Astrology is the science of indication and so the horoscope often indicates the typical tendencies and aptitude of a person which leads producing first chid of specific gender, in this article, it is proposed to study the astrological combinations, which produce either first male child or first female child. Venus as ascendant star lord, Venus is in Sun of Saturn and Saturn is in the star of Ketu posited in Aquarius sign, which indicates male child. Venus as Moon sign lord, as discussed above. Venus as day lord, as discussed above. Moon is in the star and sub.

What does House 4 mean in astrology?

Which Planet Is Responsible For Baby Boy

The Fourth House sits at the base of the chart and symbolizes home and family. Planets moving across the Fourth House often encourage us to invest in our infrastructure by creating more private, nurturing spaces within. This House corresponds with Cancer energy.

What does empty 4th house mean?

In the case of a vacant Fourth House, meaning it is completely devoid of any planets, asteroids, or nodes, we would first take a look at which sign rules the Fourth House in your natal chart. Alternatively, an empty Fourth House could mean that home and family life are not your top priorities in life.

Who rules the 4th house?

Rulerships of signs

House Sign Domicile Ruling planet (ancient)
4th CancerMoon

Which planet is responsible for male child?

For a male child, the planets – Sun and Jupiter and for a female child, Mercury should be analysed. The persons who have numbers 1 and 3 in their date of birth usually have the blessings of a male child. The presence of numbers 2, 5, 6 gives daughters.

What is 4th house sign?

The 4th House The fourth house of your horoscope governs areas related to home, family and property. Your roots, family background, childhood, inner emotions, immovable possessions, domestic life, the end of life and endings in general are covered by this house.

What house system is best in astrology?

The most commonly used house system in Western astrology is Placidus, but I find that the most commonly used house system among astrologers tends to be Koch. It seems to be a “fancier” version of Placidus.

What happens if 1st house is empty?

When there is no planets in the 1st House, then such horoscope is defined by the their Ascendant sign or Sun sign. An empty First House means that such person is devoid of any determination and mental-strength. The focus of such individual isn’t really on what it should be.

What planet is in my 4th house?

Saturn is in the second house. Uranus is in the eleventh house. Neptune is in the fourth house. Pluto is in the first house.

What do houses in astrology mean?

The astrological houses define the exact areas of your life your horoscope is referring to. For instance, each house represents something completely unique; they determine the different types of people, places, and life circumstances you encounter in this lifetime.

What happens if Mercury is in 4th house?

Mercury placed in this house generally indicates high intellectual capabilities of the native if it is in friendly sign or own sign or in exalted sign in 4th house suggest that he or she will be highly respected in family circles and native will be honest and sincere towards home affairs and family responsibilities(

11th house in Vedic Astrology is considered an auspicious house, also called the Labha house. Labha means gains, and 11th house is a strong indicator of income and gains. It represents prosperity, sudden profits, wealth, abundance, and inco. Moon in eleventh house vedic astrology. The Eleventh House: The House of Friendships. The Eleventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Friends. Through our friends, we find strength in numbers — we see the power of the collective, the group. Groups addressed by this house include clubs, organizations, social groups, networking organizations and professional associations.

How do you guarantee a baby boy?

Top tips for conceiving a boy – Remember there are no guarantees

  1. Time sex to coincide with the day of ovulation (no earlier than 24 hours before you are about to ovulate).
  2. Deep penetrative sex is preferable.
  3. It helps if the woman reaches orgasm.
  4. Have an energy drink, a cup of coffee or some chocolate before having sex.

Which planet is responsible for luck?

Ruling Planet: Jupiter The last fire sign, you’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune and exploration (of both knowledge and spirituality).

Which Graha is responsible for child?

9th House:The 9th House and its Lord are also important for getting pregnant or child birth as it the 5thHouse from the 5th House of the horoscope. The planet Jupiter is a karaka planet for child birth as it is beneficial with some special advantages of child birth in a horoscope.

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Male child in astrology chart

All couples wish to have a child birth after marriage. It is necessary to increase the Srishti and increase the lineage. Parents consider themselves lucky by having children. There is a lot of mention in the scriptures that the virtuous deeds of a childless person fail.

Even at the social level, people who do not have children, consider themselves inferior to fate. If there is any problem in your life regarding children.

So you can resort to Child Birth Astrology.

Just like if we are not having children. So we resort to medical science and to a large extent we also get success. But has occasionally been observed. Even after taking all the medical remedies, there is a problem in child birth. In that case, astrology can only show the last ray of hope.

You can get your Horoscope diagnosed with a good Child Birth Astrology Specialist and you can return happiness in your life by taking the following measures.

Astrology Prediction for Having Child Birth

In the ancient texts of Astrology, many things have been told about Child Predicton. Some of which we would like to mention here. Like:

  • Whether there is child happiness in luck or not.
  • How long will it be for a son or daughter?
  • What will the child be like?
  • Measures to decrease child happiness.

Prediction Of Male Child In Astrology

Through the Date of Birth of both husband and wife, you can know all the above information by taking advice from our Expert.

Delay in Child Birth

When the position of the planets in the fifth house of the horoscope is not right, then we have to face the obstacles in the progeny origin. like:

  • Do not conceive.
  • Child born prematurely.
  • Born crippled
  • Born too late, etc.

The first child from the fifth house, the second child from the seventh house, the third child from the ninth house, and other children from the same sequence are described in astrology.

Male Child In Astrology

How Many Child Will I Have? Astrology Prediction

The correct answer to the above question may vary according to our horoscope.

  • In which the children born with the combination of Sun, Mars and Guru will be male.
  • The child born with the combination of Venus and Moon will be female.
  • Mercury and Saturn are impotent houses. This can sometimes lead to impotent children.

When Will I Get Child Birth?

This can be detected only after inspecting the horoscope of husband and wife. When and when the native is going to get the sum of children. According to them, we can do Family Planning. And you can avoid the wrong time and fulfill your desired wish. Some Remedies can also be done by Experts ahead of time. Which will help us to overcome this problem?

Remedies to Get Child Birth by Astrology

  • From the horoscope it is known that due to the mistakes of the previous birth, we are facing this problem. Which houses are responsible for this. By chanting mantras of their deities, donating, performing havan, reciting peace and wearing gems. We can overcome our problem.
  • In order to avoid the above problems in our life, we should get our Horoscope analyzed. Because sometimes either the good time of childbirth has passed. Or we cannot take measures ahead of time. Therefore, we do not benefit.
  • Indian astrological scriptures provide an astrological basis for getting desired children. Which is described as follows.

Ritu period is said to be sixteen nights from the beginning of menstruation. According to this, the first four night periods are prescribed for conception. The twelve days are said to be appropriate. And 6, 8, 12, 16 coincident sons who give happiness and Sages 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 coincidentally mention the origin of female child. So, you also want to know the above curiosities. So please contact us immediately.

Role of Astrologer Advice

As we have seen that the delay or no child birth may bring several hardships in one’s life, hence the solution is a must in this matter to lead a happy life. Only an expert can suggest you the suitable remedies for a person by analyzing the horoscope of that person thoroughly. Without correct advice, a person can’t get rid of the troubles that he is facing in life. Our experts do all the calculations, listens to you carefully, and then only responds without misguiding you at all. our astrologers give you lasting relief through the best possible ways.

100 Money Back Guarantee

If our expert is unable to satisfy you completely. We also offer a complete refund for your dissatisfaction. We can assure you this problem did not come because we have well-knowledged and qualified astrologer for your problem solution but for removing your fear. Offer a complete refund.

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