Kolla Varsham is the Malayalam calendar. Kolla varsham is a sidereal solar calendar and is the traditional calendar followed by the people of Kerala. The current year 2021 is Kolla varsham1196-1197 and a quick reverse calculation will place the origin of Kolla varsham era to 824 AD (~August 15, 824 AD).

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Chingam is the first month of Malayalam calendar and thus Chingam 1 marks the New year on Kolla varsham.

2021 Chingam 01 falls on August 17, Tuesday


Kolla varsham 1197 starts on Chingam 01, 2021

Chingam 01 is a major festival especially for the farming community of Kerala

Unlike other Indian lunar and luni-solar calendars which sets Mesha rashi as the new year, Kolla varsham calendar starts with Simha rasi (Chingam rashi). Scorpio sex horoscopes. Being a solar calendar, Kolla varsham months are determined based on the transit of Sun fromon rasi to another. Thus between Simha (Chingam) rasi and Karka (Karkidakam) rasi, the 12 months of kolla varsham are distinctly divided.

Malayalam New Year Astrology Prediction

For the people of Kerala, the month of Chingam marks the end of a very difficult Karkidakam month - the peak of monsoon season. Chingam 1 is an eagerly awaited day as the month brings along harvest season and also the much awaited Onam festivalseason. Special poojas and prayers are held at all temples in the state on this day. More than a hindu religious festival, Chingam 1 is a day of celebration for the farming community and everyone, irrespective of religious believes, celebrates thearrival of harvest season.

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