed.
  • Mars the dispositer is also a ruler of twelfth bhava or house with aggressive Ketu energy so not supporting childbirth.
  • Male Progeny Vedic Astrology

  • Jupiter the Putra karaka is strong in the eleventh bhava or house but with the malefic sun. Also, Jupiter rules the eighth house and brings in malefic energies of operations and other problems with it.
  • A debilitated weak mercury that is the markesh lord the second house is there and also mercury is karaka for children and also the fifth bhava lord so overall simply and strongly works against having children.
  • Male Progeny Vedic Astrology 2020

  • So all factors work against him in case of having children almost 0%.
  • we can clearly see how Vedic astrology or Jyotish can help us to exactly predict the chances of having children or not.
  • A case Study Of Sri Laloo Prasad a renowned politician Of India & his well placed children

    • Sri laloo ji is a proud father of 9(nine ) children ( 2 sons and 7 daughters)
    • The lord of the 5th house or putra bhava is mars and is in 2nd house of dhana bhava in sign leo. Mars is naturally strong in Leo.
    • So though sun is a bit weak- placement of 5th lord in 2nd
    • But as the classics say- “If lord of Putra bhava or 5th house is in Dhan Bhava(2nd house), the person could be have many sons and wealth, be a paternal family, be honorable person ,also be attached to his spouse(srimati rabri devi) and be a famous person in the world.”
    • All the above description is true for laloo ji 100%. He had great trust and a great relationships with his wife smt. Rabri devi ji.
    • There is an aspect of rahu on the lord of kids, so that simply means- there could be controversies surrounding his kids. Which has actually been the case and is true for most of the politicians.
    • Now Scorpio is a female sign, so you have more daughters(female)- but at the same time leo is a male sign , so he has sons as well.
    • A strong retrograde Jupiter in 6th , aspecting his 10th Makes his kids conventional – but also prone to enmity by people. So they have to be careful.
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